How Long Has Titan Solar Been In Business

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How Long Has Titan Solar Been In Business – Research group FOCUS began investigating a solar power company after customers joined a closed social media group where it was being shadowed. There were appeals from people in Kentucky and several other states.

“We have a great location,” Tim Morrow explained to FOCUS. His home is on the hill in Taylorsville. “From sunrise to sunset there is sun, if there is no shadow.”

How Long Has Titan Solar Been In Business

How Long Has Titan Solar Been In Business

Morrow and his wife are public school teachers and are nearing retirement. This solar panel system was supposed to cover their electricity bill.

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In December 2021, Morrow secured $57,000 in financing for a 12-kilowatt solar panel system, and installation began a month later.

“It’s on the roof,” he told FOCUS investigators.

Fast forward to April 1, 2022, and Morrow said his system is still not producing electricity. The Morrows pay about $300 in credit on top of their $300 utility bill.

“They made everything illegal here,” Morrow explained. “They never got a permit before they started it. They told me, ‘yeah, we have a permit.’ They said, “We need to employ the people inside,” he assured.

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Spencer County inspectors confirmed to FOCUS that necessary permits were not obtained before installation began.

Solar Titan USA explained in an email: We are experiencing some staffing issues in several areas of Kentucky and are currently working to resolve them…

Another customer of Solar Titan USA in Frankfort told FOCUS researchers that his family purchased a 6 kW solar panel system and batteries for $44,450.

How Long Has Titan Solar Been In Business

Kenneth Bryant signed the contract last October and the solar panels were installed in November. But like Morrow, as of April 1, Bryant said his system still isn’t generating electricity.

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Similarly, the Franklin County Department of Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement claimed that permits were not issued until March 7, after installation.

“I’m paying a system that doesn’t see an ounce of electricity,” Bryant said, adding that there were five automatic payments of about $250 from his bank account.

“[The system] wasn’t working, so nothing went down. We were just stuck with extra charges,” Bryant said.

According to the agreement with Solar Titan USA, the first payment will be made approximately 60 days after installation.

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“For me, installation means it’s done,” he said.

The agreement also states that the solar company can use photos of work at the customer’s facility on social media and for advertising, and that customers are prohibited from posting negative things about the company on social media.

Solar Titan USA prohibits buyers from using social media to post negative feedback.

How Long Has Titan Solar Been In Business

FOCUS has learned that the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office is investigating at least 10 lawsuits against Solar Titan. But Kentucky is not alone. The FOCUS Group has discovered that the Tennessee and Georgia attorney general’s offices are also investigating several complaints against the company.

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The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office declined to discuss Sun Titan specifically because the matter remains under investigation.

But Chris Lewis, executive director of the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection, shared some insight into some of the contract language.

— As you can see, the installation is actually putting solar panels on the roof, running all the circuits, testing everything, finally turning it on with the right meter and everything working?

Lewis: “When consumers buy less than that, we need to know the conditions.”

Solar Titan Placed In Receivership After Tn, Ky Ags File Lawsuit

After a Better Business Bureau complaint, Solar Titan offered to refund two payments to Bryant when Bryant signed on as a positive referrer and agreed to provide positive reviews and ratings. I suggested.

He disputed Solar Titan, saying the terms were voided and three payments totaling $756.84 were refunded.

Could the accuracy of ratings and reviews, including paying for positive reviews and ratings, put your next potential customer at a disadvantage?

How Long Has Titan Solar Been In Business

“Technically, you could argue that it would be a deceptive business practice under the Consumer Protection Act,” Lewis said.

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The Kentucky Consumer Protection Act protects consumers and KRS 367.170 defines “unlawful conduct” as “any unfair, false, misleading or deceptive act or practice in the conduct of a transaction or transactions…”.

“One month’s payment was a quarter of my debt.

By May 6, Morrow’s solar panel system was complete, but he said he was still waiting to generate electricity for his family.

The FOCUS team spent several weeks in contact with Solar Titan USA to describe a sample of the problems customers were experiencing.

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“Thank you for writing to us. Solar energy is a growing industry. Many large companies are making solar energy decisions and utility companies are adding large solar farms to their energy sources. It is clear that solar energy will play a large role in solving future energy needs: Electric vehicles, along with many other new technologies, have and will continue to place increasing demands on existing industries and are an excellent choice for many homeowners.

As with any fast-growing new industry, solar has many growing challenges as an integrated solution for residential networks. This is due to many reasons. It takes many separate groups to work together for a common goal. Due to the newness of the industry, many processes are not yet established and can even lead to delays and frustrations, there are some, but mostly, some entities struggle with or fear the “new” solar options. Afraid they will rip customers off, they don’t realize that as the demand for electricity increases, they will need new options! And every industry has its pros and cons. A few bad apples will be difficult for those who want to pave the way for a green energy future, and we are working hard on it. We have had difficulties with some projects, but we are making up for it to our customers. These are due to the rapidly changing processes with the parties we work with, new requirements that change during the process, and our own internal challenges to create the best processes, procedures and communications. It is possible.. Again, Solar Titan is committed to taking care of our customers and completing all projects. Customers with concerns can contact us directly and have the issue or concern resolved.

Focus: How is “installation” defined in the contract? If the system is not fully functional, why are some customers required to make monthly loan payments?

How Long Has Titan Solar Been In Business

Solar Titan: This is a device installed in your home. This is followed by inspection and commissioning. Financing companies have different loan options and terms, and the one you choose will determine when your payments start. (If you start paying before you go live, we’ll give you a refund.)

Your Call Cannot Be Completed’

Focus: How many customers are currently waiting more than a month for the system to be activated?

Solar Titan: Most customers are up and running within 4-8 weeks of installation. There are many reasons for this. Delays with inspectors, changes in utility requirements during the process or human difficulties with us or other parties. Also, a significant number of warranty parts are waiting to be replaced. Manufacturers take full responsibility for these issues, but unfortunately, we as installers are responsible.

Solar Titan: Our policy is to obtain all necessary permits prior to installation. Some districts in Kentucky have staffing issues they are currently dealing with, which has led to changes to permits required by many utility districts this year. For example, last year only about 5% of installations required a building permit. This will exceed 50% in 2022. We were not informed of the change before we started the project. This has also been fixed, but I was not notified of the change. Some changes have been made since the project started, but unfortunately the projects are not old. I had to come back and add it later.

Focus: What is a reasonable time for people to wait?

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