Google Business Flagged For Suspicious Activity

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Google Business Flagged For Suspicious Activity – Update 07/15/2020: Added a link to the law, note that the dashboard URL link is in the email,

One of the annoying things about getting suspended for quality issues (besides the loss of visibility and revenue) is that you don’t even know you’ve been suspended. The ringer will ring and you start frantically searching online, talk to a friend when you can’t find yourself, can I find you? Then, amazingly, you find My Business on Google, usually a few days later. Then you will see the scary message.

Google Business Flagged For Suspicious Activity

Google Business Flagged For Suspicious Activity

(Note: Please, please, if you receive a suspension email, read the Rules for representing your business on Google carefully before submitting a reinstatement. Ask someone for advice. When you submit for reinstatement , you can get stuck in a loop. It gets rejected or ignored.)

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I have personally dealt with north of 500 suspended listings this year alone. The story is almost always the same. I heard this “I’ve been in business for X years, I have X 5-star reviews, I run an honest company, and my customers love me. I recently noticed that I haven’t received any calls and I went to my Google Business and saw that I was suspended, why didn’t Google notify me of this? How did that happen?” Would you like to see an example of this?

This is a big problem for companies, we even created a service with stop notification.

So, you can thank the EU for helping solve at least one of these problems. In order to comply with European transparency laws, you will now be notified when an activity is suspended and where you know (agencies are happy).

As a local SEO expert, Ben has been helping businesses build their online presence since 1994. Ben was selected by Google as a Google My Business Product Expert for his contributions to the Google My Business Forum. Ben is also a contributor to the annual Moz Local Search Ranking Factors study and a regular contributor to BrightLocal.

Account Suspended Due To Suspicious Activity What Did I Do Wrong?

Ben is the co-founder of Steady Demand, a local SEO and social media company. The Steady Demand team specializes in helping clients combat map spam, solve the toughest Google My Business issues, and solve Google ranking issues.

If you would like to call us or make an appointment, you can contact us at (888) 778-0401. There are thousands of marketing companies that help small businesses with their online presence, which includes profiles on Google, Apple Maps, Yelp, Facebook and many other platforms. If you search for “Suspended Google Business Profile”, most of the article results will be written by these companies who want to hire you for their services. While some of these marketing agencies are reputable, most fall prey to naive small business owners who don’t know how to navigate the online jungle known as the Internet.

This article will be very different from the many marketing articles you will come across when looking for an answer to your problem. This article is written from my perspective as a small business owner who had my business profile suspended on Google. I’ll cover everything from why our profile got suspended to how to get it back. Enjoy!

Google Business Flagged For Suspicious Activity

Our Google My Business profile was suspended on August 29, 2022. At the same time, Google is making changes to how small businesses manage their Google Profiles. During this time, I received several emails from Google saying that business profiles will no longer be managed in the Google My Business dashboard. You must use Google Search or Maps to manage your profile.

Reasons Your Google Ads Account Is Suspended

A few years ago, when we first claimed our business profile on Google, they required that you use a real physical address. They did not allow the P.O. Boxes to use as a business address. They take this requirement seriously, and usually do the verification via a postcard sent to the address you say your business is at. This postcard contains a code that you must enter online to verify that you are the recipient of the property letter.

There was an option in your profile settings where you could ask if you wanted customers to visit your address. Otherwise, you can choose an option that tells customers you will only deliver to their home address. By choosing the right option, Google will provide a better experience to its customers.

First, Google My Business has been renamed Google Business Profiles. With this rebranding, Google removed the Google My Business app for smartphones and required businesses to manage their Google Search and Google Maps profiles.

If your business is suspended on Google, you’ll see it in Google search results.

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Second, small businesses will no longer be able to manage their business profile on from a desktop computer. As with smartphones, Google now requires small businesses to manage their profiles in a desktop browser via Google Search and Google Maps.

New Google Business Profile rules stating that if you do not service customers at your business address, the address field must be removed from your profile.

Third, after reading the new Google Business Profile rules, I noticed that if you’re a service business that travels to a customer’s physical location, they now say “you must hide your business address from customers.” You previously filled out the address field in your profile and checked the box indicating that you do not provide customer service at your address. Now I ask you to leave the address field blank.

Google Business Flagged For Suspicious Activity

The instructions read: “If you are a plumber and operate your business from your residence, remove the address from your business profile.”

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That’s what I did. We’ve removed the address field from our Google Business Profile. Was our business restored to Google immediately? no. It took a month to get the email saying we were reinstated.

It took two and a half months to restore our Google Business Profile. While I waited two months to see a “pending” case number, there was almost no communication from Google support. This was the first sign that our work was being investigated. About two weeks later, I received an email saying that our profile had been restored.

I have two case numbers because I submitted multiple claim forms. It is best to submit a form and wait for your case to be “Progressed”.

We ended up with two job numbers because we were sending out so many application forms out of fear. I do not recommend doing this. It’s best to be patient and wait for your “In progress” status to appear. The second job was removed by Google because I already had a pending job. Then we waited, thinking that our profile would never be restored. Two and a half months later, he received the email.

Why Did Your Google Business Profile Get Suspended?

We have not received a definitive answer from Google Business Profile support as to why our account was suspended. At this point we can only speculate. We never spoke to a human during the entire process, and all the email responses we received seemed to be computer-written preset responses.

We had about 420-430 Google reviews before our account got suspended. After getting our account back, we have 390 reviews on Google. All the reviews I have received are from real clients I have worked with. Not sure why some of our reviews were removed. We’re glad to be back at Google, so we’ll take it.

During this time, I contacted another garage door owner in our area who was suspended from Google. Of course they are. The owner of this company has a local marketing person who manages all the online profiles for his business. He noted that his person had been emailing Google for months asking for a refund. They also received no answer as to why they stopped. They also had to remove their physical address from their profile because they did not provide customer service at their address.

Google Business Flagged For Suspicious Activity

Another local company that shut down Google was a local brewery. The owner of the brewery posted their frustrations on Facebook, detailing how much it hurt their business, as this is one of the main ways they are discovered by new customers. They have been restored as well, so it looks like most of these outages could just be software changes. All of these local businesses are honest businesses that are just trying to make a profit.

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I contacted a local marketing agency in my area that builds websites and manages local business online profiles and online advertising budgets. They noticed that there was an unusually large number of local people

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