How To Grow A Remodeling Business

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How To Grow A Remodeling Business – Why You Can’t Afford to Be a “Lagging Supplier” (And What You Can Do About It)

Sitting alone with a cup of coffee at 5:30 in the morning, this question hits you like a brick. You ask yourself…

How To Grow A Remodeling Business

How To Grow A Remodeling Business

“Why would it be so hard to run my remodeling business and make money today? What the hell am I doing wrong? grows more. I feel stuck in the mud behind time. I work longer and harder than ever before. And for what? Every year I bring home less!”

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When I started my remodeling business 15 years ago, I was really excited. You are passionate about passion. After all, you knew how to do it. You thought you could work hard and get more money for yourself.

Your neighbors and friends have told you that they’ll let you remodel your bathroom or kitchen “in the heat of the moment.” After all, they know you. They know your price will be fair. They promised to inform their friends and relatives.

It had its ups and downs, but it always came out the other side. You survived the devastating construction recession of 2008. Doubt seems to be your “endless” companion today.

Business problems and stress feel different today. Larry the Cable Guy might say:

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You feel trapped in many ways. Rapidly changing markets, new technologies, new installation methods and employees who “don’t work like they used to” are left scratching their heads. I asked in my heart…

The short answer is no. They can’t go back to their old ways unless they reincarnate Doc Brown.

It is easy to identify the problem. It’s also easy to list reasons why things aren’t going back to the “good old days” (although you may be delusional about how good the good old days were!).

How To Grow A Remodeling Business

How can you “relax”, resume developing your business and “have fun” (more free time)?

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That’s what this article is about. Here are 5 steps you can take to unlock your remodeling business, improve your return on time and money, and put the fun back into your business.

Would it be easy? “Um…no. But since when is rebuilding about ease? Does doing and ‘doing’ matter? Absolutely. Let’s take a look at the tips.”

Step 1. Recognize that knowing how to “get things done” is not enough. Make a plan (get help if you haven’t been on the road before).

I got into the business because I know how to install cabinets or sweat valves or tape and mud walls. In short, you are a competent supplier.

Home Remodeling And Renovation Escondido Ca

But what you really need to know today is (hopefully) how to run (and manage) a growing and profitable remodeling business.

Dealing with contracts and running a successful remodeling business are two different skills. How can you “evolve” (and mean evolve) from construction work to successful business operation and management?

First, you should step back and create a business plan or get help developing a strategy. You should think about:

How To Grow A Remodeling Business

If you are new to business planning, take the time to find a smart business mentor to help you. Or find a business coach. If you haven’t already, you probably won’t.

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Step 2 – Communicate the plan to the team, large or small

If employees don’t see a future in today’s construction job market (or aren’t sure where the business is headed), it’s not hard to find another job. Almost every construction company needs more labor. As you know, skilled farm work is like a needle in a haystack.

The best people (the ones you really want on your payroll) look to the future. They want to have a reason to show up in the morning (besides getting paid). They want interesting work. They want to know that they are important and that they are contributing to a society that is “going somewhere”.

If you don’t know the plan, you will (correctly) conclude that there is no plan. Your business is like a ship without a rudder or a captain.

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We all want to feel important, needed and have a purpose. Today, how many people in your company don’t feel important, don’t feel needed, or don’t understand that there are exciting career paths outside the normal “routine”.

Maybe you want the world (and the people who work in your company) to think and act like you. However, not all are the same. Just because your mom and dad worked 60-70 hour days (and so do you) doesn’t reflect the efforts of the people at your company today.

Society and people’s relationship with work has changed. Young people want work-life balance. They want to be inspired by their work.

How To Grow A Remodeling Business

Times have changed. Your attitude (attitude) must change with them. Otherwise, you can become a “killer” in your desire to grow this business again.

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The question is how to do things better (and differently) than today. How do we change it to have a “team” instead of “many employees” who get paid until something better is found? Here are three ideas to get you on the right track.

Understand that you are not just hiring “workers” but real, live people. Let them know (from the start) that you want to get to know them, that you care about them, and that you’ll do everything you can to help them grow.

We keep adding. Projects, longer to-do lists, and follow-ups. Meanwhile, everyone else in the company is bored. Without you realizing it, they get the “words” they want to get out.

They feel like they are at a dead end. they’re bored You risk that in today’s market it will be easy for them to find the door and move on (and that door won’t close behind them either – you’ll suffer).

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How can you motivate your team (note I didn’t say employees) and stop burning the “midnight oil” yourself (even if there’s no actual burning oil)? It starts with 3 questions.

Step 5 – Realize that today is another day in your journey and that yesterday (no matter how bad) was done. Find help, inspiration and growth.

As you know, growing your remodeling business has never been easier. But you’ve come this far. It says a lot about you and your determination. How many of you can say that it’s been more than a year or two since you started your business? The answer is – not very much.

How To Grow A Remodeling Business

But you are still frustrated and you need to take a better path than you are now. Here are two adrenaline-pumping tips to make today better and tomorrow more profitable.

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If becoming a construction entrepreneur was easy, everyone would be doing it. Even if you’ve been on this journey for years, you know you have to give something to turn things around. Change is hard, but I have made changes before I decided to start this business.

The first key to this change is to get out of your day-to-day problems and see where you are going. Create a game plan that will (and will) communicate to your team. You may need to change the way you think about people and the way you motivate them. You need to rethink where you spend your time.

Know that you are not alone in this journey. ask for help. Great things are not done alone.

If you are interested in starting a kitchen or bathroom remodeling business, contact me. I’m not a business consultant (I don’t play games on TV), but I work with bathroom remodeling contractors (of all sizes and shapes) to help them grow (with a variety of seamless laminate wall panels) or run one of these crazy entrepreneurial ventures. a “business friend” who has experienced the ups and downs of doing so.

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Call 877-668-5888 to find the crazy person writing this article (AKA Mike). We look forward to meeting you and helping you grow your business.

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