How To Measure Performance Of A Website

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In this article I want to introduce some of the tools and services that I use to analyze websites and check loading speed, performance, internet and search engine.

How To Measure Performance Of A Website

How To Measure Performance Of A Website

This is not a complete list of useful tools, there is always something new and interesting on the horizon, so please share similar services in the comments below.

Q4 Website Review

Even if your website is old or new, you should try some quick tests to check its performance, such as loading speed, homepage, etc. without realizing it.

Now that we know how high the stakes are, let’s check out some (free) tools that will help us.

It is very important that you avoid all 4xx and 5xx errors as they are signs of a poorly developed or maintained website, signs that search engines are not very happy. Common examples are 404 page not found error and 500 internal server error.

GTMetrix provides more information about the speed and performance of your website, as well as real recommendations on how to improve each thing.

Complete Guide To Understand And Measure The Performance Of Your Website.

Some problems that give a low score are quite difficult to solve, for example the “Specify a Cache Validator” message. This is difficult to achieve because the page is loaded with external resources, such as the jQuery library, some third-party scripts, etc.

Google’s PageSpeed​​Insights show different recommendations for desktop and mobile visitors, so it’s worth checking. Her advice is quite technical, so it can be difficult to follow her instructions.

If you care about your reputation, you may need to know when to use your company name anywhere on the web. Maybe someone wrote a good story about your company or an employee, or maybe there is a negative story about you?

How To Measure Performance Of A Website

The (free) service allows us to create alerts for specific password information and will send you an email every time it is found online. You can set ads for your name, your company name, keywords, etc.

How To Monitor Your Website Performance (5 Ways)

The window below shows what a “Siena House Hotel” alert looks like, and it takes 30 seconds to set up.

If you are in the hospitality business, it may be a good idea to organize announcements for the names of your employees in the front office, for example the name of your CEO, the receptionist, restaurant waiters, etc. print, or help you find good news for your business.

Of course, you can set ads for your most important information and monitor the performance of your competitors.

“Start listening to what is being said on the web and the web. Respond quickly, collaborate and analyze your online presence.”

How To Measure Your Website’s Performance: Best Metrics & Kpis

The mission of this service is very similar to Google Alerts, but it works in real time and is based on the Internet. You have access to a modern and specialized panel where you can check all your alerts in real time and on many channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Free basic package only gives you 1 alert and 250 mentions/month, so you can try to set it for your brand name.

A €29/month package will give you 3 alerts and 3,000 listings/month, which I think is quite expensive for many small businesses.

How To Measure Performance Of A Website

After you have taken care of the technical performance of your website, it is time to check your ranking and backlinks in search engines.

Digital Marketing Metrics And Kpis To Measure Performance

I have been using Rank Tracker for over 3 years now and I really like it. It allows you to check website rankings for any number of words and phrases. You can also check the performance of your main competitors, which is very useful. Notice a huge jump in competition for a keyword? See what they did to achieve that. Notice a big drop in a competitor? Maybe you can use that to your advantage.

Finally, this is the screen you will see most of the time when using this program.

There are many other studies and reports available, such as finding your main competitors, their performance and technical information, etc.

Positionly is a website, so you don’t need to download anything and you can access it anywhere, whether it’s a computer or mobile.

Measure Page Quality

Let’s join and see what they have to offer. The free trial is very convenient for this purpose.

It took me about 10 seconds to complete my first keyword, after seeing the Dashboard, it looks very nice and functional.

There is also a page that should link back to your site, but you can’t see much because of the message below.

How To Measure Performance Of A Website

From what I noticed in my profile, I have to choose from automatic upgrade from free plan to paid plan. If I fill in my billing information I can be charged for their service within 2 weeks which clearly says “no refund”. So I decided to stop my research here.

How To Measure And Optimize Website Performance

Probably my favorite app to use. This little app shows you all the backlinks a group has. (What is a backlink?)

This way you can find all the websites that have a link to your site, you can find what they link to you, the anchor text, the price you get, etc. You can do the same for your competitors. , so you know where and how they advertise their site.

After collecting backlink data, we can see each backlink and some characteristics for it.

To get a quick insight into the quality of your website, you can get a Summary for all the backlinks in the project.

How To Measure Website Performance And Seo Rankings

I love using SEO SpyGlass because it helps me better understand how competitors are building and marketing their content. For a local business, this tool is great because you can search the websites of all your competitors and try to get backlinks like they do.

When it comes to website usability, there is always something you can improve and improve. No matter what tools and software you use along the way, nothing can guarantee your success. This is why you should keep doing it and improving it, don’t leave your site for years and hope it will appear like last year.

Some of these tools will help identify your weaknesses/strengths, so keep working and one day you will reach the top.

How To Measure Performance Of A Website

What do you think about these tools and services? Have you used any of them? Make your comments in the comments below.

A 4 Step Guide To Measure Website Performance

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How To Measure Website Performance?

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At the beginning of each project during our search, we draw a picture of the site’s performance, based on the following guidelines:

The information from this test helps to create the website strategy and KPI, where we discuss all the problems that have been identified. After our first phase of website redesign, we measured our success by looking at the changes in these metrics after three months.

How To Measure Performance Of A Website

For people in care, after they “go live” we do a two-week assessment to compare these results, followed by a monthly review for the first three.

How To Measure The Performance Of A Website?

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