How To Grow My Interior Design Business

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How To Grow My Interior Design Business – My Top 3 Leading Channels For Interior Designers Business Development For Interior Designers Interior Design Business Business Tips Interior Designer Design Tips To Generate Business Marketing Tips For Designers 2022 March 9

Did you know that 78% of B2B marketers say referral programs generate good or great leads? So what are you waiting for if referrals are a great opportunity to grow your interior design business?

How To Grow My Interior Design Business

How To Grow My Interior Design Business

Developing mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals and past clients will help you attract more design clients. Also, these leads are more qualified than any other marketing or sales channel. In this video I share the top 3 referral channels to help you get started.

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Hi, this is Jackie Green from GAI’s Behind the Design. Do you want to grow your interior design business without spending a penny? Then you need to hear this advice. A great way to get new customers is to ask someone to refer them to you. But who can send you referrals?

If you want more leads, get someone to generate those leads. There are many professionals with whom to build mutually beneficial relationships. I have a complete list on our blog at . Here are three to get you started…

First, connect with professionals who have the same audience as you. Think about your ideal customer. What other services do they buy? Clients with certain assets are more likely to have a relationship with a financial advisor or CPA. These professionals can be great resources, which is why they’re number three on our list.

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Second, try other interior designers. I know you’re rolling your eyes, but think about it. If I specialize in commercial design and a client asks me for a residential building, I will be happy to refer the work to a reputable residential designer. It works both ways. It’s good for both of us. Some designers will do both, but others are specific to a particular industry or type of project.

Ultimately, the best referral channel is your existing clients. Your customers are your best source of referrals because they know the experience you offer. They are satisfied with the service and can praise others. Your customers are likely to be professionals and interact with other professionals. Once the project is complete, simply ask your client to pass your name on to anyone who might need it.

Another little tip, when the project is finished and you are taking photos, is to share those photos with your client. Then invite your customer to share the photos with their friends on social media. Many people like to share their space. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and bragging rights.

How To Grow My Interior Design Business

If this was helpful, I encourage you to check out my other tips. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for more helpful business and career advice. GAI Behind the Design is helping to build a stronger design community by reinventing how we educate, train and support graduate interior designers.

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At GAI, we are committed to building a stronger design community by rethinking the education, training and support of interior designers. With a variety of software training options, educational articles covering everything from leadership to marketing, and upcoming training courses, we’re committed to helping you. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest education and training news. In the United States, many children live in single-parent families headed by women. Two of my sons fall into this category, and I have felt immense guilt, pressure, and shame that my sons are not growing up in a home with another father. I also felt a constant disconnect between my ability to find the strength and energy to raise my sons and provide for myself and them. Finding the courage to start and grow my own business, Decor Interior Design, a for-profit design company, allowed me to overcome financial difficulties and overcome the social isolation I felt as a single person.

Although my parents were married and I grew up with my mom and dad in my own home, I was born and raised in an apartment building on the west side of Chicago; I didn’t have a direct path to success. I went to university, got married, started working and soon I was expecting my first child. Before I could blink, I was separated. I suddenly and unexpectedly became a single mother. This is a reality I never imagined. My five-year-old son, Jackson, asked me why his father and I divorced. I think I spoke to both of us when I told him, “For any relationship to work, you both have to want the same things.” I don’t blame any of us for not knowing what we wanted, but luckily we didn’t.

, I had an amazing, promising and potential job in an international furniture manufacturer. I also worked part time helping people decorate their homes and offices. I remember helping a client and getting a check that was twice my monthly salary. I immediately realized that I had the freedom and flexibility to not only write my own paycheck, but also be in charge of my own schedule and life. I quit my full-time job to start my own business and started Dekor Interior Design.

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In the mid-2000s, my company was making six figures and I had three employees, including myself. Our client base was mostly residential and the business varied a lot. When the real estate market crashed in 2008, some people encouraged me to close my doors. I remember looking at my phone and anxiously saying, “Well, guys. Call! Did you not see the HGTV Designer’s Challenge episode I was on?

While my head was barely above water, I had more than money. I was always encouraged by the words “no”, “can’t”, “maybe” and “shouldn’t”. So, even though my business and my competitors were in dire straits, I persevered and began reading, learning, spending and applying everything I could to increase my income. I used local business development centers and the Small Business Administration to write a business plan. I have participated in various entrepreneurship programs such as Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business and UCLA Executive Education Program. I went to networking events five nights a week. I have applied for all the Socio-Economic Diversity Certificates that apply to me.

As fate would have it, the phone finally rang – someone had seen my series. I was invited to her office by Warner Bros. business manager to discuss a possible project. After creating and completing this project, I realized that I have a huge opportunity to offer my services to corporations. With the best references and project photos, Decor Interior Design began serving Fortune 500 companies and the federal government. We expanded not only the circle of customers, but also the range of products and services. This increased our revenue by 400% and quadrupled our workforce.

How To Grow My Interior Design Business

I worked tirelessly to make this all happen, slept an average of four hours for over 15 years and sacrificed everything, including my marriage, to achieve my goals. My sons, Jackson and Matthew, are the driving force and look up to me as someone who creates dreams and keeps promises. I plan to always supply them.

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As the decor grew, so did my circle of influence. I was able to build a community in my industry, form peer groups and become a leader in my field. These people are not only customers, but also mentors, entertainers, brand ambassadors, family members. Eventually, I realized that my divorce was only determined by my marital status. Single, according to my definition, does not mean lonely. After the divorce, I became more resourceful and resilient. As a single mother, I broke down family boundaries into a close-knit, creative and collaborative lifestyle.

Looking back on my life and what I have achieved, I am grateful for my family, society and all the blessings I have received. I like to talk about my unique and complex experiences. I live by how they shaped and strengthened me. Ambitiously growing and taking the next steps, I want to expand the story of my life beyond being a mother or a business owner. I want my sons to see that they can do whatever they want and that family always comes first. My mantra is: be grateful for what you have, create opportunities and be fearless in the face of change. “I can easily see my leaders and communicate with them locally.” It’s easy to connect with potential customers and track their milestones.

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