Hiring A Ceo For Small Business

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Hiring A Ceo For Small Business – Everyone in the company knows that they can only go as far as their subordinates take them. This is why the talent part is often the hardest part of growing a business. Chelsea C. Williams imparts talent development expertise. She is the founder and CEO of Reimagine Talent Co., a company focused on workforce and talent development. We share our practices. Chelsea also talks about how they transformed. How hiring more talent helped their business grow. We provide tips for getting leads and referrals. Join this conversation to get more talent development tips to take your business to the next level.

Excited about our conversation. You are the founder and CEO of Reimagine Talent Co. Reimagine Talent Co. is a staffing and talent development company that provides DEI-based retention strategies. Clients include brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Gatorade, Cushman & Wakefield. I am also a speaker. Employment inclusion and career Her navigation.Let’s go back.What did you do before you started your consulting business?What was your early career like?How did Chelsea’s career come about? Or just below?

Hiring A Ceo For Small Business

Hiring A Ceo For Small Business

I attended Spelman College, a historically black women’s college, a liberal arts college. I went and studied economics. I always say that if you go to liberal arts college and study economics, you either end up on Wall Street or become an economist. I chose not to be an economist and took the Wall Street route. I started my career on Wall Street. I have been with her in financial services for nearly 10 years and have always been in the areas of talent and human capital, from large global organizations to investment firms.

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I like to make and process pipes. My experience on Wall Street was a building block and confirmed my passion to dedicate myself to consulting.We work with talent development consultants, so I was able to develop a vision for the field early on. I had it and was able to break free from my foundation.

Excited to dive into your expertise in all facets of talent.You talked about pipes. By pipeline, I mean the talent pipeline within an organization, not the sales pipeline. You grew up for you too. You are now her 12 members in your company. I would like to explore how you are expanding your business and attracting people.

As anyone with an employee or team her members knows, the talent part is he one of the most difficult when it comes to growing a business. I will go back to those days. Work on Wall Street, including large corporations, hedge funds, and investment firms. How did you become interested in talent? You went to college and then to Wall Street. Where does the passion and enthusiasm to identify, recruit, train and develop people come from?

I was born in high school but grew up in college. I became very involved with the Student Union and started volunteering in my local community. I was an ambassador for the admissions department at Spelman College. I toured and met everyone.

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I like being around people. We value human development very much. I am a person for whom learning is a value and a hobby. Naturally, the ability to learn from and work with people excites me.

In 2018, he founded the company now known as Reimagine Talent Co. What made you leave Wall Street and the world of finance? For many, it’s their life ambition. As they grow up, they think about high-paying jobs, big profits, all the fun and great morale that finance can offer.Why not take this path and decide to just move up in the rankings? , to start his own company, a consultancy firm.

To tell you the truth, I was doing very well in finance and loved my company. The last office he was in before the jump, he got to see the pain points.Back when I was working in financial services, one of his duties as vice president was global was to oversee human capital. My focus was on the Americas, but I also did many global projects. One of my focuses was early talent. People might describe it as an internship, final year, and first year out of school.

Hiring A Ceo For Small Business

Be honest with yourself and choose what feels natural to you. Because it requires a lot of energy and preparation time. click to tweet

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In this role, my colleagues and I spend a lot of time in colleges across the country. We spend a lot of time on Gen Z’s current state, understanding their experiences, pain points, and why navigating the first curve was difficult and difficult. At that point, I realized that no organization is focused on helping organizations hire, develop, and retain top talent.

On a campus recruiting tour, we were at the University of Pennsylvania, writing down all observations of conversations with students, faculty, and colleagues in hotel lobbies. It became a business plan. This business plan was for college code. Since then, we’ve reimagined Talent, originally starting with the early-stage talent and development space, hence the name College Code. It was meant to help employers build and nurture portfolios of a new generation of talent working in very different careers than they had in the past.

This is the original story. Take your time, be in the weeds of your campus, understand the Gen Z experience, and say, “There is no organization dedicated to supporting this new generation, especially through the lens of diversity.” This was College Code’s business plan, which is now Talent Reimagined.

You decide there is an opportunity in the market. You have the background and experience to add value to the organization, or at least try to see what you can do with it. what is your first step? How do you get your first client from the financial world and turn it into a business?

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I’m a bit of a Type A person, so I said to myself: Consulting Space. There is a program called Pioneers in Education. Their overall mission and vision is to bring in people from outside the world of education. and management.

I applied for this scholarship. During my time in finance, I have always worked extensively with nonprofits and universities. Naturally, the educational space was a passion and an interest. I had connections in space. I listen to this sorority. I applied for her 3-month fellowship starting 3-4 weeks after I quit. I left this friendship experience. Place it in an organization that acts as a consultant.

You come in and bring all your background experience. For me, it was a combination of your finances, talent, and support.At that time, I was assigned to Teach For America. People in the US will know this organization specifically for its focus on educational reform, but they put me in the adult learning and leadership space.Through my first project, I jumped into consulting. , part of a larger network to build relationships with other organizations and people who have been in the consulting field while sitting in this new space.

Hiring A Ceo For Small Business

This was a paid opportunity. Again, you are part of a group. I also acquired Leadership Development, Coaching, and Networking.

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Did you know that we are about to launch this and have scheduled a waiver for the launch of the next program?

It was close I was working and I told myself I needed some rest. When I left, I knew I was going to be part of the women’s class, so I was looking forward to it.

This is basically “your first customer”, but through this interaction. The stock exchange did the marketing for you and put you in front of the customer.You made your first paid appearance as a consultant. What happens after that? How will you use this experience to get your next customer, or her next 2-3 customers?How to turn it into a business instead of just a supplier

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