Flights From San Francisco To Portland Maine

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Flights From San Francisco To Portland Maine – This is the best road trip on the west coast! I’m a native of Portland, but I’ve lived for eight years in California, including time in Northern California, where I went to school among a redwood tree. Always a fan of the long haul, I’ve walked the streets from San Francisco to Portland countless times, and today I’m here to share my experience with you. I can hardly think of a better road trip that gives you so many amazing cities, beautiful beaches, exotic stops, and of course, RED PERSONS! This road trip has it all!

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Flights From San Francisco To Portland Maine

Flights From San Francisco To Portland Maine

Since I live in Portland, I imagine it’s a trip from Portland to San Francisco, but either way, just find a way home.

What To Do For Your First Time In San Francisco

If flying is part of your trip, you won’t have a problem with Portland International Airport (PDX), as it’s one of the best in the country. I’m not just a hobbyist, PDX often comes in first or second in national polls.

If you’re flying into or out of San Francisco, you have airport options. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is larger and usually has more direct and connecting flights. Oakland International Airport (OAK) is smaller and sometimes cheaper, but you won’t find many nonstop flights, although it serves the West Coast well, especially if you’re flying on an airline like Southwest. . It also has the advantage of being more solid, which means it’s less susceptible to the infamous SF fog, which can cause delays in and out of SFO (I swear at least half the time I use SFO, it’s been on the runway for a while). wait for the dew to clear). Scheduling an afternoon flight can help alleviate this problem.

There is also another option – San José – but I would direct if I were you. SJC is an hour and a half south of SF and unless really

Been there and want to fly to or from PDX, I would not recommend this airport to anyone. It’s not cheaper, closer, or better, and it’ll probably take you a few more hours to get there. ប

U.s. Airports Ranked By Flight Cancellation Rates

We know not everyone is looking for a one-size-fits-all trip, so I’ll give you a few options in Oregon and California so you can customize your trip to your liking. .

We recommend at least one beach excursion for your trip, but there’s plenty to see and do on the water, so you don’t want to discount those options.

In Oregon, you can take the entire coastal route (although it takes a while) along the I-5 corridor, or through Central Oregon and the mountains (which will also take longer).

Flights From San Francisco To Portland Maine

Experiment with redwood at some point, but there are many options for this. Depending on your time and preferences, you can adjust as needed.

Coastal Maine: Portland To Bar Harbor By Road Scholar

Make it a day drive, but it’s not fun (and believe me, I’ve done it a few times and it’s hard). Ideally, you’ll have at least a week to do this, but we’ll offer a three- to five-day trip option if you’re short on time. Prioritize where you want to stop first, then you can customize your itinerary and decide how much time you want to spend on each stop.

We’ll give you some sample routes at the end of this post, but since there are many different routes we’ve decided to give you a menu of options that you’ll find in each state. Whether you’re driving from San Francisco to Portland or Portland to San Francisco, you’re sure to find all the right stops to plan your perfect trip.

These are two stops in Oregon between the city and the southern Oregon border. One stop if you choose the coastal route through Oregon (actually takes longer, at least 5-7 days) one stop if you choose the I-5 corridor through Oregon.

If you’re starting out in Portland, you can choose to spend a day or two here. If that’s just a starting point, that’s fine too. I won’t go into detail on what to do and where because I’ve done a lot of work here. Suffice it to say, Portland is a big city.

Where To Eat In Portland, Maine: Bon Appetit’s 2018 Restaurant City Of The Year

For wine lovers! Or I just love living in wine country. McMinnville is a charming town an hour south of Portland in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Check out award-winning wineries like Stoller Family Estate, Willamette Valley Vineyards or Domain Drouhin. Or you just want to take McMinnville’s 3rd Street and browse the shops and restaurants or order a drink. Favorite beer: Heater Allen Favorite beer: Velvet Monkey Tea.

If you are a fan of waterfalls, you really can’t miss Silver Falls State Park. It’s perfectly doable when stopping on your way south from Portland, but you’ll want to leave early and plan to spend at least a few hours here. Not only does it allow you to find a parking spot and walk through the crowds, but it also allows you to blend in with most (or all of you if you’re quick) of the park’s ten people on the climb. This.

Depending on how far you’ve traveled, you’ll love your stop in this vibrant college town, about two hours south of Portland. This short hike to Spencer’s Butte will give you great views of the valley and bonus points if you can make it to the Farmers Market the following Saturday.

Flights From San Francisco To Portland Maine

These two Southern Oregon towns make for a great stay if you stay 5. Ashland is known for being home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which attracts nearly 400,000 visitors each year. Schedule your trip to the event and get a pizza at Martolli’s. If you’re at Grants Pass, try Ma Mosa’s Scratch Kitchen delicacies for Mary’s Lunch and Bloodshed, or just grab some In-N-Out!

Best Beaches In San Francisco

This place is actually located on Hwy 199 which brings you to the California coast. You will pass many small towns along this route, but you should plan a special trip to have lunch at Taylor’s Sausages. It’s a great place to grab Polish sausages and beer and you can get more to grill over the fire later.

The historic city of Jacksonville is located in Apple Valley, about 15 minutes west of Medford. Go through Medford and turn right into Jacksonville to walk up and down the main streets of the city. This historic gold rush has become a food and wine destination. There are a few guest houses and small hotels, but you might consider driving a little further south and camping around Lake Applegate or downtown not far from Britt Gardens at this historic home.

Praise – Enchanted Forest Amusement Park. I would take that spot at Disneyland any day of the week.

PS: We have the perfect whole guide for you if you’re looking for the best parking spot to drive to Oregon Beach. Plus, you’ll find the perfect three-day itinerary for your Portland to San Francisco trip!

Bomb Cyclone’ To Dump Snow From Mississippi To Maine; Winter Storm Warning For Cumberland County

Since Astoria is at the tip of the Oregon Coast, starting here only makes sense so you can say you’ve driven the entire state! Astoria has some of the best parks like Lewis and Clark National Historic Park or Fort Stevens (a great camping spot for tent dwellers). It also has lots of great food and beer like the Bowpicker Fish and Chips and the Floating Beer Company on the water!

A favorite with locals and tourists alike, it’s hard to beat Cannon Beach for the views, shops and restaurants, and Oregon beach atmosphere. Ride near the Neahkahnie Mountains and spend time exploring Oswald West State Park. My favorite place to stay when I get here is Webb’s Scenic Surf. Eat at Lazy Susan Cafe!

Lots of cows! Visit Tillamook Creamery if you haven’t been to the store and find more cheesecakes at Blue Heron French Cheese Company. Also worth a visit is DeGarde Brewing (open Thursday through Sunday only), a must-see for beer lovers. The spectacular climb is the 7.5-mile Bayocean Loop. I also like the Tillamook Aviation Museum, but I could go crazy like that.

Flights From San Francisco To Portland Maine

Newport is located on the beach to the right of Yaquina Beach and is a great place to grab lunch (Pacific cuisine or tableware) to stretch your legs (Yaquina Bay Resort or paddle and paddleboard). .

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