How To Add A Partner In Facebook Business Manager

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How To Add A Partner In Facebook Business Manager – Before we look at how to add an agency to Facebook Business Manager, what exactly it does and why…

Before you decide to add an agency to Facebook Business Manager, what exactly does it do and why do you use it?

How To Add A Partner In Facebook Business Manager

How To Add A Partner In Facebook Business Manager

If you’re a brand working with a social media provider or agency that wants to manage your Facebook page and/or ad account, Facebook Business Manager is the ultimate platform to do just that.

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Facebook Business Manager also makes it easy to add or remove your employees to manage your Facebook Pages and ad account from one central location.

Another added benefit of Facebook Business Manager is that it allows you to promote and manage multiple ad accounts, paid sources and also Facebook Pages from one central location. This makes Business Manager ideal for brands with multiple Facebook pages and ad accounts.

The obvious advantage for organizations is that they can manage multiple pages and ad accounts and assign different permissions to different team members.

If someone leaves the company, Facebook Business Manager makes it easy to remove their access to all accounts instead of opening 30 different accounts and manually removing someone.

How To Approve Facebook Business Page Request?

1. First, if you don’t have a Facebook Business Manager account (or you’re not sure if you have one), visit and click Create Account.

2. Enter your business name, select a home page, and enter your name and work email address. Proceed to the rest of the onboarding flow, completing all the other required fields.

You should now be at the main Business Settings screen where you can add people, pages and accounts. Your screen should look like this:

How To Add A Partner In Facebook Business Manager

4. Click on Advertising accounts on the left, select an advertising account and “Assign a partner” (also for an agency).

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Click on “Link your ad account using your partner’s company ID” and enter the following ID: 535583483278110

7. Grant permission for the task you want to grant to your partner (select admin if you grant permission) and click “Connect”.

And you are ready! Your organization will receive a notification that they can now access their account and start working. Your inbound marketing consultant will be in touch to discuss next steps.

Note. If this resource was sent directly to you, you may need to do this step again.

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Depending on the number of services, you (or your agency/partner) may need page admin access to post on your page. This differs from the above, which only provides access to the advertising account.

Granting an agency access to your page is similar to granting access to your ad account. You are here: Home / Facebook / How to Add Friends to Your Facebook Business Manager Ads Account

Because Facebook wants people to use their ad accounts, they created Business Manager to assign different employees and/or organizations to each of their business assets (fan pages or ad accounts) on Facebook. Once you’ve set up your Facebook Ads account using Business Manager, you may want to assign a Facebook Ads company to manage your account. Here are the steps to assign your Facebook advertising account on to a partner.

How To Add A Partner In Facebook Business Manager

Once you’ve logged into Business Manager, click “Go to Settings” on the right side of the page.

How To Share Your Facebook Pixel With A Business Partner?

Before sharing with your partner, select the ad account you want your partner to access. After selecting an account, click “Give Partner”.

At the bottom of the dialog, Facebook gives you the option to share your partner using the Business ID your ad agency should have provided you. Click on this option.

Admin – Select this option if you don’t have a specific person managing your Facebook account and want your agency to have full access to your account and fan page. This allows your organization to manage your billing information and also to create advertisements such as “Offers” or “Videos” that must be displayed on your fan page before being advertised.

Advertiser: Choose this option if you have a dedicated person on your team who helps the agency with marketing needs, such as payment information and ad rates or videos. If there is a problem with your payment and your team is unavailable or unable to respond, your ads will stop running until the team corrects your payment information.

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Rater: Raters will rate the performance of your campaigns, but they won’t be able to edit or change anything.

Sharing Assistant: This gives the partner agency access to your account, not your staff. Use this option to add an agency to your account.

Adding people – You will assign this person as an employee of your company (in your Business Manager account). Use it to add other people in your company (colleagues).

How To Add A Partner In Facebook Business Manager

Your party will receive a notification that your agency can now access your account. Your account representative will contact you shortly with updated information about your ad account.

How Add A Partner To Ads Manager

In the first option of step 4, we chose to assign an ad account using a business ID. With this option, we will send the link instead of using the company ID.

Click “Copy” to copy the link. You can send this link to a friend. Click “Close” after copying the link.

Brian Murts is the CEO of a Hollywood-based digital advertising agency that specializes in helping businesses advertise successfully on Facebook. He started his online advertising career with college cafeteria money and has since managed millions of dollars in digital ad spend across the entertainment, fashion, financial and software industries. Brian has an MBA in Marketing and over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising. Facebook Ads are a powerful tool that any business running in 2020 should be using. With powerful targeting features and the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook ads offer many opportunities for your business. Unfortunately, the Facebook Ads platform can have a steep learning curve, so you may want to give someone more experienced access to your Facebook Ads account. Here’s our guide to adding users to your Facebook ad account!

Go to to access your Facebook Business Manager account. This tool keeps all important Facebook business items like your Facebook page, Facebook ads account, Instagram account, Facebook apps, etc. in one place. If you’re a business owner and haven’t created a Business Manager account, we highly recommend it.

How To Transfer Facebook Page Ownership: A Facebook Page Owner’s Manual

In the right corner of the Business Manager page, you will see a blue button labeled “Business Settings”. Click this button to access your company settings.

On the left side of the Business Manager page, you should see a menu that lists all the different types of devices that can be connected to your Business Manager account. Select the Ad Accounts tab. A list of all ad accounts associated with your Business Manager account will appear. Select the ad account you want to share access to.

Now that you have selected the ad account you want to assign, click the Assign Partners button. This will bring up a menu where you can share your partner’s business ID or get a share link. Select the “Company ID” option.

How To Add A Partner In Facebook Business Manager

When you select “Company ID”, the menu will take you to the next page where you can enter the Company ID you want to allow access to. Once you’ve entered your Business ID, you’ll be asked to submit an authorization. If you have an ad agency (such as us) accessing your ad account, you will need to select the ‘Administration’ option. If you add for any other reason, the permission is defined as follows:

How To Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Finally, when you click Next, you will see that you have successfully granted access to the advertising account. Click “Done” and you’re all set. It’s time to start running some Facebook ads!

If you’re ready to run Facebook ads but don’t know where to start, we’re happy to help. We specialize in social media marketing, Facebook ads and other types of paid advertising. There are two ways to let us connect with Facebook Business Manager: you can add us with our Facebook Business ID or share a link to your business. Manager with us.

If you came to this page through a web search, you can also use these instructions to contact any other Facebook advertising agency, just make sure you get the correct Business ID.

4. Select an ad account, then click Assign Partner. Before clicking Assign Partner, be sure to click on the ad account you are authorizing.

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5. At the bottom of the dialog, there is an option to specify your partner using the Company ID that you should have provided to your ad agency – in our case the ID is 293948930952570.

6. Select Administrator as the role to assign to your partner (eg

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