How To Find Facebook Business Manager Id

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How To Find Facebook Business Manager Id – When we advertise on Facebook and decide to do so for our business or company, Facebook assigns us an ID number to distinguish us from all other accounts. Facebook ID numbers are important because they allow us to add our accounts to business managers.

This is important because it allows us to share data with applications that make a difference in the results of our advertising campaigns, improve data management and analysis, and integrate our business with external platforms.

How To Find Facebook Business Manager Id

How To Find Facebook Business Manager Id

Facebook Business Manager ID is the number used to identify and identify each business account on Facebook and is equivalent to the ID number of every citizen in the country. This ID is unique and assigned to each business account manager in each company.

Find Your Facebook Business Id

In addition, this ID is used to share information such as Facebook business cards, statistics, WhatsApp numbers, add advertising accounts and generally share and share specific information about your business with Facebook and third-party applications.

More specifically, when you log into your Facebook Business Manager account, you should go directly to “Company Settings” and then “Business Information”. Your business ID should be displayed below your logo and name:

The ID is the number that appears in your business name, and as you can see in the image below, you can check it in the URL that appears in your browser.

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool from Facebook that helps our company’s marketing efforts to be more effective. Below we will learn what a business manager is and why it is used.

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This tool is responsible for centralizing many of Facebook’s features that help us improve our business and connect it to our entire digital environment, and also help us measure it.

All these platforms can be integrated or connected to your Facebook campaign and you can manage them from there without going directly to the platforms. Another feature is that it gives us statistics for each of them so that we can draw conclusions about how our business is doing. More information on this topic can be found here.

This verification is important because Facebook recognizes your business as legitimate, which is great for Facebook because you are a real company selling a trusted product. Two steps are required to verify our company’s account: if the button to verify your activity on Facebook is disabled, the first step is mandatory, if it is enabled, you can skip the first step and go directly to the second step.

How To Find Facebook Business Manager Id

Go to Business Settings > Browse (see image below). > Add your business page to the campaign, go to the Pages tab, click Add, and enter your website URL or name.

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After completing the first step, we will go to the “Ad Account” tab located under the Browse tab in the “Account” section and then add our existing ad account ID.

To create a shared app in our Facebook Business Manager account, go to the Apps tab in the Accounts section. Click Add to add/create a program.

Select “Other Use” and enter the details in the pop-up window, including “Application Name” and contact email address.

After the application is created, they are sent to the application dashboard. On the left side you will find the configuration, under which you should select the “main” tab.

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At this stage, it is recommended to visit the company’s website (sections area) and logo. Then click Save Changes.

Once these steps are completed, the “Confirm” button in the Security Center will open and you are finally ready to begin the process of verifying your Facebook Business Manager account.

Go to the Security Center and you will see that the Business View button is enabled.

How To Find Facebook Business Manager Id

Now you need to fill in four information fields about your business. Complete the process by sending one of the credit documents (a list of accepted documents can be found here) to verify your company, there are four sections to complete:

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We recommend using a business email associated with your website name and submitting a business license and address verification statement to verify your company name. Once everything is done and submitted, you will have to wait for Facebook’s approval. Approval times vary: Facebook usually approves it within minutes or weeks, depending on the situation.

After verifying our Facebook account, we can see a green icon with the verification text entered in our account.

The Facebook Business Manager verification step becomes very important because WhatsApp uses these tools to verify the identity of your company. A verified Facebook Business Manager account is absolutely mandatory to allow your company to access the WhatsApp Business API.

The first version of ​​the API (Application Programming Interface) was released in August 2018 to allow companies to create and activate support channels through WhatsApp (owned by Facebook).

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To access WhatsApp’s APIs, after verifying your Facebook Business Manager account, you must have a number that is not connected to your existing WhatsApp account (you can use a new phone number or delete your WhatsApp account from your phone). . After requesting access to WhatsApp’s APIs, the phone number will help you set up your virtual line.

The last step in accessing the APIs of WhatsApp Business is to choose a business solution provider that is suitable for your situation: in this sense, if your goal is customer support using WhatsApp, we recommend that you first choose the platform you use. And carry out the process through the chosen company.

If you are interested or want to try a group dashboard for your WhatsApp channel (official API integration), Facebook Messenger and Telegram, we recommend you to try it for free.

How To Find Facebook Business Manager Id

A Facebook Business Manager ID is a number used to identify and identify each business account and is equivalent to an identification number for citizens of a particular country. On Facebook, this ID is unique and assigned to each company account manager for each company.

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Facebook Business Manager is a free Facebook marketing tool that helps you manage your business. This tool is tasked with centralizing many of Facebook’s features, helping us improve and connect our business with our entire digital environment, and allowing us to track and measure the latter.

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About the author: Hello! I’m Alan and I’m the first communication platform designed to help marketing managers, sales and support teams collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct. Set an identification number for existing Facebook accounts. Facebook ID for important business managers.

It is very important because it is important.

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Facebook Business Manager can provide service for ID and ID, you can not set any number for identification. The business. Admin rank available.

For Portora parte, este ID sirve, the exchange of information on invoices on Facebook, informed statistics, WhatsApp numbers, the administrator deals with the public disclosure of general information in the business and comport. J Applications for third parties.

In particular, with regard to the topic called “Logging in an ID in Facebook Business Manager”, it is necessary to regularly log in the “Data configuration” in Facebook Business Manager. Business” Your business ID must appear below the logo and name:

How To Find Facebook Business Manager Id

The ID is the number that is displayed under your business name and you can also check it at the URL displayed in the browser as shown in the image below.

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