How To Promote A Cake Business

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How To Promote A Cake Business – Starting a cake business from home is already a difficult decision. The next step is to market, advertise and sell your cake business. Finding clients can be difficult at times, and finding the right clients can be even more difficult. Here are some simple and easy ways you can tell people how to find your business.

Have you been making cupcakes for a while? If so, you may have experienced it yourself. A cake business from home has many advantages, but it can be challenging in many ways, especially if you are alone and doing it all as a one-person business. Most of us who are home bakers are often lonely. Sometimes we do everything from cake consultation to cake delivery with a little help from family, but overall – our cake business is our baby.

How To Promote A Cake Business

How To Promote A Cake Business

I don’t know about you, but it does for me. My husband helps a lot, but the main thing? This is my job. Am I responsible for this? When I started it was very difficult and I used several methods that worked well. Some were a waste of time and some were promising but expensive.

How To Promote Your Cake Business On Instagram

I know many cupcake decorators who do not have a website. Or if they do, it won’t update. But your website can be a great way for anyone to order a cake. When you’re online, people can find you by typing “cake in XX”. It’s that simple.

A website can be a scary idea. I agree. But you don’t have to do it alone. You can hire someone to build you a website. If you don’t have the money to hire someone, you can build your own website for less than $5 a month. There are many resources (including my tutorial) that teach you how to create your own cake blog.

If you’re new and have a limited portfolio, clients don’t want to take a chance on someone they don’t know or have a lot of experience with. At this point, a cake consultation can be a great way for people to get to know you, even taste your cakes and see how good your business is at providing customer service.

Many times I did business with people because they were very nice. Over time, your work, reputation and positive customer reviews will drive your business.

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This is a great place. Not only can you meet potential customers, but you can also meet other cake decorators, vendors and suppliers. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Let customers taste your cake. Make fake wedding cakes that show off your talent.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I love meeting people and meeting my fans, but I’m always nervous when sharing my work. What if people don’t like my cake? What if no one likes or comments on my cake photos? Well, despite all that, we still have to be there. To share our work, to attract people who appreciate our talent, and also to be in the news. This way, our previous clients can see our work and new clients can find us. When past clients see our work, they’re proud to have used our services, but when they need a cake again, they’ll remember seeing us in their news feed.

Create a newsletter for past and new clients to keep in touch. Send them greetings for holidays and celebrations. If you have a store or sale, send them an invitation. Include the coupon in your email to receive the discount.

How To Promote A Cake Business

Sometimes, local bakeries don’t mind switching some products as long as they come from a reputable source. Offer to make cupcakes for a local bakery – give them an incentive they can’t resist. This is a great way to maintain a steady income.

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Now, we’ve discussed cake pricing in detail before and in several business posts.

Although it is possible to reduce the price of the cake, you should also know that you are overpricing the cake. I know we often say that you should look at the market value of your product and the price accordingly, but that market value is based on a certain standard of acceptable quality.

Let’s say you’re just starting out. Your cakes are delicious, but you still have a lot of work to do in terms of appearance and beauty when it comes to the finished product of your cake. So is it fair to price your product at market price? Ask yourself if two cake decorators with the same experience offered the same cake for $50, but one provided standard quality and the other didn’t compare. Which would you choose?

That’s why you need to take a step back and evaluate yourself from the outside. We are often our own worst critics, but there are always exceptions.

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As I always say, there is enough business in the market for all of us. Once we find our niche in terms of quality, price and reliability, we will have to.

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She writes about baking, baking, desserts and cake decorating. A professional cake decorator and food blogger for over a decade, she has been featured in many online magazines and publications around the world. On her blogs you will often find instructional videos and tutorials for home cooks that teach delicious, easy and practical recipes. With these 5 easy ways to grow your cake business without spending any money, you will start growing your business and getting new customers. In advertising.

How To Promote A Cake Business

A few weeks ago I was talking to a client I was consulting for and she asked me about growing her cake business. He was looking for easy ways to grow his business without spending a lot of money on advertising. Then I jotted down some notes and summarized these 5 easy ways to grow your cake business.

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When I started my business, I had very little money to invest and I didn’t know how to advertise even if I wanted to. These 5 tips come from quick learning, trial and error, and experience.

I am sure that if you implement one or more of these tips, you will start to grow your business and get new customers. Let’s get to it!

1. Send a friend request to your customers on Facebook and tag them when you post their cakes. This is probably the biggest way to grow my customer base. When I post pictures of cakes on my business page (with a watermark) and tag my clients, their family and friends immediately know who made their cake and I almost always get a new one. There are at least one or two new requests. Bought a cake to post! I’ll talk more about that here.

2. Take beautiful pictures of the cake and share them online! When I shared my first cupcakes on Facebook, I wasn’t even planning to start a cupcake business. Without even trying – I immediately started getting clients by posting pictures on my personal Facebook page (read the full story here). A big switch? beautiful pictures

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), then new customers won’t like it. But if they are bright, clean and beautiful – people are attracted to them! Check out Crafty Photography’s tutorials to learn almost everything you need to know about cake photography.

3. Get good business cards and include them when you send your order. When I was actively trying to get new clients and other orders, I included 3-5 business cards in every box or order box I sent. That way, if guests at a party or wedding ask who made the cake, my client can not only tell them, but give them a card! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found new clients this way. Get beautiful cards here.

If other local businesses allow it, you can place them on counters or windows where potential customers might stop.

How To Promote A Cake Business

4. Start your own website. While social media is great (see #1 and #2), nothing can replace your website, where customers can view your portfolio, submit order requests, see your pricing, and see your menu. and so on. You can also create a completely separate income stream from blogging, but if that’s not your thing, having a simple and beautiful website with basic information and photos is very useful.

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5. Network with other local businesses in the same industry. I was friends with a local restaurant owner who recommended the cakes to me. When his clients book a party or catering

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