Grayson Clothing Going Out Of Business

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Grayson Clothing Going Out Of Business – Ever since I got my hands on my first Grayson Hero shirt a few years ago, I’ve been hooked. I feel like a good button down shirt is one of the hardest things to buy. And when you finally find a brand that’s right for you, you’re welcome. And a brand that Grayson knew would make the button-down shirt universal. The brand is only two years old and was launched in 2019 with the idea of ​​giving women a button down for their favorite essentials. And they dug.

Now that they’ve had a few years and have clearly nailed the perfect button down shirt, they’re moving on to clothing! I love button down shirt dresses because they are easy to throw on and go. Simple full dress. The 100% cotton jersey shorts are their first line of clothing. I tried it earlier and shared it on Instagram stories for you all to love. It is very soft and very comfortable. Finally, I wanted to share my review because I wear it so many times and find myself reaching for it more and more.

Grayson Clothing Going Out Of Business

Grayson Clothing Going Out Of Business

I really like the fabric of this shirt because of its cut. Dress shirts are difficult for me sometimes. Also different, bigger and bigger than a sack of potatoes. And yes, it is, but the sleeves, hems and waist really have something of a flattering potato sack. Is it possible? I don’t feel like they’re a total slob in there, and I feel that way in shirt dresses as long as the belt isn’t on.

Girls Gray Grayson Social Graphic Hooded T Shirt Dress 'happy Go Lucky' X Small

And I don’t know how they do it, but the color is very beautiful. I always find buttons on necklines a little weird and I’ve never liked them. But it’s nice to have a good fit. So many of them are listed in the product descriptions.

Also, if you like the top of this dress, it also comes in a shirt version. The artist shirt is the same style, but in a higher silhouette. You can buy it here.

My usual size is 02 in Grayson’s regular Hero Button. Sizes range from 01 to 05. I am 32 and usually wear a small or medium in tops and dresses. When it came to this dress, I went with my usual style. It was definitely bigger and I wanted to be smaller. The website recommends reducing it. So keep that in mind when ordering.

The fabric of the art shirt is not small and I would say it is a little on the long side. I think a size down would be good for the length as well. But if necessary, you can easily cut it.

Grayson Hero Shirt

As soon as this dress arrived in the mail, I immediately paired it with my white summer Converse shoes. This is the perfect combination of a casual and light look for the weekend. But I tried to dress it up with bare Castañer espadrilles and I liked the summery and feminine look. In autumn it will be perfect with Chelsea boots and a leather jacket in the middle of the season when you can still run out of clothes. And since the fabric is a little heavier and not fluffy, you’ll probably be fine in early fall!

Get $25 off your order with code Grayson Artist c/o Clothing Shirt • Converse Sneakers • Madewell Sydney Bag • Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses You may notice that I don’t wear a lot of low-cut shirts here. It’s not that I don’t like the way they look (I do – especially a plain white shirt!) but I always struggle to find one that fits me. They are always too short, have holes in the breasts, etc. Why is it so hard to find a shirt that fits!?

Grayson launched this last March and I love their shirts. They simply have a silhouette that looks amazing on different women (affordable price). The founder, Audrey McLoghlin, is also the woman behind Frank and Eileen (whose shirt I also love, but it’s a bit pricey). She wanted to make shirts for the women around her who needed simple, perfect, simple pieces that worked without fuss or effort. She spent 5 years searching for clothes that met her requirements and 2 years creating patterns for over 30 different styles. The results are amazing – I know this is a sponsored post, but it really is the best fitting shirt I’ve ever put on my body!

Grayson Clothing Going Out Of Business

I designed two Grayson shirts today. First, their classic white button down, which is seriously the best white shirt I’ve ever owned, and second, a fun polka dot print.

New Foster Care Boutique Coming To Grayson

To enter, scroll to the bottom of the post and enter using the widget. Then comment on your favorite style on the site!

I wanted to add Grayson’s size chart because it really helped me. Personally, I’m right between 2 and 3; Both sizes work well for me. I wear a size 2 in both shirts, but I’m a 3 which is slightly thicker and longer. I followed the 3 poll shirts on Instagram, because I wanted it to be light. The Frank and Eileen Audrey McLoughlin brand is loved by the button down, including Oprah, Ellen and Meghan Markle. It’s a full list, and for good reason. Material and style are second to none when it comes to women’s shirts.

But when McLoughlin came across clothes that met her high standards but were much cheaper, her engineer (she went to engineering at Georgia Tech) knew she had to create a scarf for all of us. Thus was born the McLoughlins’ second child (third if you count), Grayson. The prices are low, but the quality is out of this world.

Grayson’s first (and so far only) style is the Hero, made of cotton and linen ($128 and $138). It’s well appointed – I’ve been going back to my whites two to three times a week for the two months I’ve had it. The magic of this shirt is its softness. Every other white button I’ve owned has sacrificed flexibility to be destroyed, but this magic one accepts both.

Grayson Goes Down With Guns Blazing

McLoghlin isn’t just good at making awesome t-shirts – he’s a successful business leader who’s been doing business consistently since before it was cool. The company works hard to support women, as evidenced by the two-story playroom for employees’ children on site. After all, she was raising Grayson when her daughter was born, so she knows that mothers need all the support they can get.

Read my interview with McLoughlin, who talks about the ongoing challenges of being a woman in business, transitioning from engineering to fashion, the big changes she’s seen in the industry over the past five years, and more.

You’ve seen such success with Frank and Eileen, why do you want to start another Grayson? Have you thought about making this shirt outside or in Frank and Eileen’s class?

Grayson Clothing Going Out Of Business

“In the past five years, I have seen the world change dramatically. From the seismic shift in retail to the rise of women in their power, there has been an incredible change. As I watch and experience this change, I continue to think , “If I opened a company today, do I know what it would look like? The answer was Grayson – a completely modern brand for women who play by the new rules.

Making Himself Claire: Grayson Perry’s Dresses At Walker Art Gallery

Grayson’s idea has been in the works for a while, so I considered all kinds of business (yes, I’m doing that on the Frank and Eileen episode). I love the Frank & Eileen brand and the DNA and it’s so personal but full of history and genetics and a unique distribution and it’s both men and women. Grayson has very different DNA, so I finally realized that it made sense for the companies to be so far apart. I also believe in doing one thing really well, and I’m almost too passionate about it to never get bogged down or overwhelmed by a brand or product.

“Absolutely. My team makes other world-class t-shirts; it’s something we do better than anyone else. We designed Hero to appeal to most women and look amazing in a million different textures. designed as a shirt. You reach each one every day, in any situation that will always make you feel amazing, we will release another silhouette for our two year anniversary, I don’t want to give too much away, but it is called.

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