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Fly Tickets To Los Angeles – I had to get up at 3am to catch my 6:30am flight out of Anchorage. Well, he’s not a morning person. I booked a cab the day before I was due to arrive and was scheduled to take my suitcase full of boxes to the airport. No problem – until, 1 hour after boarding the plane at the gate, the captain came online and said we were still waiting for all checked baggage to be loaded. It seems that the conveyor system in the terminal was broken and the ground staff were busy running from conveyor to conveyor to get all the luggage that was on my flight. So I had a vision of how to get there by bike without Oslo. But they assured us that everything is loaded. I hope so.

My plane ticket from Anchorage to Oslo. Check the number of seats – all first class. Click to enlarge.

Fly Tickets To Los Angeles

Fly Tickets To Los Angeles

I was hoping to see the mist of Juneau as we flew south from Anchorage, but there was a persistent cloud from Anchorage north of Vancouver, British Columbia. But soon the clouds cleared and I could see the mountains north of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Looking north toward Seattle. Sea-Tac Field is visible near the top center of the image. Mount Baker is the big snow-capped mountain on the horizon. Click to enlarge.

On our way from Seattle to Los Angeles we passed over Mount Rainier. Here’s a shot of it from my left seat as we passed 16,000 feet.

Wow – look everywhere you go. For me it’s British Airways flight 268 to London. First time in the USA! Click to enlarge.

Here’s my itinerary for the next leg of the trip – 10 hours non-stop from Los Angeles to London. My seat is in the front, Windows 6, 7 and 8 are behind the nose, but on the left to see when we go through Greenland.

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The first class certainly has its rights on the cattle stage. Wider seats, more legroom, free food and drinks, and real amenities (including iron and steel!) This was only on Alaska Airlines. I am writing this from the British Airways First Class Lounge at Los Angeles International Airport. If you can get the necessary documents for an airplane, this is definitely the way to go. All the seafood, wine, champagne, food, and more you could want, plus your own private shower! I’ve packed seafood and champagne for a long time, and I can’t wait to get on the hourly 747 and settle into my first class, 6-foot bed for the 10-hour flight to London. .

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Fly Tickets To Los Angeles

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Fly Tickets To Los Angeles

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Fly Tickets To Los Angeles

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Fly Tickets To Los Angeles

Only Delta CRJs to and from Minneapolis/St. Paul and Allegiant Air.. However, there are no direct flights between LAX and GFK.

Angels Flight — Finding Lost Angeles

So here’s why we returned to Los Angeles the day we left Los Angeles for San Francisco:

A) San Francisco to Grand Forks (via Minneapolis) is more expensive than our trip – San Francisco to Grand Forks via Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

B) The Los Angeles/Southwest Airlines portion of the trip was too late to add to our parents’ ( parents..) three week trip.

Disclaimer: Most of the pictures were taken on mobile phones, so the quality may not be the best 🙁

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Checked in the next three flights there and then. Check-in check-in shows that the lady among us, aka mom, is lucky with TSA PreCheck. It was cleaned when my dad and I had to take off our shoes and take off the laptop, etc., etc. Mostly pain. 🙁

I was told that flight DL2764, SFO-LAX, was one of Delta’s “shuttle” routes, which are often high-end routes with a dedicated line and… wait for it… American’s fares are so peanuts. , preti and cookies!

Another hole in the pocket thanks to the baggage fee, we dropped off our luggage at the check-in counter and the person confirmed that we were headed to Grand Forks. Well, I wouldn’t blame him if he was surprised, honestly, half the people don’t even know where Grand Forks is! 😛

Fly Tickets To Los Angeles

Security was very quick, and security at SFO (at least on DL), wasn’t as bad as Southwest security at LAX. Mom was waiting for both of us when we finished. We got a seat near our gate, 44. It would have been a long 2.5+ hour wait. I saved the space at least, but again, it was dark anyway. I sat down and rested. 3 planes are parked

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