How To Repair Arcade Machines

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How To Repair Arcade Machines – As we continue to add to the arcade collection at Reclaim Video/CoWork, we will inevitably need to find someone good at repairing these machines or learn how to do it ourselves. I think you can imagine which side of the coin I bet on, especially when you have so much information available online. There is a mature community around classic arcade games, and with “Barcades” growing in popularity, I don’t think this will change anytime soon.

It started with our first car, the Centipede, in good condition but the fire button stopped working. Some online research indicates that the paper switch contacts can often be dirty, and a small piece of paper to clean the contacts should fix that. This was the first time I took down the console (before a video game with the joystick and buttons) and it turned out to be a simple but effective solution.

How To Repair Arcade Machines

How To Repair Arcade Machines

Check out this Instagram post Add 80s video game cabinet repair work to @timmmmyboy82’s resume! @coworkfxbg A post shared by Jim Groom (@jim.groom) on Jan 21, 2019 at 12:28 pm. I. PST

My Galaga Arcade Machine A Thrift Store Find

Since then, we have received more games. Asteroids, Defenders, Galaxian, Kangaroo, and most recently my favorite movie to date, Joust. Everything works fine, except when the day comes, I have trouble starting it. I could make the seller hot with the money I paid for the game, but I know well that with this shipment from Ohio, there is a lot of variation going on and it is fun to roll up your sleeves more flavor. and fix something instead of just whining and whining. So, feeling a little confused but determined, I went home and spent the night watching YouTube videos of various restoration and repair projects on Joust and Robotron (a cabinet that looks a lot like Williams used. common electronic devices) . Big thanks to Johns Arcade who has a lot of information and very detailed documentation about troubleshooting and problems and successes. I returned to work the next morning and I was very sure that although the failure of the board was due to the RAM, it could be due to the power supply not providing enough RAM to start the machine. I restarted the power connections and it booted immediately.

During my investigation into the Joust problem, I began gathering ideas for small improvements to the “bulletproof” machine for future use and ordering a part. Replacing one of the chips with a new NVRAM chip meant we could do away with unreliable AA batteries and ensure that high settings and scores were saved when the device was switched off. And speaking of RAM, there is a kit to replace all the onboard RAM with one less active power. That and a PSU replacement should clear things up a lot. If I felt like a frog, I might even replace the molex connectors on all the boards because as the first incident demonstrated, one bad connection can be the difference between a game and a game. play work completely and nothing. I hope to do all this in the next 1-2 months and will document the process. Saving a high score is a priority as I invite the world record holder to play our Joust and get 10 million dollars for some points (more coming soon).

So now I’m full of energy and thinking “what can I do now?” and I remember that our kangaroo did not look very nice. It is playable, but there are clearly some visual problems with fading on one side of the screen and the colors are not aligned correctly, causing strange shadows on all the letters and images. This is before:

I decided to tackle this today and pulled out the manual to better understand what could be adjusted. I know that many of these monitors have various potentiometers that you can adjust for different settings, but nothing that really changes the colors much or can cause the colors to change to realign. The manual refers to the raster video display tutorial to adjust the color convergence and it took a while, but I found it online, specifically for this monitor being Matsushita. In the meantime, I started a thread on the KLOV forums and it was immediately determined that the display needed to be demagnetized and the focus rings on the neck of the tube adjusted. After playing a bit, I came close, if not good, color convergence, and changed to the subject of degaussing. I don’t have a degaussing coil (device used to reset the magnetic field of a CRT monitor) and the forums say just use an exercise wire (it can’t make sense as it requires AC voltage to control it). magnetic field) and make a few quick jerks directed at the screen. It’s not perfect, but after playing around with it a bit, I got something pretty close to working until I added a degaussing coil to the tool belt. Here are the following:

Self Taught Pinball Repairman Pursues His Passion Full Time

I am truly amazed how a few simple corrections can make such a big difference. It also gradually made me realize our vision for a makerspace behind Reclaim Video and adjacent to CoWork, not only a simple space where people 3D print things, but can also be represented in frames. player, CRT TV, and more. Soft skills in welding, electrical, carpentry and art are all there, and the space provides the perfect environment to use those skills. Time to accumulate coins and see where this takes us!

Event Planning for Reclaim Arcade With Reclaim Hosting’s transition to letting the day-to-day business solidify quite a bit over the past 8 months, it looks like it’s made a bit of an impact here. Although I have never been a super loyal person, writing about engineering experiences comes naturally to me, while intense.

While thinking about the future of the Domains API Today, I had an interesting follow-up meeting with Jim, Lauren, and Taylor to talk more about the potential of the Domains API and how we can use it. This is a concept that Jim and I seem to have discussed every few years almost from the beginning

How To Repair Arcade Machines

The first year of the game Reclaim Part 2 I did not want to write this in two parts, but looking back, I realized I really did not prepare the stage for all the work that opened the doors. . January 2021. I mentioned in a previous post that startupArcades At Home has over 35 years of experience restoring, servicing, and selling marbles, arcade games, and jukeboxes. Manufacturers include Bally, Williams, Gottlieb and Data East.

Diy Home Arcade Machine

ARCADES AT HOME This company based in Illinois in the suburbs of Homer Glen, Chicago, has more than 40 years of experience in the restoration and maintenance of marbles, arcade games, slots, random lines and all the ways to operate the game and coins from 1900 to the present. Arcades at Home also has a variety of coin-operated machines for sale. We are here to help you find the right marble machine or arcade game for your home or office. We are open for viewings by appointment only. Call us and start making an appointment and have fun like you’ve always dreamed of!

Phil has over 40 years of experience working full-time to maintain the owner’s marbles and arcade games. Have your car repaired in our workshop or let us come to you. We pride ourselves on in-home service calls in the Chicago mainland area.

We offer exceptionally clean, renewed billiards, baseball fields and bats, random alleys, video games, and a variety of home video game systems that work in brass. Always strive to lead the local market.

We can take your worn marble car or toy and make it look like new. We offer services ranging from new tires and wax to LED lighting finishes and upgrades. Check out our recovery services. Hello! Is your favorite vintage arcade cabinet ready for a pile of junk: water damage, rust, holes, scratches, lack of trim, broken and missing parts, and total death?

How Are Arcade Machines Refurbished?

With our full cabinet restoration service, we can not only get your game working again, but we can also make it look like new.

1. Fill, sand, paint cabinets. 2. Application of graphic decals and artwork. 3. Replace or repair missing or damaged parts, such as coin doors. 4. Paint the metal parts. 5. Replace T-mould flange. 6. Repair or replace water damaged material. 7. Remove all old electronics and wiring and replace them with new modern parts.

We’ve reviewed and restored virtually every classic arcade game ever made. Check out this photo gallery of our experience –

How To Repair Arcade Machines

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