Facebook Ads For Cleaning Business

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Facebook Ads For Cleaning Business – Facebook ads can be a double-edged sword for business owners. If you’re not careful, Facebook ads for cleaning jobs can be very profitable or lucrative. In this post, you will learn about the 5 biggest Facebook advertising mistakes that many cleaning business owners make and how to avoid them.

Before we get into the most common Facebook advertising mistakes cleaning business owners make, most cleaning business owners don’t have the right marketing mindset to begin with. Many cleaning business owners think they have a traffic problem, which is why they aren’t generating leads or getting new clients for their business.

Facebook Ads For Cleaning Business

Facebook Ads For Cleaning Business

Sure, traffic can be the reason you’re not generating new leads and customers, but often it’s not the traffic problem, it’s the conversion problem. When someone comes to your website for the first time, if you don’t have a way to capture their information somehow, they will never come back.

Free Printable, Customizable Cleaning Flyer Templates

It is imperative that you set up your website for cleaning jobs to create a track. For example, you could create a lead magnet that solves a common problem for your ideal customers. A lead magnet is something you give away for free in exchange for the name, email, and phone number of your target market.

You can use a variety of lead magnet options, such as an e-book, a video series, a PDF guide, or a coupon for future cleaning services. The goal is to gain information about your website visitors so you can continue marketing to them later. For example, the lead magnet we use at Marketing Systems in Design is a free guide to the top 10 sources of lead for cleaning business owners.

Most people who visit your site for the first time aren’t ready to buy from you, but if you can capture their information, you can continue to provide them with value. When they are ready to buy, they will come to your cleaning business, not a competitor.

Once you start addressing the basics of your website and have options for generating leads from visitors, you need to make sure you’re targeting the right people with your Facebook ads. A common mistake business owners make with Facebook ads is targeting the wrong people.

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Most people who use Facebook ads do not have a method or system for advertising on Facebook and choose what they think is a good ideal customer. Business owners who clean regularly guess who would be a good customer. Facebook ads have targeting options that allow you to add interests and demographics to the people you’re showing your ads to.

For example, we found that people often target people who prefer cleaning services. While this may sound like a good idea, it can often target other cleaning business owners rather than the people using the cleaning service.

Another thing we see is people targeting only women or targeting only parents. Sure, in many cases, this may be the majority of clients you get, but we’ve found in our work with clients that many men have also been converted to leads and clients through Facebook ads. When in doubt, always test your target before removing a large portion of the population.

Facebook Ads For Cleaning Business

One of the most effective strategies we implement with our clients is building a local audience. The local audience takes a list of people who already exist, and then Facebook does its magic and creates a list of thousands of people who are likely to behave in the same way.

How To Do Facebook Ads For Pressure Washing

Typically, we start with local audiences from the existing customer list of the cleaning business and target them for advertising. The image below shows you where you can access the Custom Audience feature.

Another way to target the right people with Facebook ads is to retarget site visitors and those who have engaged with your content on Facebook. This is again based on the idea that most people who visit your website for the first time are not ready to buy and you need to find a way to keep in touch with them.

This is because most people do business with people they know and trust. When someone first visits your cleaning company’s website, they may be in research mode and not yet ready to buy. Even if you can’t capture their name, email, and phone number with some sort of lead magnet, you can still reach them through Facebook advertising with the Facebook Pixel.

This is very powerful as it helps establish your cleaning business as known and trusted by your ideal customers. You’ve probably heard that the more people are exposed to something, the more likely they are to buy it. This is another benefit of using Facebook ads to promote your cleaning business.

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There are more advanced Facebook advertising strategies that we use for our clients to create highly targeted local audiences based on how people interact with Facebook Pixels to increase conversions and reduce ad costs.

Another common mistake business owners make when dealing with Facebook ads is that they don’t have a variety of tracking options. Some examples we found were boosting random Facebook posts, running traffic ads to their home page, and using the same link in the ad as anywhere else in your marketing efforts.

How can you expect to improve your marketing efforts if you don’t track what you’re doing? Instead of randomly increasing posts and sending any form of marketing to your home page, you should follow along to see what works and what doesn’t.

Facebook Ads For Cleaning Business

As you track your websites or test different ads and audiences, you can see which Facebook ads perform better than others. With Facebook’s ad platform, there’s also sophisticated analytics on the ads you run, so you can continually improve them over time.

Top 5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Cleaning Business Owners Make

With tracking features, you can see which ads are getting the most clicks, which landing pages are performing best for conversions, and even see which images are performing best in your ads.

In the image below you can see some of the things you can track such as cost per click, click through rate, number of times your ads were seen and even purchases on your website.

Having great company features is important, but the reality is that most of your potential cleaning service customers don’t really care about your company features. It may sound great that your company has been in business for 10 years, or that you provide great customer service, or that you clean every two weeks, but most people won’t buy from your cleaning company. do

Instead of deciding on things like your company’s features, you should talk about the benefits of your cleaning service in your Facebook ads. Instead of focusing on potential customers and their needs, the features are centered around your cleaning company and how big you are.

Here’s How To Get Commercial Cleaning Leads

People want to buy from a company that understands and cares about them, and they’ll feel that way when your Facebook ads focus on the benefits. Some examples of benefits you can talk about in your Facebook ads are cleaning yourself or saving time being more productive instead of spending time cleaning your house.

You can also talk about the benefits of your cleaning service, such as eliminating the stress of coming home to a dirty house instead of cleaning it, or the peace of mind of coming home to a clean house.

When you focus on the benefits of your cleaning service and not the features, people will pay less attention to your Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads For Cleaning Business

One thing to understand, when it comes to social media, they are socializing and communicating and not there to focus on anything. With that in mind, the more your Facebook ads look like a friend’s post, the better.

Commercial Cleaning Service Website Facebook Ads Google Ads By Chris_jordan_d

Many cleaning business owners think they need an expensive graphic designer to create all of their Facebook ad images for their Facebook ads. Obviously, you don’t want your images to be low quality, but you also don’t want the photos in your Facebook ads to look like repetitive ads.

Of course, try and track which promotional images work best for your business, but what we’ve found is that simple images of smiling employees of a home cleaning business in branded clothing work best.

The explanation for this is that with cleaning services, the customer has to leave the cleaners at their home. Would you let a stranger into your home or a smiling face you know? Obviously, a smiling professional employee is someone you like

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