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Google Local Business Center Help – Which letter would you like to receive: an acceptance letter from Hogwarts or an acceptance letter from Google? Everyone loves the magical world, but if you’ve been waiting for your Google Business Profile verification code, chances are you’ll be more excited to see it on your envelope.

Now, the process may seem quite simple at first glance, since Google will give you clear instructions on how to check your listing. But if you take a closer look, you will see that it is much more than that. Many people are struggling to check their lists for various reasons, such as missing postcards, not receiving them, missing obvious points, etc.

Google Local Business Center Help

Google Local Business Center Help

In this article, we will go through all the possible ways to check your list, discover the hidden loopholes that you may encounter along the way, and then show you where to go for help if you get stuck in something.

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The first and most important reason to verify GBP is simple: if you don’t verify, you won’t be able to manage your business information in Search, Maps and other Google products. Google must verify the physical location of your business and verify that you are eligible to own the listing.

Additionally, sterling signals (including proximity, categories, business name keywords, etc.) account for 25% of all local pack ranking factors. This means that if you have a GBP listing, your chances of appearing in the local pack are much higher for links, comments, trackbacks, etc. That is why it is important to control the information that enters your Sterling profile.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to track your rankings down to the zip code level, consider SE Ranking’s search engine ranking tool. In addition, the platform’s newly released Local Marketing module allows you to monitor and manage your listings and gain insight into the performance of your Google Business Profile. We will describe this function in more detail later (in the last section of this article). Be sure to read until the end if you don’t want to miss important details about this feature.

Another reason why having a sterling list is crucial is that, according to Google, verified companies are twice as likely to be reputable to users. When GBP configuration files are optimized and edited by real owners, they appear more consistent and reliable.

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Finally, verifying your business protects anyone who tries to impersonate their representative and claim the list as their own. This is a basic example of fraud, so make sure you are aware of such situations.

A Google verified listing has a blue tick badge and the text “Manage this listing” below the business name to indicate that Google has verified that it is a genuine representative of the business.

Remember, only account managers of this verified profile will see this badge, and only if they are logged into their account. Regular searchers looking for business profiles in search won’t see it.

Google Local Business Center Help

If you want to see the companies associated with your Google account, you can use the special Google tool.

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Sign in with your Google account and select the business you want to verify to see its verification status.

This is especially useful if someone else created your list and you want to claim it as your own.

Next to the button “Suggest a change” “Do you own this business?” If you don’t see the option, the GBP list shown is already checked.

However, if you find that your list has not been verified, now is the time to verify it. You must first declare, which you can do manually in the search results. Here we go:

Fix A Missing Address Or Wrong Pin Location

There are 7 methods to verify your Google Business Profile, but the system chooses the most appropriate verification method for your business and you cannot change it. For the business used in this example, Google determined that email verification was the best way to go.

Only business owners are eligible to request or check GBP listings. If you are not the business owner being verified, you will need to complete the business owner registration process before your listing can be verified.

Notes! You can claim ownership of a listing even if someone has already checked it out. Here is a detailed guide from Google on how to do it.

Google Local Business Center Help

The different Google business verification methods largely depend on the nature of the business and the region in which it is located. Google will select a selection list for each activity that cannot be changed.

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The system provides citations in one or more of the following ways. If you only have one option, you cannot change it, but if you see several options, you can choose the one that suits you best.

This is the most common method of verifying a business. The postcard not only lets Google know exactly where the business is located, but also tells Google that it actually exists.

The shipping process usually takes two weeks, depending on the region, but sometimes it can be longer.

Please note that the verification process will take longer if you change your listing information (business name, address, category, etc.) prior to verification. You should also avoid asking for a new code, since Google will cancel the original code on the postcard and send a new one, extending the process. It is important to note that Google does not send verification letters to mailboxes.

Taking Care Of Your Google My Business Profile

So, to start using the postcard, enter your business address and name and click the “Publish” button.

When you receive the postcard with the 5-digit verification code, access your Google Places profile, select the business you want to verify, and click “Verify Now.”

Members of the GBP community have reported how many times they have failed to get a captcha on the first try, only to succeed after the second or third try. If your postcard is lost or misplaced, you can request a new code by logging into your Google Business profile, going to the Verification Codes page, and clicking the blue “Resend” link.

Google Local Business Center Help

Plus, letters like this get mixed up in the trash and thrown away, so you might as well cut through the red tape and let Google know you’re waiting for the company (or even the building).

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Some (but not all) businesses have the option to check their sterling listings by phone. If you have access to this option, consider yourself lucky, as the process only takes a few minutes.

You can choose a call option or send a text message to your mobile phone. A 5-digit code will be sent to you to enter in the code field. Use your real phone number as needed to answer calls directly (you cannot use an interactive voice response system) or receive text messages.

Unfortunately, the GBP community forums are full of true stories of scam calls from people claiming to work for Google. Here’s Google’s guide to spotting a suspicious phone call.

Google representative, you need to listen and write down your verification code for future use.

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Before clicking “Verify Now”, make sure that the email displayed on the verification screen is correct and that you can access it.

After that, open your inbox and look for your Google Business Profile email. It contains a verification code and a link to the GBP page where it can be activated.

Another great option that business owners can take advantage of is instant verification. If it is one of the suggested options, choose it because it will allow you to quickly check your list. Why wait for a postcard when you don’t need one?

Google Local Business Center Help

According to Google, if your website is already verified in Google Search Console, you have the right to immediate verification. This means that you will not see a “Verify” button and you can immediately start working with clients on your profile and content. If you created your GBP profile before adding it to GSC, you will see a “Verify” button. As soon as you click, you may be able to verify your profile immediately.

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Remember that using a GSC does not guarantee instant verification of your GBP. Google may, at its discretion, provide you with this verification option.

The real question here is how much trust Google thinks it can put in your business. If you are a new business owner or have little or no online presence, it is unlikely that your business will be verified immediately. In this case, sending a postcard is the best way for Google to verify your business.

This option can be used by companies that need to check more than 10 locations for a company at a time. For example, you may own a pizza chain with 25 locations.

Verification of video calls

A Google

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