How Much Is Dvr For Directv

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How Much Is Dvr For Directv – DIRECTV Genie 2023 Commentary Review We’ve spent dozens of hours analyzing the features and specifications of DIRECTV Gen and Genie 2 – here’s what we found.

DIRECTV has two DVRs/receivers: the Gen and the Gen 2. There are no monthly fees for either device and you can choose whichever one you want. Standard Gen stores up to 200 hours and has five tuners (simultaneous recording). The Genie 2 has powerful stats (450 hours, seven tuners) and is wireless only – so no cable clutter. It’s better than the original; We recommend it to most users.

How Much Is Dvr For Directv

How Much Is Dvr For Directv

But we prefer the Dish Hopper 3 to the DIRECTV Gen. Unlike Gen, the Hopper 3 isn’t free ($10/month), but it’s a great DVR, and DISH is the cheapest and best service (we’ll explain that later). Whichever way you go, let’s take an in-depth look at Gen and Gen 2 so you can make up your own mind.

Directv Now Launches Cloud Dvr With 20 Hours Of Storage At No Extra Monthly Cost

We think it’s the best DIRECTV package choice ($69.99 per month, over 200 channels). It has a solid channel lineup, affordable prices (for the first year, anyway), and qualifies you for two of DirecTV’s best promo deals (listed above).

Of the five DVR/receivers in this chart, the DIRECTV Genie has the third smallest storage capacity and the third smallest tuner (sync recording). But 200 hours of HD storage and five tuners will satisfy most users, and getting it all for free equals excellent value. The same goes for Gen 2 (450 hours, seven tuners and wireless connectivity), which is slightly different from the standard version (we’ll explain in the next section).

Unfortunately, the value doesn’t last with Gene, as DIRECTV is only 30-38% after the first year. That means you pay at least an extra $360 in the second year.

In contrast, the Dish Hopper 3 lease costs $240 for two years. Dish Network offers a three-year price guarantee, so you’ll save money on your TV plan and get a great DVR.

Can You Rack Mount A Directv Genie Dvr?

If you don’t have your heart set on DIRECTV, we recommend going with DISH and its Hopper 3 DVR/receiver instead.

DIRECTV will automatically add Gene to most orders. If you want Genie 2, order the service from two or more TVs and upgrade to a wireless connection. Your cart will then update the gear selection for you.

Tip: If DIRECTV Genie or Genie 2 doesn’t interest you, you can find something you like in the Best DVR Guide.

How Much Is Dvr For Directv

Let’s take a look at the main features of Genie and Genie 2: storage, tuner, whole-home TV, DIRECTV app and more.

Insider Secrets Of Directv

DIRECTV Genie DVR/Receiver has 200 hours of HD storage (on 1 TB storage). If you get the Genie 2, it stores 450 hours of HD on 2 TB of storage. Again, 200 hours is enough for most people, so 450 hours is a lot for anyone. For example, I have a Dish Hopper 3 DVR and I’ve used 17% of its 500 hour storage capacity and recorded a ton of stuff.

Gen has five tuners, which means it can record five TV shows at once. That’s a good number because it’s rare to find five scheduling conflicts at the same time.

TBH, we don’t use more than three tuners at once. Genie 2 can stream up to seven programs at once if you want multiple additional recordings at once.

We wish DIRECTV Geniuses had built-in apps like Hopper 3, but they don’t. However, they have some cool features that you won’t find in the Hopper 3.

Directv H23 Tv Receiver For Sale Online

Unlike the standard Genie, the Genie 2 isn’t connected to your TV. It’s a wireless access point that sends a signal to every TV connected to the Genie Mini Wireless. You get your first Mini Wireless free when you sign up, but additional ones cost $7 a month. So, installing three TVs with the Genie 2 requires three mini wireless boxes — but you only pay a rental fee for two ($14 per month total).

Unlike the standard Genie, the Genie 2 isn’t connected to your TV. It doesn’t look like a traditional DVR/receiver—it’s a tall, thin tower instead of a flat, wide box, and it doesn’t look like one.

The Genie 2 is a wireless access point that sends a signal to each connected Genie Mini Wireless TV. You get your first Mini Wireless free when you sign up, but additional ones cost $7 a month. So, installing three TVs with the Genie 2 requires three mini wireless boxes — but you only pay a rental fee for two ($14 per month total).

How Much Is Dvr For Directv

Since you’re not connecting the DIRECTV Genie 2 to your TV—it’s the Genie Mini Wireless—where does it go in your home? Our recommendations are based on how many TVs you own.

Directv R16 300

You can use a wired Gen Mini or a standard Genie with a Genie Mini wireless. The same $99 bridge fee applies to the Mini Wireless, but you don’t get the first Mini Wireless for free like you do with the Genie 2.

The $49 activation fee is steep, but it only kicks in when you get DIRECTV service on more than four TVs. (This applies to both types of engineering.)

Genie and Genie 2 have parental controls that help you control what your kids watch while you’re away. See all the ways to manage this control:

Speaking of controls, DIRECTV Genie controls up to four devices and has simple, intuitive controls. It doesn’t have native voice control, but if you have an Alexa device, there’s a loophole: the DIRECTV Alexa skill, which lets you control your talent with your voice. It’s not perfect, especially if you have to buy an Alexa device for this feature, but it works.

Unlimited Cloud Dvr With Directv Stream

Tip: If you need to re-pair your DIRECTV remote with your TV, here’s what you need to know about programming your DIRECTV remote.

When you’re away from home, you can use the DIRECTV mobile app (Android, iOS) to watch Genie DVR recordings on your mobile device. Here’s the full list of features:

DIRECTV Genie and Genie 2 DVR/Receivers have enough storage and simultaneous recording to satisfy most users and are worth the price (free with your DIRECTV subscription). But we wish there was a talent for streaming apps, native voice control, and those activation fees.

How Much Is Dvr For Directv

Finally, our recommendation is to lower the cost of the DIRECTV plan. It’s hard to enjoy their talent and see their value, your plan payments will increase by 30%-38% in one year.

Orby Tv Will Help You Break Away From Comcast & Directv With A New Deal

If you decide to buy DIRECTV, you will be delighted with their talent. Otherwise, we recommend going with Dish for its more powerful Hopper 3 DVR/receiver and three-year price guarantee.

DIRECTV Genie Mini is a device that allows you to extend your DIRECTV service to other TVs in your home.

ENTERTAINMENT ($74.99/month, 160+ channels) or more New customers who sign up get three free months of HBO Max, CINEMAX, MGM+, SHOWTIME, and STARZ.

DIRECTV’s Genie Mini Wireless ($7 per device per month) lets you watch DIRECTV on additional TVs in your home. But look at the $49 activation fee for each Mini Wireless after the fourth and the $99 bridge fee to set up wireless service. Both payments are due at the time of registration.

Directv 4k Ready Tv

There are no monthly fees for your DIRECTV box or your first Genie or Genie 2 DVR/Receiver. But add-ons like the Genie Mini and Genie Mini Wireless cost $7 a month to rent. You can get the Genie Mini Wireless for free with the Genie 2, but it has a one-time $99 bridge fee (for wireless service) due to registration.

If you purchase Genie Minis or Gen Wireless Minis for other TVs in your home, there is a one-time activation fee for each Mini after the fourth. Read more about DIRECTV’s fees in our guide to DIRECTV’s hidden costs.

Yes, DIRECTV’s Genie 2 is a wireless DVR/receiver and is included with your DIRECTV subscription. To get it, subscribe to DIRECTV service for two or more TVs and select the wireless upgrade option. Note: The Genie 2 is not connected to your TV – it sends a wireless signal to the Genie Mini wireless device connected to your TV. First Mini Wireless is also included ($7 per month for additional units).

How Much Is Dvr For Directv

Unlike other TV providers, DIRECTV does not charge extra for its Genie or Genie 2 DVR/receiver. If you want to have DIRECTV on more than one TV, DIRECTV will charge you $7 per month for each Genie Mini or Genie Mini Wireless device (but free with the first Mini Wireless Genie 2). Directv Cck W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (dcaw1r0 01)

No, DIRECTV Genie DVR/Receiver does not support the Disney+ app. But don’t let that stop you from subscribing to Disney’s popular streaming app.

The main differences between the DIRECTV Genie and the Dish Hopper 3 are price and power. DIRECTV includes Gene in your plan, while DISH charges $10 a month for Hopper

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