How To Create Business Cards

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How To Create Business Cards – A lot has changed in our modern society caused by technology. E-mail has replaced the post, smartphones have replaced landlines – even face-to-face meetings are now held on virtual conference platforms.

In light of all this, you might think that old-fashioned paper business cards are a thing of the past. However, this assumption is far from the truth.

How To Create Business Cards

How To Create Business Cards

In fact, the hyper-digitalization of our world has made tangible media – such as business cards – even more exceptional. For example, think about how meaningful a handwritten letter can be.

Professional Business Card

But when we think of business cards, we usually think of a business card given to you by your employer. However, there is another type that can be very useful for your career: personalized business cards.

As a rule of thumb, if you are wondering Do you need a personal business card or not, you have a good chance. After all, being one can have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

To illustrate why you might want a personalized business card in these situations, let’s look at some of the potential benefits…

Personal business cards can be classified under the broad field of personal branding. As mentioned in the introduction, personal branding in the digital age is largely based on building a strong online presence. However, personal branding isn’t limited to online channels – and business cards are one of the most powerful offline branding tools you can use.

How To Create Your Business Card Design Online

Basically, the main benefit of personal branding is that it positively shapes how others perceive you. Other times, the same benefit applies to personal business cards.

Your networking will be more effective. Let’s say you’re at a networking event and strike up an interesting conversation with someone. When you part ways, you give them a stylish, personal business card and tell them you want to keep in touch. Now it ends well!

You show professionalism. Whether you’re networking for a job or an interview, small details can go a long way. Giving someone a personalized business card is a simple gesture, but it increases the overall impression you leave and establishes you as a sharp person who takes their career seriously.

How To Create Business Cards

You are always ready to take advantage of opportunities. Sometimes great networking opportunities pop up when we least expect them. Picture it: You have an interesting conversation on the train in the morning. After ten minutes, you feel like you’re talking to the VP of Google… and they get off at the next stop! Fortunately, you can put your personal business card on them at the right time.

Create Personnalized Business Cards With Laser Cutting

You are strengthening your personal brand. As mentioned above, in addition to being handy for your contact information, business cards can play an important role in your personal branding efforts. Everything from the aesthetic of the card to the information it contains (more on that below) helps your personal brand come together in a cohesive way.

* Learn more about personal branding in my article How to Build a Personal Brand to Advance Your Career.

It goes without saying that your business card should look smart. And of course you need to add your name and contact information – but there’s more to it.

We’ve researched the benefits and outlined the elements you should include in your personal business card. Now let’s talk about how to activate your card!

How To Create A Great Business Card

There is no shortage of options when it comes to creating personalized business cards. Many online companies have streamlined the process, allowing you to easily design, print and deliver your cards to your door.

VistaPrint – Industry leader VistaPrint has established itself as the premier choice for custom printing needs. They offer a wide variety of paper, design templates, and you can even choose to work with a professional designer for just $10.

Canva – This company has made a big splash in the graphic design world with a versatile drag and drop platform that makes custom design easy. Like VistaPrint, Canva offers a wide variety of designs, sizes, and finishes—all with free shipping.

How To Create Business Cards

MOO – A newcomer to online printing, MOO stands out for its unique, high-quality materials and stylish finishing options. For example, they have cotton business cards made from recycled t-shirt cuts (good for the eco-conscious) and finished with gold/silver foil for a really classy feel.

Ways To Create Nice Business Card Design Free

Personal business cards are essential if you are interested in expanding your network and building your personal brand. But no matter how good your business card looks, it won’t do any good if you don’t introduce yourself and actively network with other professionals.

In addition to networking events, industry conferences, and trade shows, I recommend using informational interviews to set up meetings with influential people in your industry (or the industry if where you are interested). So what is an informational interview? Glad you asked!

Simply put, an informative interview is a meeting where you (the interviewee) are given the opportunity to learn more about the interviewee’s job duties, industry and current projects/challenges. In general, you should request informational interviews from people who: a) work at companies you admire b) work in roles you want to pursue or c) ) Ideally a combination of the two!

For example, if you are applying for a career in marketing and your dream job is to work for Google, the most popular “target information interview” is a marketing manager (or higher) at Google. Despite this, it can still be beneficial to conduct informative interviews with other marketing professionals. Not only will this give you career insights, but also serves as an invaluable networking opportunity – so get those personal business cards ready!

Hvac Business Card #19

Visit LinkedIn to find potential targets. Going back to our Google example, you can use the LinkedIn search bar to search for marketing managers on Google (as a primary interview target). You can also broaden your search to other companies or narrow your search by focusing on more specific roles (such as product marketing manager).

Find out their contact information. allows you to search email policies of companies (such as [email protected]). Then check the address in Mailtester.

Do some research on people. Check Google, Youtube and social media (especially LinkedIn and Twitter) to learn more about the person before contacting them. What was their previous role? Have they written blog posts or LinkedIn articles? Have they shared any interesting insights on social media recently?

How To Create Business Cards

Send a personal support email. Using the information you gathered above, compose a thoughtful email that addresses something you encountered during your research process. Then ask them if they’d be up for a quick phone call/meeting to learn more about their current role.

Awesome Tips To Create Stunning Business Cards

A more detailed breakdown of informational interviews can be found in my article, 10 best informational interview questions. And to take your professional networking efforts to the next level, don’t miss my definitive guide on how to get a job anywhere without an online application!

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