How To Advertise Your Coaching Business

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How To Advertise Your Coaching Business – I’m an M.D.-ed entrepreneur dedicated to helping you build the career + lifestyle of your dreams. Welcome to my blog where I write (podcast) about health, business + success!

Wellness coaches and entrepreneurs who know how to use both paid and organic traffic methods have a better approach to their marketing and a better chance of growing their business.

How To Advertise Your Coaching Business

How To Advertise Your Coaching Business

In this episode, I focus on organic (and free!) marketing strategies, and I have some strategic and tactical tips to give you. I talk about 5 specific ways to increase traffic to your coaching business without paying advertising costs

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This is something that is going to give your business a huge boost so that you can start the year off and on and breathe life into your business so that you can get more customers and get closer to your 2021 goals from the start. .

Organic traffic, also known as free traffic, can help strengthen your existing marketing strategy. The best part is it’s free!

In this week’s episode, I share with you some of my organic traffic strategies. Here are some of the things I’ll cover:

After you listen, I’d love to hear from you! Which of the strategies I mentioned in the episode align with your overall vision for the year? What will change in your business in 2021? Comment below, or tag me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know!

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How To Advertise Your Coaching Business

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A podcast for health and wellness coaches building businesses, making the world a healthier place, and creating world-class lives.

I help health and wellness coaches build successful businesses and gain a steady stream of new clients so they can find the freedom, fulfillment and financial prosperity they desire.

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How To Advertise Your Coaching Business

If you’re building a business as a health or wellness coach, what you need right now is… more clients. In this free workbook + guide, I take you through simple steps you can take right now to land new coaching clients.

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Never miss an update, podcast episode or special promotion on one of my programs. I share tips with my email subscribers that I won’t share anywhere else As a trainer and holistic business coach for entrepreneurs, marketing is the most difficult aspect for many of my clients.

And no wonder! As a practitioner or healer, you are good at what you do; You’re not a marketing expert (and I’m guessing you don’t want to be either!)

You can find non-social media marketing activities that work for you, and do it without using paid advertising.

Don’t have time to read? Download the complete list of ways to market your training business in PDF to read later

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The good news is that there are many ways to market and reach your training business!

The idea is not to use them all (that would be tedious!), but to focus on the activities that work best for you

1. Social Media Love it or hate it, social media gives you the ability to reach a larger audience but as we all know, the algorithms (and the pain) are real and you’ll want to use more than just social media to market your business.

How To Advertise Your Coaching Business

2. Virtual Coffee Chat If you’re an introvert and don’t like big networking events, you can instead opt for a 1:1 coffee chat to connect with potential partners and clients.

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3. Online Events Online (and offline) networking events can help you learn more about what you do and gain exposure to a larger audience. Make sure you have a solid lift platform before you go!

4. Free! Create a free offer (template, checklist, guide, etc.) that fulfills your desire or solves a problem for your ideal customer. Make sure it is linked to your email list to establish ongoing communication with your potential customers

5. Facebook Groups Use Facebook Groups to Connect and Find Your Ideal Customers The most effective way to do this is to find the right group and engage with them by offering value, not by spamming people with your services.

6. Guest Posts When you start out, your own blog readership may be small, but now is a good time to set up a popular blog that caters to your ideal customers. The bonus is that you usually get a link back to your website!

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7. SEO Effective Search Engine Optimization Will Help You Find Your Ideal Customers The key is to choose keywords that your ideal customers use when searching for services like yours and optimize your site for those keywords.

8. Credible Websites Hear me out, a website is not enough! But having a stable and well-organized website with messaging that appeals to your ideal customers is essential to converting visitors into customers.

9. Affiliate Marketing Being an affiliate of a great program that you can talk to and that doesn’t conflict with your business will help you bring in revenue and customers. Make sure the program you support aligns with your brand values

How To Advertise Your Coaching Business

10. Online Conferencing Participating as a speaker at an online summit can help increase your influence and brand The key is to choose a summit that aligns with your brand and appeals to your audience.

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11. Paid Advertising I generally don’t recommend advertising until you’ve established your offer and position, but if those reasons are solid and you have the money to spend, it can be a valuable way to attract people to your business.

12. Pinterest Pinterest is more of a search engine than a traditional social media site that requires constant fresh content. Publishing your key content and optimizing for keywords will help customers find you if they search on Pinterest.

13. Podcast Being a podcast guest can put you in front of a large audience who can talk about important topics related to your business. Be sure to target those who serve your ideal community!

14. Referrals If you have a lot of clients and are interested in networking, network with other business owners who serve a similar audience to yours and agree to refer clients to each other.

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15. Collaboration/Partnership A partnership or partnership with a company or organization that has a large target audience can help you gain exposure.

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