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How To Keep Mind Calm – Are you stifling in the summer heat? Too much criticism? Excited or impatient? Or decline and lethargy?

What you may not know is that serotonin (the feel-good brain chemical associated with mood) can be depleted in the summer and winter. I think of serotonin as a “brain cooler” because it helps protect the brain in extreme conditions such as high temperatures. This hard work can lead to serotonin depletion. In fact, when the temperature rises, serotonin levels decrease. Some may explain this as an increase in violence during hot summer days.

How To Keep Mind Calm

How To Keep Mind Calm

Another way to think about what happens to your body during the warmer months is through the lens of Ayurveda, a traditional Indian system of medicine. Ayurveda regards the summer months as such

Cool & Calm

Pitta season is one of the mind and body types associated with a slightly impulsive personality and a more prone character. When imbalanced, people of this type may develop some of the symptoms described above. I call it the “fire pattern” and people built this way have a lot of problems with heat. Even if you’re not a firefighter, you can still take advantage of a few simple ways to stay cool this summer.

Constant mode is really useful. Make it a goal to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day and maintain regular meal times. Eat early, eat a light dinner, and don’t skip meals or wait until you’re too hungry to eat. and maintain a healthy balance between meals. Work and play.

Focus on light summer foods (like lots of fresh fruits and vegetables). Eat barbecue now and then if you want, but usually eat moderate amounts of protein, especially red meat. Also try to reduce the consumption of spicy and fatty foods.

Frequent exercise is beneficial, but be careful not to make it too competitive. Ideal for swimming and other water sports. Going to the pool or exercising outdoors (especially near water) and doing it with others is a plus. Consider light canoeing, walking and cycling.

Ways To Train Your Mind — Calm Blog

If you have mild agitation, you may wake up frequently in the middle of the night (usually between 2-4am) and think again. Help alleviate this by going to bed early, even after a long day. Set aside 30-45 minutes for a comfortable bedtime routine as you prepare for bed. Try dimming the lights, turning off the computer or TV, reading a story, or taking a cold shower.

Even better, try aromatherapy + self-massage! Use sunflower or coconut oil (both cooling oils) and add a few drops of a calming essential oil such as peppermint, rose or sandalwood. Try our aromatherapy blends for a soothing shift in body and mind.

Try breathing through your left nostril as a yoga technique. How to do it: Inhale through your left nostril and exhale through your right nostril, closing the other side with your thumb or forefinger. Do this for a few minutes or until you feel more balanced and less stressed.

How To Keep Mind Calm

Is it still hot? Do everything you can to keep your body cool and dry, especially on hot/humid days. Avoid the heat if possible and protect yourself with loose clothing, a hat and sunglasses. You may need to reduce the intensity of your exercise or choose a better time of day for more intense activity.

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For more questions on fire suppression, take the NMH subsection test. You may find that you have fire barriers such as “excitement” or “reaction” and learn some appropriate cooling strategies. Whatever your decision, you’ll learn ways to calm and soothe your system that are unique to your type.

Almost everyone feels better when serotonin levels are optimal. It has many functions related to everything from sleep to appetite control to sex drive control. It’s a brain chemical that calms you down when you’re feeling stressed or threatened, and provides significant brain protection from the damaging effects of cortisol. Read more. >>>

After completing the test, you can receive a free mini-course with built-in techniques and additional ideas to help you get back to your most resilient self.

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Keep Calm And Be In Your Best State Of Body & Mind

This content is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice and is not a substitute for the advice and treatment of a medical professional. Consult a physician or other qualified health care professional for specific health concerns. The persons who provide the content for this website are not responsible for the health consequences of any person or persons who read or follow the information contained in this educational content. Before beginning any dietary changes, supplements, or lifestyle programs, you should consult a physician or other qualified health care professional. Today I got on my motorcycle, left the mountain where I live and looked for a coffee shop to read another book for the last time. A wonderful ride along the winding paths in the forest, where the morning sun shines through the branches. Wonderful. I like peace and speed. I love the many paradoxes that everyday life brings – if we are aware enough to see it.

The great thing about riding a horse is that even though you are sometimes moving fast and there are dangers around you, at the same time there is a distinct inner peace and calmness. Do it surprisingly stress-free. Because riding a motorcycle requires the rider to be in full physical shape.

This makes the trip ideal for modern life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should rush out to buy a bike – just to reduce stress. I will use this as an example of how you – for example, I use the stress management strategy below – can be calm no matter what or where you are.

How To Keep Mind Calm

While riding you need to be here and now. You can’t break away from the present moment even for a second. This type of concentration provides a wonderful sense of calm and presence – and is the perfect peak state for you to perform at your best. You see, you’re not into thinking ahead or planning later. You are present. You don’t imagine worst case scenarios. All your eyes are on the road ahead. You don’t think. On the contrary, at the moment you are fully adapting. It makes you more alert and aware, resulting in a calmer, calmer and more focused you.

How To Keep Your Mind Calm And Stress Free

I invite you to be mindful of the present moment in all that you do. How much it improves your well-being, increases your success rate and allows you to truly enjoy the journey.

When you are more present in the moment and less in your thoughts, it naturally calms you down and makes you feel better. You go from stressed to calm, able to be calm wherever you are and feel accomplished. You will become more focused and creative.

This reality check involves paying attention to your senses to fully see, feel, hear, smell and taste what is happening right now. Here are the full instructions and a quick-start version if you’re on the go but still want to enjoy super fun and quiet results.

1) Visual: Pay attention to an object in your field of vision that you were previously unaware of.

How To Use A Daily Journal To Gain Clarity And Calm Your Mind — Calm Blog

2) Sound: Pay attention to the sounds that are playing around you right now that you weren’t aware of before.

Learning new visual, auditory and motor things in your immediate environment can put your mind at ease.

This is a complete guide to a longer reality check to explore your feelings about being here right now. You can listen to my instructions by clicking the play button below on your audio player, or read and follow the instructions below.

How To Keep Mind Calm

1) Pay attention to what you see: no labels. Look at the colors. Look at the samples. Look at the settings. Look at the distance between objects. Be aware of your location. Focus on individual objects and notice what you previously missed.

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2) Pay attention to how you feel: Pay attention to everything you touch right now. Pay attention to your clothes, the floor and the chair you are sitting on. Feel the air dance around you. Feel the temperature. Pay attention to how you feel as you breathe. Feel the life in you and around you. I feel

3) Now listen to the audio: Tune in. Avoid labeling or judging. Just listen. Go super stereo and hear the sound you’ve been missing before. Birds or traffic in the distance? Is the clock ticking? Or do you hear the air rise and fall in your nostrils? Tune in and listen at maximum volume.

4) Now pay attention to smells: Focus on your nose to smell.

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