How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients

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How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients – Business professionals, entrepreneurs and managers are so busy that they simply don’t have hours in the day to achieve their goals. That challenge creates incredible opportunities for virtual assistants.

As a virtual assistant, you will offer your services to help your customers save time and money in their business. Clients generally don’t care if you’re in a different state, country, or time zone as long as they complete the tasks assigned to them.

How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients

How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients

In this blog, we’ll look at eight steps to help you get more clients as a virtual assistant. But before we get started, let’s look at some interesting statistics about virtual assistants

Growing A Successful Virtual Assistant Company With Lauren Gall — Web Design For Consultants

Since the virtual assistant trend has only been around since the early 2000s, you may not realize how big the trend is.

Many people learned about the power of working with a virtual assistant from Timothy Ferriss’ best-selling book, The Four Hour Workweek. Since that book was published in 2007, virtual assistant companies and freelancers have grown in popularity.

According to Wikipedia’s calculations, 25,000 virtual assistants can work today. Many work for major affiliates like Cirtual, Bella, and Woodbow. Working for large virtual assistant companies will not be our focus in this guide. Instead, we focus on self-development as a free self-employed virtual assistant where you have freedom. to set your rates and schedule.

Just on LinkedIn, over 1,500 full-time virtual assistant job postings in the United States as of August 2022. When you add in other countries like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Australia, there are thousands of possibilities.

Sell More With Less: Using A Virtual Assistant

ZipRecruiter, a recruiting firm, recently reported that the median income for virtual assistants is $58,000 per year. However, some virtual assistants can earn over $100,000. As you improve your skills and add value to your clients, there’s no reason a virtual assistant can’t earn over $100,000.

Now we know that virtual assistants are in high demand. Is it really required to get customers? Go to the right step

Starting a virtual assistant company is an exciting time. Acquiring new clients should be your top priority in order to achieve your financial independence goals and set a flexible schedule. Follow these steps to get your first few customers within the next 90 days

How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients

We estimate that you can spend at least five hours per week following up with clients at this stage. If you have less time, you can still start, but the results may take longer.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant And Companies That Hire

Taking the time to understand what potential clients want from their assistants is a good starting point. Reviewing job postings and virtual assistant company websites will help you discover more.

The following services are more complex to learn and provide to customers, so there are more payment options

Generally, more advanced technical skills command higher rates. If you have these skills, your service package and rates will be higher.

Your next step is to decide what services to offer your customers. Generally, starting with the best services you can easily provide. Individuals with special communication skills should focus on customer calls, e-mails. on helping with emails and video conferencing. Pick two or three services from the first step and focus on them as a starting point

The Top Reasons To Start A Virtual Assistant Business

Pricing your services as a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be complicated. Three common pricing options are hourly rates, packages, or job offers.

Before reaching out to a potential client, consider your secret sauce or unique advantage as a virtual assistant. In general, thinking about your past work experience helps. If you’ve worked with banks or real estate agents, consider specializing in those areas.

As a new virtual assistant, it’s best to focus your efforts on people who already know you. Make a list of 50-100 people you know from past work, family, friends, and social media connections.

How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients

Once you have your list, divide your list into two categories: potential leads and referral sources. For example, you may go to school with someone who has become a successful entrepreneur. that person is a potential leader. On the other hand, others in your network may not be able to hire virtual assistants (such as students and retirees). These people are potential referrals

New Hire Client Welcome Packet Virtual Assistant Welcome

Customize the following and send it to your potential leads. Take your time and only send a few messages a day at first. Writing well-written, engaging posts is key.

History: Starting a New Business Hi Nam I am starting a new business. providing virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs My service is based on my experience of working on behalf of a company for the last two years. I can save you 5-10 hours a week. so you can focus on high-value tasks like acquiring customers and improving your product. Can we schedule a time to discuss this in more detail this week? Use the template below to contact potential referrals Your message is to identify a potential lead Subject: Urgent Question Hello Name I’m starting a new business. I provide virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs My services are based on experience working on my own behalf. company over the past two years.By saving entrepreneurs 5-10 hours per week, they will have more time to acquire customers and improve their products. My top prospect is a founder of a startup tech company with 10-100 employees. Do you know someone who is a founder or CEO of a technology company? If so, I need an introduction to offer my services

Using your network to get clients isn’t always an option. You may not be connecting with the right people for your services. In that case, freelance platforms provide another great starting point.

Register on the following platforms, create a profile and create alerts for virtual assistant job postings.

Ways To Work Full Time While Managing Your Virtual Assistant Business Part Time

Note that freelancer platforms have limitations. Platforms offer services that connect clients and freelancers. Therefore, these platforms often take a cut of your salary. If you don’t like that information, use another strategy in this guide to install your first virtual client.

Another way is to send cold emails to potential customers. To learn more about this strategy, there are two free books on Amazon that go into more detail:

These books explain how to build a list of potential customers, write cold emails, and deliver book sales meetings.

How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients

After you’ve sent your first 2-3 customers, it’s time to ship. Do what you can to make customers happy Once you’re sure customers are happy with your service, ask them for testimonials that you can use in your marketing.

Start A Virtual Assistant Business — Thrive Virtually

Testimonials are usually a few sentences long and describe the results the client has had. Here are some examples that show what is possible:

“Jane has been my virtual assistant for the past four months. I cut 6-10 hours out of my work week by sending him to work. Therefore, I can make more sales and have time to spend with my family during the holidays. “

“In my business, answering emails and phone calls promptly is important. Jane has taken over my inbox and voicemail. As a result, my clients are happier and I get more referrals.”

As your virtual assistant business grows, you may decide to create your own website. Check out the websites below that will help you save time in the website design process

Places To Find Virtual Assistant Clients

Kaza’s website makes life easier for potential customers with a testimonials page where you can read about his experience and working with me.

Based in Michigan, Andrea’s website includes a list of services offered, pricing, testimonials from past clients and a frequently asked questions page.

They are a virtual assistant company based in Washington state. This company is notable because it combines virtual assistant services with event planning.

How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients

Karen’s site in Australia is great because it prompts site visitors to take action by clicking the ‘Request Advice’ button. In addition, there is a list of services and specifications offered on the website

Steps To Get Virtual Assistant Clients

In the long run, you may be interested in growing your virtual assistant company by hiring a team of virtual assistants. Visit the website below to see what’s possible with a great virtual assistant company

The company offers different monthly plan options depending on how many virtual assistant hours a customer needs

Like Virtual, which represents virtual assistants who study in the United States, the company also offers enterprise programs for large companies that want to empower their employees with assistants.

As a virtual assistant, your role is to make your customers’ lives easier. Have them write a check and mail it. Instead, it makes it easy to send digital invoices to an unlimited number of customers. Save time for yourself as a virtual assistant because we now offer automatic follow-up messages on unpaid invoices. Register for something

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