Good Massage In Las Vegas

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Good Massage In Las Vegas – Massage Beauty Touch website. I am a fully certified and licensed professional massage therapist located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We Outcall Mobile massage services may be available in the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin. I work only by appointment and I am available for an external call at a time convenient for you at your location.

My professional massage education was obtained from one of the best massage schools in Las Vegas and from the best facial and body massage masters with unique techniques from different parts of the world. I have attended 1500 hours of massage school classes with certificates and licenses in massage therapy full body rejuvenation and sculptural facelift. Before starting my massage business, I worked in spas and beauty salons in Las Vegas. I started my Massage Beauty Touch call services in 2016 and have been serving Las Vegas with my massage therapy services ever since.

Good Massage In Las Vegas

Good Massage In Las Vegas

Depending on your request, I can offer you: facial rejuvenating massage, sculpting massage, oral massage (intraoral), deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, feather touch, stretching, relaxation massage, Lomi-Lomi massage, liposuction (anti-cellulite contouring) massage, massage 4 in hand, massage for couples and personalized massage.

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For more information on Massage Beauty Touch services, please see the services page below or the menu button.

I always offer my Massage Beauty Touch services. I also have flat rates for massage services so you will never have to pay more than what is listed on my website. See my pricing page for full pricing information on my massages.

When I started working as a massage therapist, I knew that a career in massage was one of my greatest accomplishments. I offer one of the most professional and sophisticated massage services in Las Vegas with the goal of complete relaxation and improved health. I put all my heart and passion into each massage session to make you happy and satisfied. Every Beauty Touch massage is dedicated to making your body and mind feel better during and after the massage session.

I come from a family that has always been driven by a healthy lifestyle and holistic rejuvenation. I knew from a young age that health cannot be obtained by simply going to the doctor and asking for some magic pill and facial treatment once a year and being young and beautiful forever.

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Because of my passion for health and beauty, I have always been interested in holistic nutrition and massage.

I learned that the stress we face every day in this fast-paced world causes us so much discomfort and sometimes even pain that it gets embedded in the muscles of our bodies, limiting our ability to enjoy life. And just one hour of massage can help you forget about everything except yourself and the touch that brings joy and reminds you that at this moment you are the center of the conversation.

Feel free to call or text whenever you’re ready for a Massage Beauty Touch. I look forward to massaging you! You don’t have to stay up all night to have fun in Vegas. Even if all you do is take some much needed time to relax… there will still be a lot of “OMG(s)”, “That’s amazing(s)”, and “You had to be there. Spend crazy vacation in Las Vegas without leaving your robe Whether you’re looking for the best massage in Las Vegas or just the best spa in Las Vegas, we’ve got the information you need to achieve your ultimate relaxation. Here are some amazing body melting spa treatments in Vegas that will make you go in zen.

Good Massage In Las Vegas

It’s as close to euphoria as you can imagine. Not one, but two therapists perform a synchronized massage focusing on your head and feet. Aromatic oils alert the senses and warm stones deeply relax the muscles. The procedure ends with peeling and moisturizing.

Best Massage In Las Vegas Best In Room Asian Outcall Massage

This 100 minute stone treatment is nothing short of a rocky road to pure bliss. Begin with a deep and relaxing hot stone massage. Then move on to a jewel facial with a face, neck and décolleté massage. Complete the journey with a diamond collagen mask. Afterwards, relax in a room with Himalayan salt air (service included!) at Spa & Salon, one of the many luxury spas in Las Vegas.

It turns out gold isn’t just for looks. In fact, it has strong anti-aging properties and is easily absorbed into the skin. This 80-minute facial makes full use of 24-carat gold to repair and rehydrate damaged skin. First, cleaning; then, peeling; and finally a cold face massage with golden collagen.

This soothing journey can only be done in a hammam. (And if you’re like us, you have to ask what that is…) a hammam is a Turkish-style bath heated to 90 degrees with a mother stone in the center. This procedure is a ritual bath that begins on the mother stone with exfoliation with black soap; then transitions into a giant soap bubble that fits in a hot tub; and finally, it ends with a full massage. It lasts a wonderful two hours and 10 minutes.

Your senses will be enhanced and energized with this wrap massage. A compressive compress is a warm, aromatic herb pack wrapped in a cloth that is used to massage the body. This Thai wrap treatment focuses on skin and muscle relaxation while promoting natural energy balance. And then you can keep the plant wrap.

Best Spas In Las Vegas & Hotel Spas In Las Vegas

First, Abhianga-Shirodhara is a perfect 80-minute combination of two popular treatments by one talented therapist. The Abhianga treatment promotes deep muscle detoxification through herbal oil massage. Secondly, the Shirodhara procedure has a balancing and stimulating effect, as the liquid is poured on the forehead or “third eye”.

Then, the Ultra-Nourishing Cocoon is a 50-minute experience to exfoliate and rinse your skin until you’re nourished enough to bathe soothingly in the cocoon, a kidney-shaped space that feels like a warm, enveloping blanket. in water.

The 2-hour Brilliance Facial brightens and evens out skin tones while minimizing pores using a gentle cocktail of skin-friendly acids. It is a luxurious muscle lifting and toning treatment that has an immediate effect. Not to mention, it’s located in one of the best spas in Las Vegas.

Good Massage In Las Vegas

Now relax. Allow your body and mind to enter a state of complete relaxation without tension. You deserve it. Some of the best massage services in the world can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is why celebrities and rich people like to visit massage parlors in Las Vegas first.

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Massages give them the opportunity to be pampered and treated like royalty. Do you want to experience the same feeling? Are you worried that you don’t have the money to feel that way?

The good news is that you don’t have to be rich to get a good massage in Vegas. There are many massage places in Las Vegas that offer relaxing and soothing massages at affordable prices.

If you’re on vacation and have $50 to $100 to spend, you can enjoy a massage from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It all depends on the type of massage and the place you visit for the massage.

What kind of massage do you like? Better yet, what type of massage would you like to try? Everyone has their own opinion on what would be the best Las Vegas massage for them.

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Most people have never heard of half of massages. Just by the name massage you can probably get an idea of ​​what they are. Massage services offered at various Vegas massage parlors include:

Do any of these massages sound intriguing? Each massage service offers something unique to the client. While most massages tend to relieve stress and anxiety, some massages target specific joints and muscles in the body.

For example, someone recovering from an injury may want a sports massage or a deep tissue massage. A married couple who wants to relax together can choose a couple’s massage. There are so many options, so take your pick.

Good Massage In Las Vegas

With Vegas Lens, you can book massage spots in Las Vegas. Exclusive package deals are available at certain times of the year. You may be lucky enough to find a discount on a massage package at a certain location.

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But the price should not be the only reason to choose a particular massage place. Here are other considerations you should consider:

If you have researched the different types of massages and their benefits, then find a place that offers these massage services.

Make sure it has good customer reviews and is close to your hotel. Las Vegas massages are available on almost every street near the Las Vegas Strip, so you need to choose your massage location wisely.

Below are the 10 best places to get a massage in Las Vegas. This list should help point you in the right direction.

Craziest Spa Treatments In Vegas

40,000 at Costa Del Sur Spa and Salon

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