How To Make A 6 Figure Business

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How to Build a Six-Figure Business | Make money online Multiple income streams Make money at home Home business

How To Make A 6 Figure Business

How To Make A 6 Figure Business

Did you know it’s easy to build a six-figure business? Stop thinking about it. You can start it.

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As A Woman Making Six Figures Outside Of “network Marketing”, I Had No Idea I Was Such A Unicorn 🙄

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How To Make A 6 Figure Business

This type of communication may be considered a “sale” of information under California privacy laws. Opting out of personalized advertising excludes you from this “marketing”. More information can be found in our privacy policy, help center and cookies and similar technologies. This is the first part of a three-part series. Starting a POD (Print on Demand) business is a time-consuming process, and putting all of this information into one post makes it incredibly long and overwhelming.

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On demand, you can create your own designs for different categories, make them into products and send them to your customers. It’s like your personal brand. Best of all, with a service like Basma, you can make your brand as personal and unique as possible, and your customers don’t have to wait months to receive their goods.

You have your own brand, but someone else takes care of manufacturing and shipping your products, which is a huge bonus (unlike dropshipping).

Step 1: Visit a publisher and browse their product catalog. This will help you think about what products you want to sell and what kind of design to create.

Tip: If you’re bad at designing like me, you can go to and collect some designs. Then check out their copyright policy and terms of use and give credit for every design you use! Don’t forget to sell their designs directly to your products, because you always want to change them a little and make them different.

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Step 3: Sign in to Shopify and take advantage of the 14-day free trial. During this trial period, you want to customize your store to your liking and make it as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Luckily, they have posts to help you improve your store.

Step 4: Once your store is perfect, connect your printer to Shopify. The easiest way to do this is to go directly to Print and follow its instructions from there. This should take about 2 minutes.

Step 5: Start developing your products. If you are printing on t-shirts, you may want to download your own labels to make your brand unique. Again, Basma has guides for this.

How To Make A 6 Figure Business

Step 6: Once you’ve created at least ten products, rate them, write a nice description, and sync them to your store! This is a moment of victory. Finally, you have a functional online store, designs and finished products.

How To Tell Your Customers Your Business Is Reopening

No, not at all. However, I have a great strategy where you make at least one sale in the first month and it will be included in the second part of the POD series coming out in a few days.

If you want to read it first, subscribe to our newsletter. As soon as you finish it and download it, you will get part 2. I hope you can’t wait!

Topic Question: Have you ever imagined running a successful home business and being the envy of many? Leave a comment below!

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How To Make A 6 Figure Business

Even if you try everything else, take the 3-day video course to learn how to grow your email list. Today I want to know the truth about creating and growing a six figure mindset in your business, especially if you are a passionate and conscientious entrepreneur!

Growing Your Email List

It’s more about what you believe in than following the “right” strategies, systems or structures.

In fact, I strongly believe that developing a six-figure mindset can help accelerate your path to growth, abundance, and deeper fulfillment of purpose.

Based on these beliefs and applying them, you will attract dream clients, opportunities and money to your business.

There are so many worldviews I could talk about, but these 3 are my favorites. Beliefs that I’ve had to reinforce myself this year, and I know many of my entrepreneur friends have had to accept as truth.

What It Means To Make 6 Figures, 7 Figures, 8 Figure Salary Or Even 9 Figures » Savoteur

Watch the video or keep reading to learn about the three key mindset shifts I share with my clients to build a six-figure business.

So there isn’t one thing, one solution, or one customer that can make your business. No error. As with any part of life, there will be setbacks, but the overall trajectory is success (if you believe in it).

It really forces you to do everything perfectly. It allows you to experiment, have fun, invest and most importantly believe in yourself.

How To Make A 6 Figure Business

Know that everything you do adds and builds your benefits, even if you can’t see the evidence.

From Panic To Profit Ebook By Brooke Lively

This can be a big shift for you, as most of us have been taught from childhood that money is limited. In fact, money is a neutral resource. It is infinite. It has no cap and never ends.

This is surprising because it is more than enough money for everyone. And in reality, the money you attract into your life and business is just a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, hopes, and rules for making money.

I stopped looking at money as a threat and (honestly) viewed it as a friend. I want money to flow into my life so that I can expand and expand others around me. More money = more impact on the heart.

If you’re doing something that inspires you, selling is a job. It invites your customers to a deeper transformation. It is very expensive. You can do what comes naturally and easily to help others. You should have been paid a good salary for this job.

Build Your Business Masterclass

You can show the right customer readiness. Your eager customers will happily pay you the right price.

If you’re willing to pay $6 or up to $6, take a step toward your soul’s purpose + increase your impact with help from me and other amazing women,

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