First Class Flights To Israel

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First Class Flights To Israel – Since American, Delta, and United offer great business deals between New York and Tel Aviv, I thought I’d do a quick comparison of airline seats that require a left turn at check-in.

El Al doesn’t match these prices and I haven’t flown with El Al as their travel plans seem to be made by people who hate their customers so I can’t write more about them. Also, El Al is not very convenient for people based in a city without El Al service. But the airline is under new ownership and hopefully things will change for the better.

First Class Flights To Israel

First Class Flights To Israel

Delta flies from JFK to Tel Aviv with either A330-300s with the old business herringbone models or A330-900s with the new business class.

Images: El Al Israel Airlines Unveils Refreshed Premium Cabins

The A350 has wider legs than the A330, so the A330 suites will be narrower than the A350 suites as they both have the same 1-2-1 layout. I would like to see Delta put an A350 on the JFK-TLV route, but JFK is not Delta’s A350 base.

The downside is that due to the lack of overhead storage in the center section, there isn’t enough room for everyone to carry!

The walls of the apartment add some level of privacy, although they are not too large. The seat itself is not very wide, so there can be some degree of claustrophobia.

While the suites themselves are nice, I personally don’t like that Delta uses leather seats in business class that are uncomfortable for me to sleep on. Delta also doesn’t provide mattresses like airlines like American and United do. In general, I find United’s Polaris seats to be more comfortable to sit and sleep in and lie better than Delta’s, but the private door is a nice addition to the business class seats.

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I’ve flown with headroom and business class seats generally have more room/legroom, but they’re also louder and brighter, so there’s a trade-off with those seats.

I haven’t flown Delta to Israel since 2009 because they are usually limited with award seats, but having saver partners now is great.

United flies the new Polaris business models on both the 787-10 and 777-300ER from Newark to Tel Aviv.

First Class Flights To Israel

I wrote about Polaris’ two-class 777 model when we flew from Newark to Tel Aviv in this trip report to Herzliya.

American Airlines First Class Review Dfw Hkg 777 300er

I flew the 787-10 from Tel Aviv and found the seats tighter than the 777 but still comfortable.

A nice feature of Polaris is that you can choose between solo or co-op seats.

Polaris Business Class seats include the newly introduced Polaris United Business Class service with Saks Fifth Avenue bedding and pillows. Discerning travelers will also be looking for a Saks Fifth Avenue mattress pad, cooling gel pillow, slippers and sleepwear, as flight attendants don’t hand them out carefully because there isn’t enough for everyone.

The Polaris United lounges are also amazing, as I reviewed in this Rome trip report, although they are currently closed due to the virus.

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Kosher food is usually terrible and I wouldn’t bother comparing food offerings, but United is working to promote kosher food on the Tel Aviv route. You can read my interview with United about the best kosher food deals here.

American offers 2 business class models on the 777-200s that will fly to Tel Aviv, reverse chevron or business class with mixed rear and front seats. Spine is more common, but you won’t know which house you’ll get until two days before the flight. If you see indentations on some seats in the seating chart, then you’ll know you’ve been assigned business class and rear-facing seats.

I haven’t flown the rear facing model but the file is a good business seat and from what I understand the rear facing model is also good. But I miss Polaris United’s better bed.

First Class Flights To Israel

American has not flown to Israel since January 2016, but will begin service from JFK on May 6. I was allowed to fly to the United States in 2015 with miles, but due to flight delays we transferred to the United States for an outbound flight.

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I’m a big fan of child car seats on airplanes. But you can’t hold things during air turbulence, and the FAA doesn’t allow you to hold a bag or laptop during takeoff or landing. We used a bassinet once when we first flew to Hawaii when our oldest was a baby, and it was a disaster. The bumpy ride meant it wasn’t safe at all inside and we had to hold it every time the seat light came on. Don’t do it again. The safest option is to buckle into a car seat.

Aside from the safety aspect, toddlers in a car seat are more likely to fall asleep on a plane, and you won’t be holding them for countless hours or preventing them from unbuckling their seatbelt on the plane.

If you’re bringing babies or toddlers in a car seat, remember that Delta One Suites is also the only business class suite between New York and Tel Aviv that is car seat approved. Not all flight attendants know this, but if they say it’s not allowed, just give them a message to law enforcement, as DDF D93 did recently when she took a Delta One Suites flight from Tel Aviv to JFK.

I’ve been lucky enough to carry car seats on many United Polaris flights, but they don’t officially accept them. Personally, I gambled and won every time, taking the front seat of the Polaris.

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American and El Al seat belts have large airbags that are not compatible with car seats. Although they could technically add a seat belt to deactivate the airbag, it still wouldn’t fit the car seat properly and the crew wouldn’t allow it.

This is because US dealer service can be anywhere. I have had amazing and terrible flight attendants on all 3 airlines. And the truth is, your experience will be affected more by how great or bad your flight attendants are, which is a whole map. Flight attendants will spoil even the best seats in business class, while great service staff will make you shine in failure.

I also had the flight attendants on 3 of those airlines warm me up with two packed meals, but the other flight attendants refused on 3 of those flights as well. Don’t expect consistency, but if your kosher food is very good or the airline forgot it, then it will be easier to get them to reheat your food.

First Class Flights To Israel

At the end of the day, there isn’t much difference because both are great direct access business models and I’d be happy to fly either. However, I have absolute bad luck when it comes to US flights with countless delays and cancellations, so I try to look for other options if possible.

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My favorite is definitely United. But what it will come down to for most people is the fare or mileage on their desired dates, proximity to the airport and their preferred route.

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