Good Lunch Meeting Places Near Me

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Good Lunch Meeting Places Near Me – On the east side of town you’ll find Feldman’s Deli – part NYC and Jersey here in SLC. That’s because owner Michael Feldman is originally from the East and moved to Utah, bringing with him his favorite lunch dishes: corned beef sandwiches, reuebens, and yes, NYC cheesesteaks. Note: Feldman’s 1/2 sandwiches can be served separately for lunch and dinner.

The brewery is now part of the streetwear scene, and for good reason. Their entertainment menu changes seasonally and always features great food from the chef. Burgers are a great choice all year round, and the terrace makes for a great al fresco lunch in both summer and winter. After your visit, stop by Hatch Family Chocolates and treat yourself.

Good Lunch Meeting Places Near Me

Good Lunch Meeting Places Near Me

Unique Vietnamese cuisine can be found in the heart of Sugar House. SOMI is a stylish modern restaurant with a full Vietnamese menu. Rice dishes, noodle dishes, fresh salads and a variety of Chinese dishes such as Peking duck make up the mouth-watering menu. Check out our selection of wine cocktails and beers. The restaurant has a special lunch menu with Chinese food at low prices.

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This Granary County Hall has been a few years in the making, but after remodeling a former Rico’s grocery store, it looks like a million dollars. In fact, much more went into the surprise. The restaurant serves a quick and casual lunch – a variety of vendors and sit-your-own-at-the-long communal tables from north to south.

Options include Dead Pan Sandwich (pictured, sandwiches), Taco Lady (tacos), Yakuza Ramen (ramen), Taste of Louisiana (a variety of southern dishes), 3 Cups (coffee and cake), and Mozz (pizza).

Take a few minutes north of the city center to the Marmalade district and check this place out. The 21+ only bar is a great place to dine with sandwiches, burgers and their signature Mormon Burial Fries – small baked potatoes and cheese.

There are many locations in San Diego, Utah – but the original can be found in the heart of 9 and 9. The Shack is known for its fried chicken, based on California’s best Jidori chicken. You can enjoy it as part of smart sandwiches or as a simple side dish to fried chicken. Although a regional chain, the brand is now owned by Utah and carries local craft beers.

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This inner city (21+ only) is a popular spot for evening drinks and dinners – but pop in during the day and you’ll skip the crowds at night. Open for lunch seven days a week, the atmosphere is very relaxed and collected.

Looking for a great place to eat in the South Valley or Southwest? Look no further than this modern take on Korean flavours. The Angry Koreans take dishes like cheesesteaks and tacos and combine them with Korean ingredients. There’s fried chicken, homemade sauce and soy sauce plus authentic dishes like japchae rice bowls and mandoo noodles.

Imported products from the east of lobster, mayonnaise, butter and soft bread – life is not so good, right? Enjoy it all together at Freshie’s award-winning lobster menu for a delicious lunch.

Good Lunch Meeting Places Near Me

When we ask people “who has the best tacos in Utah”, this is the best taco place in Salt Lake City. In fact, it comes up surprisingly often considering how under the radar this topic is. Go to this local secret and enjoy asada, pasta, pollo, lengua, cabeza, buche, carnitas and more

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Brick Corner offers pizza-style pizza – think Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and you’ve come to the right place. The Brick might just be your favorite place to live next door – it offers a full bar, cozy patio, and event space.

This corner market in the central 9th ​​arrondissement is popular for its well-prepared sandwiches. Homemade bread is always the star of the show.

With an incredibly familiar menu alongside Chicken Express, this completely different location on South 27th is our favorite of the two. The restaurant is the epitome of a humble father and mother, and their chicken is some of the best in town.

Cuban Hands on Fillings and Emulsions is a great treat and is delicious hot or cold. Bonus points for a daytime stopover – you can pick up a delicious takeaway on the way, too.

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Let’s get off the road and look at the valley. For more great lunch ideas in Salt Lake City, check out our recommendations in different cities.

From the team behind Kathmandu on Highland Drive, he himself was part of the team behind the Himalayan Kitchen in the city of SLC along the way. Gurkhas offers a great Indian and Nepali menu that is always done right.

Grid City is a 21+ venue and offers affordable food in addition to some of the best beers in town. Built around restaurants such as fish and chips and burgers, Grid City is also known for its vegetarian offerings.

Good Lunch Meeting Places Near Me

Located in the heart of downtown Holladay, Caputo’s offers a variety of delicious sandwiches. The restaurant offers the option to order at the counter and then just sit, inside or outside.

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This Iranian market and restaurant offers some of our favorite foods in West Valley City. If you find it hard to choose just one dish from the interesting menu, don’t. Take the two rising plates as in the photo above; a trio of kebabs on one side and a slice of vegetarian food on the other. Enough to share with the whole family.

This South Salt Coffee Shop is a great place to grab a drink and treat yourself on the go. In addition to the usual range of coffee and tea, you will find delicious puff pastry cakes filled with Indian flavours. Chicken tikka, paneer, potato samosas – all good.

Located on Main Street in downtown SLC, Pago Kuri Main is a great choice for lunch. Well-trained staff, an inexpensive but interesting menu and a chic interior tick all the boxes. The restaurant is also not closed between lunch and dinner, if the important meeting is off.

While prices are low, quality is anything but at this mom and pop taqueria. Gorditas are making headlines here, try a special crust filled with meat and potatoes and thank you later. Read the full details here.

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Good Lunch Meeting Places Near Me

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Must Try Places To Eat In Slo

50+ Wines By The Glass BTG Wine Bar offers the biggest and best experience in Utah. BTG offers over fifty selections, available in glass, and many smart planes.

Burger Brilliant Looking for a great burger in Salt Lake City? Head to BGR for creative, bold burgers. Sugar House’s burger experts grill everything to the desired temperature. Don’t miss the local craft beer offerings.

Sandwiches in the neighborhood Looking for a tasty sandwich? Look no further than Feldman’s Deli and their pound-for-pound meals.

Romantic Mountain Views Looking for a romantic spot in Utah? Check out the Sponsor Log Haven in Millcreek Canyon.

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Authentic Japanese Authenticity and consistency are hard to beat. Our sponsor Kyoto has been serving sushi, sashimi and snacks for over 30 years.

The charming Italian town of Caffe Molise offers some of the best Italian food in all of SLC. Check out this great sponsor next time you’re in town.

Relaxing oasis Look no further than the Oasis Cafe sponsor

Good Lunch Meeting Places Near Me

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