How To Get Clients For Home Care Business

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How To Get Clients For Home Care Business – It’s that time of year again! The spirit of shopping is in the air, and small businesses are dreaming of big sales, eager shoppers and open wallets. However, none of this is a guarantee. Strategic marketing is needed to capitalize on the holidays and improve holiday sales.

Also, keep in mind that consumers are overwhelmed by marketing messages at this time of year. If you provide home care for the elderly, your strategy should cut through the clutter and reach the right people where they are.

How To Get Clients For Home Care Business

How To Get Clients For Home Care Business

The holiday spirit is all about sharing and caring, which ties in well with the nature of your senior care business. Now is when friends and family come together to share the love, and there’s no better time to promote the best care services.

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Create a thoughtful, inspiring and heartfelt video about the beauty of home aged care and how it improves the quality of life for seniors and their families. For example, create a video for family caregivers who could take a break to “just be family” this holiday season. You offer supplements for days to weeks, and while you help with ADLs and medication reminders, they can focus on their families.

Be sure to share it on your social media pages, promote it on YouTube, and send an email. letter to local community representatives. Be prepared to answer questions, especially if families are moving their loved ones into long-term care facilities and need extra help. Learn about Medicaid and Medicare insurance “vacation” rules for even more peace of mind.

The best holiday messages should talk about happiness and challenges overcome. If you have clients willing to testify to the excellent quality of your care services, be sure to take advantage of it. Self-promotion and inflated claims don’t do as much as user reviews.

You can email these personal customer stories. by mail, publish them as a series of social media posts, distribute flyers or online videos. Don’t forget to thank your customers, their families and everyone involved, wish them a happy birthday and include a call to action. For example, they may have family in town during the holidays and therefore offer extra caregiving hours so they can enjoy the company and not worry about the work that needs to be done.

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Let your business reflect who you are this holiday season. Your current and potential customers look forward to being treated at this time of year. Advertisements can help you beat the market even when you’re just starting out.

Your holiday promotion this year can be informed by surprise gifts for the families of existing customers, discounts from past or future customers, or a fun event for seniors in the community. You can also partner with other non-competing brands, healthcare providers, churches and other organizations to spread love to seniors during the holidays. Just make sure this arrangement has conscious value for your business.

This is the new digital age we live in. Pew Research reports that 70% of seniors go online and use digital services. Internet inventor Tim Berners Lee is a baby boomer himself, showing that the elderly do not live in a Faraday cage. But if the elderly aren’t so internet savvy, at least the kids and their carers are.

How To Get Clients For Home Care Business

This holiday season, your social media pages and website should be extra interactive with thank you messages and well wishes. Your landing pages should be holiday themed. Your entire website should be relevant and informative, pleasant and ensure the legitimacy and professionalism of your services.

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Unlike many other businesses, the senior home care business thrives largely on referrals. You will find that more than half of your quality customer leads are from healthcare providers. Presentations from community leaders and local organizations can also help you get the jump you want.

Therefore, make sure you interact with these people often, especially this holiday season, and offer them incentives/gifts in recognition of their leadership. Also, don’t forget to keep in touch with customers and patrons by sending postcards or greeting cards this holiday season.

Don’t let your senior care business miss out on the growth potential of holiday cheer. Follow the simple holiday marketing strategies above and watch your business grow.

When you join our dynamic group of business owners as an A Place at Home franchisee, you’ll receive excellent support, comprehensive training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more. Even with rapidly changing regulations, potential technology disruptions and significant consolidation, most home care leaders agree that recruiting and retention is still the industry’s No. 1 challenge. 1.

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With industry turnover hovering above 60% and the national unemployment rate falling below pre-2008 levels, it’s important for home care agencies to hit the ground running and demonstrate a commitment to communication and an attractive work culture to new hires. days. It may seem like a daunting task, but there are some quick and easy tips to help agencies get off to a good start, experts told Home Health Care News.

“The first day and the first 30 days of work are critical,” Anna Ortigara, workforce innovation consultant at PHI, a New York-based research and consulting organization, told HHCN. “We lose a lot of people in the first 30. days”.

According to the latest PHI report, based on estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2016 to 2026 will be 7.8 million It is likely that 1.4 million of these open positions will be created due to the growth of the industry, but 2.8 million will be linked to employees leaving for careers, and another 3.6 million – for workers who leave the labor force altogether.

How To Get Clients For Home Care Business

Aaron Marcum, founder and president of Idaho-based Home Care Pulse, told HHCN, “It’s important to have the right expectations on day one. “People in this field want expectations. They need to understand what you expect from them.”

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Here are five steps home care providers can take to create an ideal first day for new employees.

In addition to Ortigaras and Marcum, Mari Baxter, vice president of operations for Maryland Senior Helpers, and Crystal Adams, director of Human Resources Interim Health Care for the state of South Carolina, also provided advice.

When a new employee first walks into the office to begin the onboarding process, the home care agency needs to make sure you greet that employee at the door, know the person’s name and make them feel valued, Ortigara says. .

A helpful way to think about this is try to build a relationship with a new hire from day one based on what the agency expects the hire to build with their clients.

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“In other words, new hires should feel known, valued and appreciated in the first moments they walk through the door,” Ortigara said. “The organization should be expecting them—knowing they’re coming and having someone ready to receive them immediately.”

These may seem like basic things to do, but according to Ortigara, they’re often overlooked. Agencies and supervisors sometimes see the new hire’s role as more transactional because it’s simply necessary to keep the housekeeping machine running, he said.

Adams told HHCN. Interim HealthCare of the Upstate, part of the larger Interim HealthCare franchise network, serves Cherokee, Spartanburg, Greenville, Pickens, Anderson and Oconee counties in South Carolina.

How To Get Clients For Home Care Business

“When a new employee comes on board, we’ve learned that communication with all departments involved in the process is critical,” Adams said. “From ordering a computer, configuring it and getting it ready for use on day one, to informing management and support teams about benchmarks. All pieces of the puzzle are equally important.”

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Interim HealthCare of Upstate posted an intercom message urging current employees to welcome new hires upon arrival.

When a new employee is hired, the focus is usually on induction and education. In general, home care agencies should take a very inclusive approach to learning, which is also welcome for adults.

In general, this means that the material is presented in a way that allows new hires to absorb it and experience it on their own terms.

“We make the mistake of teaching in a didactic way where people watch a bunch of videos or someone teaches, it’s assigned material,” Ortigara said. “Adult student-centered education means that you work with each student as an adult. The curriculum is designed so that people can experience it themselves, have their own ‘ah ha’ moments.”

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Marcum, who stepped down as CEO of Home Care Pulse in November, echoed similar sentiments. She added that upholding the mantra of high-involvement education should be a priority for all new hires, even those with previous caregiving experience, perhaps outside of the home.

“Even if they have 15 years of experience working in a nursing facility, that’s how it comes out.

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