How To Pass Florida Business And Finance Test

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How To Pass Florida Business And Finance Test – Is it worth paying $299.99 if you can guarantee you won’t have to take the test a second or third time? Online home study course in business and finance in Florida

Our business and finance exam preparation courses in Florida are designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We provide the most effective training available to prepare you for the Florida Business and Finance exam.

How To Pass Florida Business And Finance Test

How To Pass Florida Business And Finance Test

The business and finance exam is a requirement for all types of entrepreneurs to become licensed in the state of Florida. You must take this exam in addition to the entrepreneurial or trade exam for which you are trying to obtain a license. Topics covered in the Business and Finance exam section include setting up a contractual business, managing administrative tasks, managing business operations, performing accounting functions, managing human resources, and regulatory compliance.

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Over the years, we’ve developed a proven process for passing any open-book entrepreneurial exam. With a mixed format, we combine basic online instruction with face-to-face instruction to achieve the perfect mix for any type of student trying to earn an entrepreneurial license. Being able to have a tutor on the phone when you need one is a huge advantage in giving you the best chance of passing the exam the first time.

Books, curriculum, pre-printed tab set $399.99

Did you know? Every time you fail an exam, you must pay Florida State $135 + $80 per exam at Pearson Vue.

Get the skills and confidence you need to pass the exam the first time! Construction and electrical test success rates in the state of Florida for the past 5 years (data from Pearson View and DBPR) Click on each year to view the full report

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