How Much Does Sap Hana Cost

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How Much Does Sap Hana Cost – SAP HANA is an in-memory database developed by SAP and first introduced in 2010. The usage level increased as customers migrated to S/4HANA. S/4HANA is SAP’s next-generation ERP suite and HANA is the only compatible database on the S/4HANA platform. HANA is currently offered in three local versions:

JNC has seen an increase in SAP license audits, which now include a review of the HANA functionality in use. This has not been studied in historical detail. This article explains the key differences between the versions and presents the observations we made when protecting our customers from SAP HANA audits. We also provide answers to frequently asked questions about HANA database licensing and scaling.

How Much Does Sap Hana Cost

How Much Does Sap Hana Cost

As mentioned above, there are three ways to license SAP HANA on premises. The express version is free up to 32 GB with the option to buy more, perfect for private individuals. This article will focus on Runtime Edition and Enterprise Edition as they are most suitable for organizations.

What Is Sap S/4hana Finance? An In Depth Look

HANA Runtime Edition is licensed as a percentage of your HANA SAP Application Value (HSAV). HSAV is actually the net value of the total SAP software you purchased

As of the date of this article, HANA Database Runtime Edition charges 15% of your HSAV, for example, if your HSAV is $10,000,000, you will pay $1,500,000 for HANA Runtime. This brings your total to $11,500,000. Another way to think about this licensing metric is that you pay a 15% increase in your software license to use HANA with the Runtime Edition license.

HANA Enterprise Edition is licensed by “GB memory” and is sold in blocks of 64. You can run a report through HANA Studio to check how many GB you are using. For example, if you use 100 GB, you need 2 licenses. It is important to note that HANA Enterprise Edition is one of the few licenses that is not discounted. It has a different pricing model, which means the more you buy, the cheaper the unit costs. In the runtime version example above, the $1,500,000 database costs which equates to a purchase of around 1,500 – 1,600 GB according to the SAP price list.

Typically, enterprise and Enterprise Edition HANA database licenses are more expensive than Runtime Edition licenses. However, there are other factors to consider in this choice in terms of functionality and ease of measurement.

Estimating The Costs Of Sap Hana Cloud

It is possible and common to license more than one version of HANA in your SAP environment. It can be expensive. For example, you can pay for a HANA Enterprise Edition license only on systems where you need to use additional functionality, rather than licensing every system this way.

The cost of HSAV-based HANA Runtime Edition is difficult to reduce unless there is a clear separation between the system and the product used in the HANA edition. This means you can pay for a HANA Runtime Edition license for your entire environment, plus the HANA Enterprise Edition license fee. This happens when there is no separation between the systems. Any user or package product accessing a licensed SAP system with HANA Runtime Edition requires a 15% upgrade. Here are some examples:

One way to license both versions without continuing to pay a 15% premium on all licenses is to create access isolation between the systems. However, this has technical and operational implications. Such decisions should only be made after careful review with the larger organization to ensure that the organization’s requirements are properly weighed against the license fee.

How Much Does Sap Hana Cost

SAP is developing a tool called “SAP HANA Database Runtime Verification” to measure how customers use their HANA database. If you have HANA Runtime Edition, this is how SAP measures whether you are using your license with license usage rights. The tool looks at:

Sap Hana Features & Benefits

A little more. This flags if any of the features that require a HANA Enterprise Edition license are scaled. SAP considers this flag to be sufficient proof that your organization needs HANA Enterprise Edition.

This tool is available in SAP Note but is only available to customers who are part of the “SAP Pilot Customer Program”. Customers become part of this program by reviewing through SAP. SAP’s intention seems to make this tool generally available, but until then customers can only prepare a SAP HANA audit by manually checking how they use their database.

This tool is still in development, which means the results may not be very accurate. In our experience, we have seen many false positives. This may cause SAP to incorrectly charge you for Enterprise Edition licenses based on device output. JNC’s advice is to test the output of this device to ensure that it is an accurate measurement. By validating this output, your organization can save significant licensing costs.

You can only measure your HANA functionality with this tool if you are audited, which makes proactively reviewing your compliance with the HANA Runtime Edition license usage rights very difficult … but not impossible.

Sap Hana Dr (system Replication)_sap Cloud_sap Ha And Dr Guide_sap Hana Ha And Dr_public Cloud Ha And Dr Scenarios_huawei Cloud

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this. This requires you to understand your SAP software usage rights and compare the HANA database license you have with how you use your HANA database. There are many limitations with the HANA Runtime Edition license that need to be known and understood, and you should find the right people in your organization to advise on current processes or database usage. Once the processes are understood, they should be carefully reviewed and compared with the rights of use to ensure there are no potential compliance risks. Finally, it must be maintained regularly and any changes to processes or how the database is used must be reviewed from a licensing perspective.

You may be in a position where you purchased a HANA Runtime Edition license but use features that require HANA Enterprise Edition. HANA Runtime Edition has some limitations, and if you only use 1 of the 10+ features that HANA Enterprise Edition requires, you still need to upgrade the license. Also remember that the database does not prevent you from using unlicensed functionality. Whether you license HANA Runtime Edition or HANA Enterprise Edition, the database is the same. The license only covers how you can or cannot use this database and how much it costs.

If you find that you are using functionality that is not permitted by the HANA Runtime Edition license, you have several options:

How Much Does Sap Hana Cost

If you are not currently being audited, you may have time to resolve these compliance issues without purchasing a license. If possible, explore options to change the use case or how the organization uses the HANA database to eliminate or reduce the need for additional licenses. Whether the license fee or functionality is more important depends on each organization.

Sap Hana Or Sap Bwa Deployment Services

If you have 10 HANA instances and only 2 use cases require HANA Enterprise Edition, you can purchase HANA Enterprise Edition for those two. Note that you cannot deduct the cost of your HANA runtime version.

We have observed instances where you can change your license from HANA Runtime Edition to HANA Enterprise Edition. It is possible to receive a credit towards the cost of your HANA Runtime Edition license to be used towards the purchase of HANA Enterprise Edition. It may be more expensive than option 1, but the cost difference is worth it because you don’t have to monitor HANA functionality.

The HANA database is an expensive SAP product and its functionality is the most focused point during the SAP license audit. Make sure you include these products when conducting internal audits. Review the output of SAP tools during external audits to potentially avoid paying license fees you don’t need. There are several ways to license the HANA database, and it is important that you choose the right license for your organization’s requirements.

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Sap Hana And Data Services Roi Case Study: Sap

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