How To Register A Business In Texas

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How To Register A Business In Texas – Texas LLCs and Corporations trusted to start your business since 2001. Click below to start a Texas online business or follow the 12 steps on how to start a small business in Texas. Registering a business in Texas has never been easier.

Lone Star businesses of all sizes have made their state home due to the fact that there are no corporate or state taxes. Texas companies currently enjoy the lowest overall workload in the United States. Petroleum products remain a major export, but Texas has become home to many companies not considered common in the Lone Star State. With a booming economy and people relocating to take advantage of lower taxes and more land, Texas is considered an ideal location for a corporate headquarters.

How To Register A Business In Texas

How To Register A Business In Texas

Zeppia’s list of large companies for 2022 shows Foxconn Assembly, Pizza Hut and AT&T as the top 3 employers, with other big players like Keller Williams Realty, Dell and American Airlines close behind. Big companies like HP and The Boring Co. In recent years he moved his business to the Lone Star State.

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With a large talent pool, low taxes and competitive business incentives, Texas is very friendly and even inviting to startups and new businesses of all sizes. Many consider it a lonely star situation

State to form a company, which is why many startups register their businesses in Texas.

Before deciding on your business type, it is important to understand a few details about DBA, LLC and the most common business structures. Some entrepreneurs may choose a unique business name to cover their entire business, but most Texas startups need at least one LLC or corporation to do business and enjoy the benefits and limited liability of running a business.

DBA or “Doing Business As” is a very common name for a fictitious business name or company name. In the Lone Star State, such a naming convention is called surname. In order to use your business name as part of your business identity in the Lone Star State, a registered certificate must be in place. Corporations often use assumed names to keep multiple businesses separate from the LLC or corporation structure.

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Example: Texas Commodities LLC has three separate businesses—a restaurant, a factory, and a trucking company that delivers its products. The LLC name does not tell the user what each company does, so each one is given a name. It could be a bakery

The traditional C-corporation model is designed for large companies with complex business models and/or large numbers of employees. Traditional companies are subject to “double taxation”, which means that the company itself pays taxes and must file annual taxes, but it must also pay taxes on its income during the year. We can help you set up a C-corporation, but if your business doesn’t require one, we recommend choosing a more appropriate corporate structure.

An S-corporation can be a Texas corporation or LLC that adopts S-corporation tax status with the IRS. The S-Corp election allows what is recognized through taxation on the owners. Qualified S-corporations report their profits, losses and expenses on Schedule E, which is attached to their 1040 personal tax return. To become an S-corporation, you must complete and sign Form 2553 with the IRS. If incorporation is the best option for starting a business in Texas, we recommend filing for a small business tax election to simplify taxes and paperwork.

How To Register A Business In Texas

Note: Corporations are limited to 100 or fewer shareholders and all shareholders must be US citizens. If you are a non-citizen but want to incorporate a business in Texas, the following LLC options may be the best option for your business.

Obtain A Dba / Assumed Name

Starting a Texas LLC is the easiest way to start a business, and you can do it quickly once you gather your information and documents. Forming an LLC in Texas will legalize your products and services while providing you with personal property protection. Like an S-Corporation, a Texas limited liability company is also subject to the taxes of its owners, so a separate tax return on Schedule C is required only to report expenses, profits and losses. LLCs are suitable for unlimited members, non-citizens and other businesses.

What is the name? Your business name should be the word that tells people about the product or service you offer and represents your business over time. For example, if you start selling tires but later add tire repair and other services, choose a name that covers all of your products, not just tires. Your name should also be original and easily distinguishable from other companies. Taking the time to choose a business entity will save you the headache of getting the wrong name in a tax audit or lawsuit.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but choosing a unique name for your Texas business from scratch is the most hassle-free way to name your business. When you think of the best company names, they are unique, stand out and tell the customer what the product or service offers. There’s no mistaking a Wattaburger for Chick-fil-A because of the unique name and clear branding—more on that in Step 11.

Write a few different names that represent your products and services. For example, if you are opening an oil transportation business, you can use the words “oil” or fuel and “trucking” or “manufacturing” to create a unique name that tells your customers what you offer. Many businesses will include a first or last name, city name, or even an area code to distinguish their business. Try out your suggested name on your friends and family to hear them out loud and get feedback. You can even answer the phone with your name to hear the customer’s voice.

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Search Google and other major search engines for your business name ideas to see which ones are not in use. If you find that the name you like is already taken, you can change your original name to create a new one, but make sure it is not the same as another name. You’ll want to at least search the Texas company website to make sure there aren’t any other companies in your area operating under your company name. National and international companies should choose a unique company name to avoid tax problems and mistakes in the courts.

After researching the Internet and the Texas Secretary of State’s website, you’ll want to run your proposed business name through the US Patent and Trademark Office for potential conflicts. If you prefer to hire an expert yourself, there are trademark experts and attorneys who do this, but they charge more. Our experience shows that if you follow the steps above to verify your name, you don’t need expert help.

Tip: Searching for different spellings of your name and even possible misspellings will help you find other names that may be in conflict. Step 3: How to Register a Business in Texas

How To Register A Business In Texas

Now that you have chosen a business structure and your business name, follow the appropriate steps below on how to register a business name in Texas and set up your business.

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TIP: Check our order form to find out how long Texas currently waits to process standard and expedited orders. DBA – Texas Registered Name

Do I need a DBA in Texas? Nomination certificates are sent to the county where you do business to obtain a Texas DBA. You don’t have to keep one, but it is necessary if you operate multiple businesses under one Texas LLC or corporation.

Example: Texas Meats LLC can be used as a business name, but if you want to separate livestock from meat sales, you can enter a name such as Texas Butcher Cuts for your wholesale or retail business. There is no limit to the number of DBAs or names that can be created in Texas.

Before you submit a registered name, you should check with the county registrar by calling or visiting their website. A search for “Are you a tutorial writer” should return relevant links and contact information.

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Note: Your district may require a notarized application. You can order a notary online or call your bank to ask if they offer notary services.

See the Texas SOS Registration FAQ for answers to common questions and more information about registration.

Texas LLC and Corporation packages include a 100% satisfaction guarantee, unlimited support, and prepared and filed incorporation documents, as well as helpful features such as banking solutions, startup discounts, and our very own startup consultant to help you Guide through the startup process.

How To Register A Business In Texas

Most businesses in Texas must have an Employer Identification Number, EIN, registered with the IRS. If your business is under

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