First Class Flights To Madrid

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First Class Flights To Madrid – I went to Florence to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Giraffes love Tuscan wine, pasta and beautiful views of the Duomo, so I’m really looking forward to this holiday. There were no direct flights, so I decided to fly with American Airlines to Madrid and Iberia to Florence.

American Airlines has several 777-200 business class cabin configurations. Some aircraft have the excellent Rockwell Collins Super Diamond seat (see my AA95 MAD-JFK review) and some have the inferior Saffron Concept D seat (formerly known as the Zodiac Concept D).

First Class Flights To Madrid

First Class Flights To Madrid

Unfortunately, my flight was configured with Safran Concept D seats. The seats are arranged in pairs at the front and rear and are physically connected to another seat. If the person sitting next to your seat moves, so will your seat. This wasn’t a problem on this flight; However, I have had problems in the past. Imagine an active child who shakes every time he moves. Not conducive to a good night’s rest.

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I chose window seat 8L. The window seats are angled towards the windows for good privacy. The seats are 21 inches wide and, unlike the Super Diamond seats, do not have airbag seat belts. Instead, these seats have a shoulder strap that must be worn when getting up and down.

The seats are controlled by a touch screen, which is very easy to use. The plane also has a remote control to control the entertainment system and lights.

Choose 2-4A/L, 8-10A/L or 6L if you are traveling alone. Choose 2-4D/H or 8-10D/H if traveling with a companion. Rows 1, 5 and 7 are next to the gallery or toilet and are best avoided. Unfortunately, looking at the seat map cannot tell if your flight will have Super Diamond Concept D seats.

The business class cabin has 15.4-inch touch screen monitors. American offers the latest movies, TV shows, audio options, games and 5 live TV channels. Here you can see what’s playing on your next flight.

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The seats have two USB ports and two traditional style power ports. There is a small storage area where I kept my phone when the seat was fully reclined.

The American now uses Bang & Olufsen H9i headphones, which have active noise cancellation. Some people complain that the Bose headphones are not as comfortable as the American ones in the past, but I personally find them very comfortable.

American This Is Ground has teamed up with a Los Angeles-based leather goods manufacturer to produce its amenity kits. This land obtains vegetable tanned hides from Tuscan leather in an area I plan to visit soon. The amenity kit I received on this flight was the early closing version.

First Class Flights To Madrid

Set includes body lotion, dental kit, earplugs, eye mask, lip balm, mint, mouthwash, pen, socks and bean bag.

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American Airlines has gotten a lot of bad press lately for its inferior service. I found the service on this flight to be excellent, but it started with drama. One of the flight attendants asked for my help to put the bag in the overhead bin as she couldn’t reach it easily. As a strong, tall giraffe, I was happy to help, but I felt that getting into the overhead bin should be a flight attendant pre-qualification.

Things took a turn when the same flight attendant tried to put the bag in the bin in the economy cabin, but slipped and fell unconscious. The pilot came over the PA and demanded that every medic on the plane press the flight attendant’s call button. Fortunately, the flight attendant regained consciousness, but was unable to return to work. To American’s credit, they managed to find a replacement flight attendant quickly and we were delayed a bit.

Even with this drama, the flight attendants managed to serve drinks before take off. I chose a glass of champagne and a glass of water. As such, American offers Cotier Brut Icon Champagne, which retails for around $45 a bottle. It is made from 50% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay. It is perfect for business class champagne.

The menus were distributed with the PDB. There are 4 main course options and 3 dessert options.

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American offers a very wide selection of beverages in business class. Nothing particularly outstanding, but it covers all the bases.

The wine list includes Kraftwerk Chardonnay Monterey ($20/bottle), Weingut Robert Weill Tradition Riesling Rheingau ($17/bottle), Famiglia Bianchi Cabernet Sauvignon San Rafael Mendoza ($15/bottle) and Chateau Martinols Vielles ($10/bottle Pernes Limoux). If you want a dessert wine, they also have Churchill Late Bottle Vintage Port ($25/bottle).

The meal started 30 minutes after take off. Drinks from the cart were served with warm mixed nuts in a ceramic bowl. I ordered a gin and tonic with sparkling water.

First Class Flights To Madrid

The appetizer is chili lemon chicken with buttermilk hummus, shaved asparagus, and chipotle aioli. The chicken was juicy and tasty. Served with a salad of seasonal greens, edamame and sun-dried yellow tomatoes. The flight attendants also offered a selection of breads. I opted for the pretzel roll but unfortunately it was out of date.

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For my main course, I chose herb-roasted chicken breast with mashed sweet potatoes, green peas and pomodoro sauce (pomodoro means tomato in Italian). The chicken was a little on the dry side, but the addition of the pomodoro sauce helped. Sweet potato flesh lacks flavor.

I skipped dessert and after the meal I laid down and fell asleep until just before landing.

I was very impressed with the service on this flight. The flight attendants were friendly and service oriented even during the medical emergency that hit one of the flight attendants at the gate.

The food wasn’t particularly memorable, but my meal was relatively healthy and satisfying. I think American’s warm nut mixes are great and help enhance food and drink results. They just taste like home.

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The D-seat configuration on the American Airlines 777-200 Safran Concept is not an ideal configuration, but I had no problem staying awake on this plane. I arrived in Madrid well rested and ready for a sprint connecting flight. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This affects which products we write about and where and how the product appears on the page. However, this does not affect our ratings. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and how we make money.

If a vacation to Spain is on your travel bucket list, there are several airlines that can get you there. Spain’s leading carrier, Iberia Airlines, offers convenient nonstop travel from various destinations in the United States and Mexico.

In this Iberia Business Class review, we look at what to expect from the Business Class experience and how to get the most out of it.

First Class Flights To Madrid

Traveling in business class means that many of the things that make traveling in economy class difficult or expensive are completely gone or offered as add-ons. From free bags to fast security lines, you may never want to travel in economy class again.

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Every business class flight comes with a free baggage allowance: you get a generous allowance of two carry-on bags and two checked bags per person. Feel free to stock up on souvenirs so you have enough room to bring gifts.

You probably know how tempting it can be to arrive at the airport to see long check-in lines filled with anxious travelers who are afraid of missing their flight. But Iberia business travelers always skip those long lines to get to their designated check-in areas.

The same applies to boarding a priority access flight. While others wait in line to fight for the last inch of overhead tank space, you can spend more time in the lounge knowing that your deluxe room will have its own boarding lane and dedicated space for the overhead tank.

The Iberia A330 business class was recently refurbished. Each business class seat is fully reclined 180 degrees; over 6 feet, 4 inches tall; It is equipped with a soft pillow and a comfortable blanket.

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You have your own lighting, air control and 15 inch entertainment screen to watch what you like. Each seat has separate aisle access for when you need to stand up and stretch your legs.

Madrid-Barajas Airport has two Iberia lounges, Velazquez and Dali. Iberia’s business class lounges feature a coffee bar, wine bar, snack bar and a private daybed where you can enjoy the silence. If you need to freshen up before your flight, you can use the lounge showers with amenity kits.

Both drugs provide the same overall experience; The only differences are their location and size. IN

First Class Flights To Madrid

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