How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

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How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business – In this video, I talk about the secret to growing your network marketing business with YouTube. You can reach a lot of people on YouTube, and if you’re not using it, all the benefits are lost.

Hello everyone, I’m Darren Kidd and I have a quick question for you. If you are in the network marketing industry and have always wanted to learn the power of YouTube and how to generate income, leads and leads while you sleep, I have good news for you as I have hired Sean Cannell who has just Not more than a hundred. With over a million views on his YouTube videos and over 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channels, Forbes magazine also listed his channel as one of the top 20 must-have channels if you want to transform your business. You know, now that we’re all in quarantine, it’s the best time to learn new skills, so the good news is, he’s doing free live training for our entire audience. what? That’s right, absolutely free, as long as we have places available.

How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

So make sure you hit the link you see on the screen/YouTube. Again, /youtube, for the record. We’ve had so many people sign up so far because you know what? During this time, I’ve seen someone so laid back so many times in the past few days, they’ve gone, you know what? If we are not learning a new skill now, it does not mean that we do not have time, we are not disciplined. And it’s a great time to learn a new skill and for your sake you heard me meet Sean here, just a few days ago I heard he was actually the guy I hired to help me start my YouTube channel.

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And let me just say, my YouTube channel tripled the other day, now it has quadrupled its views, and my YouTube channel has been neglected for the past two years, right? So if you have one you like… and by the way, let me know where you’re watching it. I’m going to answer a few quick questions, and then let me know if you’ve shared them in the comments or if you have a viewing party, because we’re having a raffle over the weekend and I’m going to schedule a free 30-minute with me. practice session. Totally free so let me know in the comments below but again go to /youtube and if you have a problem with that link you can go and it will show you and you can sign up that way too. But either way, be sure to tag anyone you know. No, yes… we’ll be talking about network marketing on Wednesday, April 8th at 8:00pm EST, that’s the date.

It’s on the sign-up page, but I’ll tell you that too. So, on Wednesday, April 8th at 8:00 pm EST, he’s going to talk about, oh, I don’t have all three… those are three tips or three secrets to unlocking the power of YouTube. So he’s going to talk about it on Wednesday night. So make sure you get your team their link and share it in any group on Facebook or if you’re on YouTube tag people and get them the link too and then also quickly, if you’re on YouTube make sure you subscribe . On my YouTube channel. There’s also a little bell that you can click to get alerts when I go live because you can see I’ll be doing a lot of workouts and YouTube content as well.

If you’re on a Facebook page, make sure you select the Facebook page and set it up for notifications, and if you’re using Periscope, make sure you follow me too. Actually that’s my announcement, let me see if anyone has questions about the webinar. We’ve got Brandon in Knoxville, you’re welcome. We have Trisha from Sarasota. Oh my god, Trisha, my wife and I want a house in Sarasota one day, look at it as a house, we went and looked at houses, how cool. We have Nigeria at home, hello. We have Randy in Kansas City, Rebecca in Rochester, New York. We have Monet in Germany, you’re welcome, and we’ve got Alicia in Washington state. Anyway, thanks to each of you, this will be a short announcement. Make sure you sign up, get as many people as possible because, again, we gave you an example of a webinar the other day where a woman who didn’t even know what she was doing at a network marketing company picked up her iPhone.. .

Because in this webinar, even if you have no technical experience, nothing, you can bring your cell phone. It’s just a camera setting. She turned the camera over to her company’s product box. She opens the box, talks about the products, then turns the camera and thanks for watching. She didn’t use any of Shawn’s tips or techniques because… since when did she hire Shawn, right? You may not see what you see, but still, her videos have received thousands of views. So 24 hours a day, the average is one view per day, one… I mean every hour, sorry, one view per hour. Can you imagine if you had anyone in your network marketing company right now, each of whom gave you or your products, services or business a free pitch?

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Well, YouTube does just that. I was just looking at my views that night. As you must have seen when you were working, five to six thousand views in the last 48 hours while I slept very well today, it has reached almost 7,000 views in the last 48 hours and you have been ignoring my channel for the last two years. are doing , right? I have a video, it’s almost 800,000 views and the guy who taught me this is Sean, and he’s going to go through it all with you, a lot of it with you. Wednesday, April 8 at 8:00 p.m. So you can’t wait to rest your blessed day. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you share and if you have a viewing party because you’ll be entering the picture, on the weak side.

Darren is a celebrity leader and former multi-person earner in the network marketing business, global speaker and executive coach, as well as a mentor and coach to people of all backgrounds, including students, stay-at-home moms, waiters. Doctors, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs and engineers. He owns lucrative franchises, has built an online business with a digital brand and built a huge following on social media. Darren has appeared in many magazines and books, as well as serving on the advisory board to John Maxwell. Before leaving the distributor business, he built great teams around the world and won awards for recruitment, retention and sales. Want to learn the network marketing success secrets that help the top 1% in the industry reach their goals?

How will you feel when you finally reach your network marketing goals? Does your company currently offer a special offer that you can use to earn rides or take you to the next level of earnings?

How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

When I got into network marketing, I was the girl who thought I would never make it this far. I have never considered myself a “salesman” nor have I ever believed that it is okay to do what other people in the industry do.

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So I decided to come up with a different approach. And now, I’ll explain to you 13 ways I’ve learned to reach and succeed in my network marketing goals. Part of this is focused on selling products individually. And other parts are Digital Marketing 101.

Have you ever looked enviously at your network marketing company’s top salespeople, wondering how much they earn on each incentive trip? Want to know how to find your way to the top of the charts?

Unfortunately, many people who jump into network marketing believe that all they have to do is post their business link on their social media pages and sales will magically follow.

I hate to tell you, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it! There is no legitimate get-rich-quick scheme. And if someone tells you they have a get-rich-quick way, you should be very skeptical.

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