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How To Sell In Japan – You can make easy money selling your unwanted items online on Mercari, even if you don’t speak Japanese well! Here we explain the process step by step and give you a few words about copying and pasting a product description in Japanese.

Adopting fashion and home products is a big thing in Japan right now. While you can save money by buying second-hand, you can also make easy money by selling your unwanted items online on Mercari.

How To Sell In Japan

How To Sell In Japan

It is the most popular website in Japan and the system is user-friendly and hassle-free. If you have Japanese language skills, you can improve using our selling guide:

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If you’ve been in Japan for a while, you guessed it: familiar things. Japanese consumers love your international brand with designer products and well-known Japanese brands. This applies to fashion as well as electronics and other goods. Unfortunately, you’ll find it hard to sell something that doesn’t make any sense, even if it’s a 100% genuine leather handmade bag that you bought on your last trip to Milan. It probably won’t show up in search results because it doesn’t have a name, and if it’s a high-quality product, buyers will be bored.

The best way to find out if your content is selling is to search for similar products on Mercari and see what comes up. You can see the average request rate and its popularity by the number of likes and comments on the product. It also shows sold items so you can see if people have already bought the items you like.

You get to the download page by clicking on the red camera icon at the bottom right of the homepage.

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You can upload a maximum of 4 photos per item and it is recommended to use all spaces. First, see if you can find an image of the product on the manufacturer’s website. Then fill in the remaining spaces with 2-3 photos of your actual item, both full and close-ups of the items/details must be included. Try to take photos during the day for soft lighting. For clothes, it is popular to hang them on a crooked wall in front of a white wall or wooden floorboards.

Tip: If you have many fashion items for sale that fit together, post them as an outfit and take a photo. Not only does this make the product attractive and emphasize its versatility, it can also encourage consumers to explore other products in the image they like.

If your product is a recent purchase, please visit the brand/manufacturer’s website to see if you can copy/paste the Japanese description. This saves you a lot of time and you just need to add the default words to the content and you’re done!

How To Sell In Japan

First, there is a drop-down menu where you select a category in three steps. Most of the words are in katakana so it’s easy to use. For example, you: women -> skirt -> miniskirt, which is レディース -> ショート ->ミニショート in Japan.

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If it is fashionable, the size can be chosen accordingly. Be sure to change it to the Japanese size (for example, a European XS is usually the same as a Japanese S). Then choose a color.

The most important level is the situation. Although it is a used place, Japanese consumers expect a normal product unless stated otherwise. Exaggerating the quality of your product may result in the product being banned or flagged for errors, which may deter future buyers from purchasing from you.

The next category is lightly used (未使用电影) for anything that has been used only once or twice and shows no visible signs of wear.

For something in good used condition with no visible wear and tear, 目立った傷や方をしす is a good choice.

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When in doubt, choose torn or torn (やや傷や方料/傷や方料) to avoid conflict.

It may not matter, but I set the object’s status to “destroyed”. Please note that this is secondary.

For shipping options, it is better to use the default settings as they are popular with consumers. Include your location, of course, wherever you’re writing from.

How To Sell In Japan

Finally, set a competitive price by checking Mercari for similar items and factor in the 10% commission plus shipping if you want to add that to the price.

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You may get comments on the products you’ve written from interested buyers, often when the price has been reduced (値主列). Offering a 5-10% discount is very common and you should start with that. Buyers can search your profile for product listings and see discounts you’ve offered in the past, so don’t be passive and have cheap offers right from the start!

Our favorite part of selling on Mercari (compared to eBay) is how convenient shipping is. You don’t have to write cover letters! If it is sold out, I suggest you choose raakuraku mercari (らくらくメルカリ) as the shipping method. You can ship from any mall or post office (choose yuuyuu mercari/ゆうゆうメルカリ) for ¥175 as long as the package is within A4 size and less than 3cm thick. Larger products are also supported by mercari at lower prices.

The shipping costs are automatically deducted from your sales price. Just pack the item carefully (using old shopping bags from fashion stores is common) and take it to the checkout. Here they scan your QR code in the app, print the code, log in and you’re done. This will take one minute. The app is automatically updated with the tracking number and shipping status. Bonus: your and their addresses are confidential – everything is handled anonymously by Mercari and Yamato/Japan Post.

However, it is polite to send some messages during the process. Again, there are other words you can use:

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You can use the money you earn as credit on your website or deposit it into your bank account. Please note that there is a ¥10,000 exchange fee for payments under ¥210. Best of all, your benefits are only valid for 3 months!

Don’t worry about your Japanese, even if it’s not good! I have 5 stars on Mercari for shopping and in Japan sometimes my decision is better, but other users don’t care. Just take good pictures, explain in detail and communicate in polite Japanese, because Japanese buyers expect A+ service or not. You can quickly recognize Mercari’s dictionary and copy only the most commonly used words.

Mareike’s favorites in Tokyo are: The ultimate Hachijojima tour: a hot Saturday just an hour from Tokyo, Hachijojima: a tropical tour in Tokyo, the best diving day trips from Tokyo While in the west there are online second-hand markets like eBay, in Japan there are has Mercari, where are you? Anyone can save money by buying second-hand, but high-quality products can easily make extra money by selling them second-hand. This guide will help you sell goods on Mercari.

How To Sell In Japan

If you’re considering a Mercari sale, you can ask almost anything. However, some items can sell quickly or at high prices. The bestsellers on Mercari are usually branded items. These can fall into any category: popular clothing, electronics, and handbags are all popular with consumers.

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Searching by brand in the Mercari app is easy, meaning more shoppers are looking for a brand they like rather than browsing through a list of unfamiliar brands. This applies to both international and Japanese companies, so you can easily sell items you’ve returned from abroad and items you recently bought in Japan that you no longer need.

The best way to get an idea of ​​the popularity and price of the item you want to sell is to research the item and see what other sellers are posting.

Trading on Mercari requires a Mercari account, so the first step is to register with Mercari if you don’t already have one. Once you have your account, you can click the “出品” button and you will be taken to the product page where you can enter your product information.

The first 13 letters or characters of the title are the most important for drawing attention to your content, so it should include your color and style.

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