How To Grow Online Retail Business

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How To Grow Online Retail Business

How To Grow Online Retail Business

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Economics: What Are The World’s Largest E Commerce Markets?

The problem: Businesses fall into the trap of thinking any website visitor is good. In fact, sending low-quality traffic (people who aren’t interested in what you’re selling) lowers your conversion rate.

The more overlap there is between your products and the interest of your visitors, the better your chances of making a sale.

So how do you attract customers to your online store, those who will actually buy? This guide covers 17 smart strategies.

Social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your online store. The only problem? Most social media platforms don’t like it when brands push people off the platform.

Retailers Appear To Be Shifting Dollars From Social To Search

For example, Instagram only allows one link in a profile bio. It’s impossible to direct people to a specific page on your ecommerce site, making it difficult to run social campaigns that drive web traffic.

Solve this problem by using Linkpop to create a landing page that directs people to your most viewed pages, such as:

Pink House is an e-commerce retailer using this strategy. Use Linkpop to explain your brand’s USP and drive people to your newsletter signup page, other social media channels, and retail stores. Its best-selling product, Face Fix Serum, requires the most page space, a ploy to attract social media users to its online store.

How To Grow Online Retail Business

Run an influencer marketing campaign that leverages a popular social media user’s existing audience to drive traffic to the website. Research shows that 61% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers (vs. only 38% who trust a brand’s social media content).

Increase Average Order Value To Grow Your Online Retail Business

The key is to find creators and influencers who cater to your target audience. Find them in the TikTok creator market or Instagram search and engage with them through:

Richard Klues, founder of Pants & Socks, is a small business owner using this approach to raise brand awareness. He was related to several famous sportsmen including Jason Roy, the famous England and Sussex cricketer and world class boxer Nick Campbell.

“It’s a great way to increase our reach because even though we’re a niche niche, our target audience is pretty broad: men 18 and older,” says Richard. “Sports has been the perfect way to reach different age groups in our target audience.

“We have been running a really cool campaign with some of our partner athletes where we change the placement of our logo on their team or kit, promote it on social media and offer a 15-20% discount code to anyone who can be identified. place in any game, play or tournament they may participate in.

How To Grow Your Retail Business

Pants & Socks have partnered with Northampton Town FC footballers to drive social media traffic to their online store.

These influencer marketing campaigns typically result in a 2.4% to 3.2% conversion rate, which is much better than the 1.4% your average ecommerce store sees. However, Richard adds, “Both times we tested this campaign, we saw a weekly increase in conversion rates of up to 7-8%.”

Research shows that 37% of shoppers frequently look for coupons before making an online purchase. Use them as a hook to stand out from the social noise and bring people to your online store. Could be:

How To Grow Online Retail Business

Stephen Light, co-owner and CEO of mattress company Nolah, recommends promoting them in Facebook groups: “Facebook is home to thousands of private communities, each with specific members. It would be strategic to join some of these groups for business-seeking ecommerce customers.

How To Increase Sales In Retail: 21 Expert Backed Tips To Try

“You can increase your website traffic and sales by promoting your ads in these communities,” says Steven. “Because most members actively seek out product discounts, this method ensures that you invite conversion-ready leads to your online store.”

Did you know that 48% of shoppers start their buying journey on search engines like Google? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a content marketing strategy that allows your ecommerce store to appear on the search engine results page.

Write blog content that matches the keywords your target audience is searching for. For example, if you’re selling Apple Watch bands through an online store, it could be “the best Apple Watch bands for men” or “apple watches are waterproof.”

For example, Illuminate Labs publishes health-related blog posts on its website. President Calloway Cook says, “2021. In July of 2018, we started content marketing as a key strategy to drive traffic to our store. We’ve started posting several well-researched articles a week on our company blog, Illuminate Health.

Everything You Need To Know To Start A Retail Business

“This month our website achieved 6300 organic page views. One year later, in July 2022, our site achieved 162,000 organic page views.

Product pages are existing content that you can optimize to drive organic traffic. Write your product description with your target customer in mind, using the phrases they say, solving the problems they struggle with, and referencing the keywords they search.

Take it from Kat Vaughn, owner of Milk Tooth, who says, “Organic search traffic is my number one sales engine. My site is comparable to other toy stores that sell the same Milk Tooth products because I don’t just copy the standard product descriptions that everyone else does.

How To Grow Online Retail Business

“I take my time, and it takes time, don’t get me wrong, to write mine, and as a parent I try to provide information on a useful and engaging parenting toy. I also try to upload unique product photos to go with stock photos, although that takes even longer.

Ecommerce Storefront: Build An Online Store On

Katz adds, “In the 12 months ended August 20, 2022, organic traffic from Google generated just over 45% of all Milk Tooth orders. I didn’t show any Google ads during this time.”

People like to know themselves. Personalize your content at scale with a free quiz. Not only do people have a reason to visit your online store, but you also collect their email addresses for future targeting. This is a great way to convert first-time visitors into paying customers.

Take Wicked Edge for example. The knife sharpening brand uses Octane AI to ask people what product they need. People are asked to choose why they sharpen knives, what they will be used for, and the thickness of the knife. They have to enter their email address in exchange for the quiz results.

After the last step, respondents see a personalized product recommendation list with a convenient “Add to Cart” button that instantly fills their online shopping cart with recommended products.

The 6 Best Ecommerce Website Building Platforms In 2023

Wicked Edge Quiz is great for attracting customers to your online store and more importantly converting them. This simple widget has a conversion rate of 3.6% (compared to the site’s average of 1.5%). It also has a 67% higher average order value than visitors viewing standard website content.

But remember, while not all respondents will convert, you’ve already collected data to personalize future communications. The more accurate your questionnaire, the better your chances are of creating marketing campaigns that will bring them back to your online store.

Use the incredible power of YouTube to create videos about current events. Conduct market research and identify topics of interest to your audience. Choose an attractive format to present your content, such as a guide or video tutorial, and upload it to your company’s YouTube channel.

How To Grow Online Retail Business

YouTube is a hybrid of search engine and social media. Increase the chances of your videos being found by your target market by implementing the following YouTube SEO best practices.

Increase Foot Traffic And In Store Sales

Best Price Nutrition is an online store that uses this strategy to attract customers. E-Commerce Manager John Frigo says, “We’re a vitamin and sports supplement store, so we frequently produce videos announcing new brands, new product launches, new flavors of existing products, and product reviews.

“These videos quickly rank high on Google. Whoever accesses these videos is usually a very specific customer.

John adds that his video marketing strategy brings commercial results: “We usually produce at least two or three videos a week. We sometimes make videos every day and they usually generate between $200 and $500 in sales per day.

Journalists are always looking for experts to contribute their content. Find requests from journalists looking for sources through a platform like Help a Reporter Out, Help a B2B Writer or Terkel. Reply to inquiries with relevant stories that describe your brand.

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Or get free publicity by participating directly with reporters. Create a list of publications your target audience reads and find journalists to write for the site. Email a reporter about a potential feature.

If you have something interesting to say, like a new product line or a collaboration with an influencer, and the topic fits the site you’re writing for, there’s a good chance a journalist will cover it.

Your mailbox is a direct line to your customers. Unlike social media channels, which have the ability to instantly gain organic reach, email marketing ensures a way to reach your potential customers.

How To Grow Online Retail Business

But to send an email to a potential customer

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