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How To Dress In Japan – Want to know what to wear in spring in Japan? After documenting all of my Australian outfits in one post, I thought I’d do a great “real outfit roundup” of my recent trip to Japan. This is what I used every day of my 2.5 week trip! And as promised, I will share more about my guide soon.

See how I’ve worn this cropped sweater before here! I also wore these sandals in this post and this striped bag in this post , this post , and this post . (PS: Check out the full look here!)

How To Dress In Japan

How To Dress In Japan

| Old Navy White Jeans | Savage Rafa Shoes | Clear V Mini Straw Bag | Illesteva Sunglasses Earrings Kenneth J. Lane

Japan Schools Promote Sexual Equality In Dress Code

Goat Fashion Sweater | Jane’s Mail Trench | Rag and Bone Jeans | Sam Edelman Loafers | Illesteva Gucci crossbody bag sunglasses

| Timberland Blush Pink Sneakers | Jane’s Mail Trench | Transparent Umbrella Theory Crossbody Bag | Prive Revaux round sunglasses.

| Old Navy White Jeans | Burke’s 27″ Navy Bag | Brick 21″ Cream Bag | Timberland Blush Pink Sneakers | Sunglasses

Check out the full post here on the blog! See how I styled this floral top here and here. And for more travel style looks, check out this post , this post , and this post .

Dress Codes In Japan

J.Crew Denim Jacket | Old Navy Maxi Dress | Savage Rafa Shoes | Clear V Mini Straw Bag | BaubleBar Black Fringe Earrings | Le Specs Meet the black aviators

1901 Striped Ruffled Daisy Blouse | Old Navy White Jeans | Rattan Bag (similar here) | Madewell Leather Sandals | white glasses

I love how feminine this top is – so easy to throw on with some white jeans and call it a day! A sweet striped fabric with a delicate daisy print is also available as a maxi skirt.

How To Dress In Japan

| Le Specs Met Black Aviators | Tretorn sequin sneakers | Burke’s 27″ Navy Bag | Brick 21″ Cream Bag | Metro large MZ Wallace bag.

Do People In Japan Still Wear Kimono? All About Japan’s Fascinating Kimono Culture

Old Navy Maxi Dress | J.Crew Denim Jacket | Loeffler Randall Pom Pom Sandals | transparent v-shaped straw bag | Illesteva sunglasses.

I forgot to take a photo on the 14th when we went from Osaka to the Peninsula, and here’s a quick photo from the 15th where we went from the Izu Peninsula to Tokyo and then to the airport to return home. #PlanesTrainsandAutomobiles.

Denim Jacket | White tea | Lululemon Leggings | Claudie Pierlot Gingham Sneakers (old; similar here) | Illesteva SunglassesSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveJapan is truly a melting pot of culture filled with amazing architecture spanning both modern and traditional buildings and amazing ancient temples. Japan also has great vacation spots like Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. It is also famous for its tropical beaches and snow-capped mountains. Basically, you can experience the best of both worlds in Japan. Tourists visiting Japan for the first time should spend at least two weeks there to experience the culture and lifestyle in depth and return with pure satisfaction.

Visitors from other countries are always fascinated by the dressing style of the Japanese streetwear culture. So, here’s my idea of ​​an outfit chart breakdown for your next trip to Japan. Before diving into the full guide of fashion tips and tricks to follow while enjoying your trip to Japan, it’s also important to know the seasons and dress accordingly. Japan has 4 seasons and netizens must dress accordingly. However, they suffer from seasonal fluctuations that can cause sudden weather changes that often catch travelers off guard. So you need to be ready for any twist no matter when you visit Japan.

Japanese Woman With Western Friend Pose In A Japanese Garden Both Wearing Traditional Kimono National Dress Kyoto Japan Asia Stock Photo

The style of ordinary Japanese is very plain and simple. If you plan to do mountain activities, include a run in your route, maybe take warm clothes, and if you plan to spend a lot of time in the city, just walk. probably bring comfortable clothes. walk with However, you should follow the weather forecast, which will help you create a better style. Hailing from Tokyo, today’s Japanese have especially mastered the art of streetwear, and it’s evident in their outfits from top to bottom. You can find them in unique and stunning colors that match the current street style trends.

Spring is the only dry and sunny season in all of Japan. May is known to be one of the hottest spring months in Japan. Even though it’s hot, you’ll also need to put on a few layers to stay warm. Dressing up in spring is so easy because you can mix and match your outfit so it’s still Instagram-worthy. Shorts and skirts are especially worn, but avoid wearing them when visiting temples and religious places. You can also style your jeans this season, whether it’s a denim jacket or jeans and shorts. You can pair it with a light and comfortable top and tee, and if you’re feeling under the weather, you can always pair it with a jacket. Spring is said to be the best time to visit religious sites and temples, so wear comfortable shoes and sandals. Try not to carry too many things with you and keep only the essentials.

Summer in Japan is always full of beautiful flowers and greenery. But sometimes this season also coincides with the rainy season, which usually lasts from early June to mid-July. It’s best to take it easy in Japan during the summer, as the weather can be tough for tourists. It is not recommended for anyone to wear something heavy like jeans and a jacket as it can get very hot and tends to trap moisture. You can choose lighter clothing such as leggings, shorts and light, quick-drying and heat-resistant pants. Also remember that showing your shoulder is still considered inappropriate, especially in rural areas and religious places. So if you wear a top or T-shirt, always pack an extra jacket. As for shoes, avoid or wear heavy shoes as they can be very slippery in the rain. Or just wear flat sandals or boots, as comfort comes first in hot weather. To complete the look, grab a practical bag, even better if it’s a waterproof bag to protect your belongings in the rain.

How To Dress In Japan

Autumn in Japan is undoubtedly famous all over the world for its beautiful colorful flowers that mesmerize people all over the world. Its gardens will begin to attract more public attention this season, making it one of the top tourist destinations. October and November would be the best time to visit Japan as there will be less rain and little heat. Tourists are expected to experience hot days at the beginning of the season, which will gradually change to cooler days. A light jacket will suffice for this time, a heavy jacket is not necessarily needed. You can combine a blouse or a light shirt with jeans or trousers. You can also mix your outfits with formal and semi-casual. For shoes, you can choose comfortable shoes or sandals that provide more support and comfort. Avoid wearing very pointed heels that make walking difficult. It is also recommended to bring an umbrella.

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If you like cold weather, you must visit Japan in winter. Although the cities are mostly free of snow, you can see it here and there, so don’t forget to bring warm clothes if you want to enjoy your time there. Many winter sports and snow festivals take place during this time, making it the best time to visit Japan. Invest in good quality warm jackets that can protect you in harsh weather. Don’t forget to bring other accessories too, like a hat, scarf and gloves. Wear closed-toe shoes that are practical enough to keep you warm on cold days. Warm compression socks also help because they keep you warm. If you have very dry and sensitive skin, you may also want to take care of your skin. Your face can be very dry during this time, so wear clothing that protects your skin. You can exceed one.

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