How To Scale A Service Business

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How To Scale A Service Business – Like growing children, growing companies face the same problem—they quickly outgrow their old clothes.

You receive a high volume of inquiries and need a quick response to keep your customers happy. Plus, you’ll need to stand out from the competition by providing outstanding customer support (CS) to your growing customer database.

How To Scale A Service Business

How To Scale A Service Business

So, how to solve this huge problem? How can technology help you turn problems into opportunities?

Scale Your Service Business With Deep Niching

That’s why companies, big or small, go out of their way to provide great customer experience and service. It only takes one mistake to lose a customer, and it takes 12 positive experiences to result in 1 negative incident.

According to Oracle research, 89% of people stop doing business with a company after a bad customer experience, and 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer service.

However, this issue becomes more sensitive for growing businesses because the bigger their company is, the more (different) customers they need to satisfy.

These consumers are smarter and more vocal than ever because they, too, have more choices. They will no longer be satisfied with “good enough”. It has to be “top class” or you’ll be approached

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Early on, when you were a small business trying to gain a foothold in the market, you might have fewer than 20 support requests per week in your support inbox.

As you’ve grown, you’ve probably received hundreds (or thousands) of inquiries, and now they come from a variety of sources: phone calls, emails, chats, social media.

Clearly, in order to handle the ever-increasing request volume, you now need a large support team. This in turn means increased workload. In addition, your agent must remain professional, treat each client individually and be able to provide fast, 24/7 service personal assistance.

How To Scale A Service Business

To manage this rapidly changing situation, your CS processes need to be optimized and possibly changed. Additionally, you need to find the right tools to scale these processes and keep them running efficiently

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Ultimately, an important focus of customer-facing processes is the internal customer service process, which supports the overall customer experience you provide externally.

To do all of this, you need a little help from technology, or rather, a solution that can help you streamline and simplify your customer service process.

We’ve successfully scaled customer support – our small team of 20 agents handled over 100,000 support requests with an average customer satisfaction rate of 96%.

Based on our experience, we wanted to share many of the customer service challenges we faced while growing our business and show you how customer service software can help solve them.

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As expected, we use our own support system, a service, so I use those examples below so you can see how we do it.

So why is a CS solution the best solution if customer service is out of control?

Here, our CS solution is integrated with our CRM which includes contact management functions such as collecting, organizing and storing all data about your customers and prospects. In turn, this gives you instant access and a better understanding of who they are, what they want and what kind of business relationship they have with your company.

How To Scale A Service Business

This means that your company’s CS team can access any customer’s previous interaction, problem or solution with the click of a button, and your customers don’t have to repeat who they are and what they need from you, so Gives Your CS Team helps more clients in less time

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As your business grows, so does your reach You become more visible and people start connecting with you through many different channels

In this case, a CS system can perform a simple but life-saving trick: it can capture customer inquiries from different channels, call them to a central location and convert them into work orders.

For example, the service connects to major CRM contact databases to help track and answer all customer questions, no matter how they are brought up: by phone, email, chat, web form or social media.

Overwork often leads to customer service agent stress and burnout According to a survey by Calabrio, 12% of customer service agents feel constantly stressed at work and 25% want to quit!

The Cult Of Scale

The most difficult issues they face are solving complex problems (56%) and inquiries they receive (38%).

So…if you don’t want to lose your customer support team to health issues or layoffs, CS Solutions might be the answer! 💡

The ACS system allows you to distribute the load evenly among agents so your team is never overloaded. It also removes the pain of figuring out how to assign a specific ticket to a specific CS agent

How To Scale A Service Business

For example, there are many ways you can assign tickets to the right people in the right category and service

Tools You Should Be Using To Scale Your Service Based Business

When a request is in the hands of an expert, it is resolved faster and with less stress on the CS agent.

These two notorious CS problems (lag and slow response times) usually go hand in hand and get worse as the company grows.

When consumers want information, they don’t expect it fast, and now a Forrester survey shows that 41% of customers expect a response to their inquiry within 6 hours, and almost all expect a response within 24 hours.

That’s why they knock on all doors to get your attention: chat, send an online inquiry, email, call or Twitter.

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It’s easy to forget what you’re doing when the typical small customer query is replaced by hundreds.

To keep your CS agents polite and remembering to say hello, thank you and goodbye, you can configure your CS solution to send an automatic reply to all new inquiries, letting your customers know their inquiry has been received. and assigned a ticket number that they can track and refer to

After a case is resolved, you can send automated emails asking if your customers are satisfied with the service you provided. The best part is that it’s completely automatic, you don’t have to think about it!

How To Scale A Service Business

Not all agents (and a growing business will likely hire many of them) are equally capable, and, frankly, neither are the prices.

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Customer Experience Center Director Stan Uwe Secton shares his management tips that help increase the value of your agents.

“The main goal of every CS manager is to make sure no client requests are lost. This requires a strong team and a solid request management system,” says Stan Ove. personal! This helps to balance the effect and make people more motivated. In this case, team members would naturally understand that the experienced agent should handle more complex requests, while the novice might handle a smaller volume of requests and should therefore be allowed to handle simpler requests. In this way, the team’s effort and willingness to succeed will naturally increase. “

This can be done by customizing the CS system, assigning specific ticket types and quantities to specific agents and pulling individual production reports from the CS solution.

To see if your CS process is working, you need to be able to evaluate it

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; for example, generate reports to clarify the performance of your CS team and the quality of support they provide to customers. On average, requests are handled by proxies and so on.

For example, it allows service managers to receive various customer service reports to identify trends, target areas that require staff improvement or additional staff training, check that customer expectations are being met, and more effectively plan support team workloads.

When combined with a CS system connected to a CRM database, the streamlined customer service process can help you reduce costs by:

How To Scale A Service Business

So why invest in reducing maintenance and churn? And how do you convince the board that investing in CS is a matter of survival?

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Customer service is important to all businesses, big or small

With business success increasingly dependent on customer retention, it all comes down to choosing the right tools to support customers.

That’s why a solid CS solution with a CRM system can dramatically change the way you organize and optimize.

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