How To Sell Marriott Vacation Club Points

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How To Sell Marriott Vacation Club Points – Are you a Marriott timeshare owner? Want to get out of your Marriott timeshare?

It’s easy to forget that registering a timeshare means making a long-term commitment. Some timeshares can last up to 20 years, while others last a lifetime! And as life goes on, owning a timeshare may no longer be a priority. Places become boring and children grow old, care fees increase.

How To Sell Marriott Vacation Club Points

How To Sell Marriott Vacation Club Points

In short, you need a way to get rid of your Marriott timeshare now! If you’ve recently purchased a Marriott timeshare, the good news is you’ve come to the right place. So start reaping the benefits today! For more information on how to legally exit a Marriott timeshare, read the sections below. Or you can start a live chat to learn more with a free personalized consultation. Let us help you find the best solution to fit your timeshare situation.

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In 1927, J. Willard Marriott was the first to establish what we know today as Marriott Vacations worldwide. Interestingly, the brand did not start in the holiday industry. In fact, it had nothing to do with holiday art!

It all started with a 9-seat A&W root beer stand known as “The Hot Shoppe”. Mr. Marriott and his wife Alice started the business and ran it until 1956. A year later, the company made a breakthrough that changed the brand forever.

In 1957, Marriott opened the world’s first drive-in hotel in Arlington, Virginia. J.W. Willard “Bill” Jr. managed the hotel. Over the next 25 years, Bill’s leadership helped transform the hospitality industry.

The Marriott Corporation was born in 1967, 10 years after the company built its first motel. Then, in 1969, Marriott opened its first international hotel in Acapulco, Mexico. In 1984, the company spent about $20 million to acquire American Resorts. It eventually became the timeshare division of the Marriott Corporation. But in 1985 Marriott J.W. Marriott Senior

How To Get Out Of A Marriott Timeshare? Guide 2023

As painful as this was for Marriotts, it didn’t stop business. In contrast, the 90s and 2000s were defining moments in the rise of the Marriott empire. First, in 1999, Marriott created the Ritz-Carlton Club. It was the first vacation ownership program offered by Marriott. Then in 2010, the Marriott Vacation Club Destination Program was created. It eventually evolved into what we know today as My Marriott Vacation Club.

When Marriott timeshare owners Anthony and Beth Lennon decided to do something about their unresolved issues, it was a turning point in the timeshare industry.

Former Marriott Marco Island owners Anthony and Beth led the class action lawsuit against Marriott Vacations Worldwide. Along with the three violations of the RICO Act, this puts the holiday giant in the spotlight. Click here for more information.

How To Sell Marriott Vacation Club Points

The first step you should take is to read your Marriott Vacation Club cancellation policy. The incentive here is to figure out your cancellation period. Think of your withdrawal period as a short window where you can still cancel and get a full refund.

How To Get Rid Of A Marriott Timeshare? Guide 2023

To speed things up, mention that you want to “say” your contract. The word “cancel” can sound confusing. You don’t want to mess up the resort by canceling the reservation. This is a very time-sensitive window of opportunity. Any mistake can waste your precious time which you cannot afford to waste.

Federal law under our Truth in Lending Act (TILA) applies to anyone who wants to cancel a contract. They usually have a line of credit with the lender. This is where your right of return comes in. So if you’ve recently purchased a Marriott timeshare, there’s no time to waste!

A written cancellation letter is usually required. This is to notify the resort that you wish to cancel. And don’t forget to write the letter in the specified format. Want to know more about how the cancellation period works? Or how to write a cancellation letter? Click here for more information.

If your election time has passed, don’t worry. There are a few different ways to get rid of your Marriott timeshare.

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The first step should still be contacting the timeshare developer. More departures are starting for timeshare owners. The past decade has seen an increase in the number of resorts offering their own retreat programs. Angry, defrauded timeshare owners put pressure on timeshare developers. But not every timeshare developer offers an exit program.

If you own a timeshare with Marriott, the good news is you’re in luck. The Marriott Vacation Club Reseller Program could be your way. Contact a Marriott Exit Club Specialist so they can help you determine if you qualify. Note that we still encourage you to explore multiple options Relying on one option will limit your chances of getting the best deal. Click here to speak to an expert.

Selling your Marriott timeshare may be the solution for you. However, we recommend that you contact Marriott before taking this step. Navigating the resale market can be very difficult.

How To Sell Marriott Vacation Club Points

Did you know that Marriott Vacation Club uses a points based system? It differs from traditional timeshare systems, so it can complicate your sales process.

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If the sale is not successful, the point exchange platform can be an alternative. Here’s a tip: Marriott Vacations Worldwide owns Interim International. “II” is a global vacation exchange platform where timeshare owners can exchange their points for other vacations. Some of these places include Westin, Ritz-Carlton, Disney Vacation Club, Sheraton, and more. As nice as it sounds, redeeming your points does not guarantee giving up your membership.

Another problem with resale is that most timeshares do not retain significant resale value. If you search eBay or Craigslist for Marriott timeshare resale, the results may scare you. Sometimes like shares, Marriott vacation units start at $1.

With many Marriott timeshares listed for sale at $1, what makes you think that a resale company will be able to sell yours at the original price?

To learn the correct way to get rid of your Marriott timeshare, continue reading the sections below.

Why You Should Buy Marriott Points

Let’s say your Marriott Vacation Club timeshare sale didn’t go as planned. In this case, we recommend that you hire a reputable removal company ASAP! The longer you wait, the more expensive cancellations can be.

We know that choosing the right exit company can seem overwhelming. Therefore, we only recommend companies that offer an escrow payment option with no upfront payment. This way you are protected from timeshare exit fraud. Click here for more information about Escrow.

We always say that the best way to cancel a timeshare is to do it legally. In other words, hire a legal divorce agency that works with lawyers! A lawyer’s role usually involves analyzing your misrepresentations.

How To Sell Marriott Vacation Club Points

But just working with a company lawyer doesn’t mean you’re completely safe from exit fraud. However, you should avoid anyone who tries to charge you up front without any guarantee. We recommend that you check whether the lawyers they work with are legitimate. Unfortunately, the reality is that there is a lot of fraud in the timeshare cancellation industry as well. Click here for more information about exit scams.

The Perks Of Buying Marriott Vacation Club Points On The Secondary Market

Asking everyone’s favorite question always involves cost. But the truth is, we can’t tell you how much it will cost you to let your timeshare go. Exit fees vary based on the complexity of your timeshare. Therefore, most prices are determined in consultation with the departure company. But no one has time to research hundreds of companies. Listening to sales pitch after sales pitch. In the end, you never know who to believe!

Here you can breathe a sigh of relief because we can take it from here! Contact us today or fill out our online form to the right to take the first step in getting rid of your Marriott timeshare. We’ve done our due diligence by researching many exit companies in the industry so you don’t have to. Take action now and contact us now!

If you want to get out of your Marriott timeshare, know that you have options. We always say that the most legitimate way to exit a Marriott Club vacation is through a reputable exit company that uses lawyers. Don’t risk paying upfront fees to someone who isn’t qualified to handle your case.

We launched this review site to increase your awareness when dealing with timeshare developers and timeshare exit companies. Read our website, fill out the form to the right or start a live chat with us for a free personalized exit consultation Our team will help you connect with the timeshare termination company at no upfront fee until your timeshare is cancelled. There are hundreds of time share scams every year. Save yourself from becoming another victim! Click here for more information.

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