How To Start A Bottled Water Distribution Business

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How To Start A Bottled Water Distribution Business – How to start a bottled water company in 2021 is a tough question for those just starting out. But every question, no matter how difficult, has an answer. The following article will show you the right formula for starting the most successful bottled water company.

The first step in learning how to start a bottled water business is market research. Especially, in 2021, the global economy in general has had a very strong impact due to the Covid pandemic. Therefore, if you want to start a successful business today, you should not skip the step of market research. Market analysis not only helps you understand the growth potential of this industry, but also your competition and It also helps in understanding the customers.

How To Start A Bottled Water Distribution Business

How To Start A Bottled Water Distribution Business

According to Grandview Research, the global bottled water market size reached $217.66 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1% from 2021 to 2028. Convenience, ease of use, installation and maintenance will remain the same, helping to promote the sustainable growth of the bottled water industry in the future.

Starting Bottled Water Business Plan (pdf)

Not only this, consumer demand for bottled water for health promotion, energy maintenance, refreshment, etc. is constantly increasing. Young people today are very interested in the mobility and portability of bottled water, so this is also a sign that the industry will grow significantly in the coming years.

Different types of bottled water like carbonated juices, fruit juices, smoothies, energy drinks, milk… and long term storage are the main attractions of bottled water products.

However, new trends in the beverage industry today are calorie-free soft drinks, healthy drinks, nut milk instead of animal milk, etc.

The second most important part of starting a bottled water business is understanding how it works. The way a company operates is not just the product, packaging products or shipping materials. The most important thing is to have a safe and healthy bottler. For ease of understanding how to get the drink, this means you need to make sure your water purification, bottling and product packaging equipment is 100% efficient.

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Only 2% of tap water is safe for consumption If you don’t have the capital to provide FDA-approved water purification technology, consider partnering with a private label bottled water supplier. This will help you reduce costs while ensuring product quality and safety standards

It is a very smart choice for those who have limited capital and need a lot of security in their investment initially. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the quality and safety of the product. Spend and install production lines… Instead, you have more capital for product quality, promotional campaigns and distribution of goods to key partners.

Don’t worry if your product is popular or not? Currently, all private label bottled water companies support logo design and customized product packaging. It’s really cool, isn’t it?

How To Start A Bottled Water Distribution Business

Knowing and understanding the law is very important for anyone who wants to do business. When you know the law, your business can grow and operate legally, and partially reduce the risk of trademark disputes or other legal proceedings. Can be protected from.

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Not only that, but also need to understand what are the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations regarding bottled water? Even when it comes to bottled water, most of us assume that any beverage produced in a glass bottle, can or paper box is collectively called bottled water. It is completely unusual

All of these waters have one thing in common: they contain nothing but antibacterial agents and fluoride. All standard water must be purified by decontamination, reverse osmosis, ozonation and other filtration methods before bottling.

All bottled water products must be tested and certified by the FDA before being released to the market to ensure that all of your products are safe for health and do not exceed maximum limits for physical, microbial and chemical contaminants.

Even if you choose to partner with a private bottled water company, make sure the company has been approved by the FDA to meet short-term health and safety standards for at least one year.

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It is best to work with a company that supplies bottled water with BPA-free products. Bisphenol A or BPA is a material commonly used in the production of plastic containers that can enter food and drinks during use. The substances negatively affect blood pressure, endocrine function, fetal development, and more.

Once you have a clear understanding of how a bottled water company works, the next step is to develop a concrete business plan. How to start a bottled water company is another important step. This business plan will require more detailed, clear and concrete information such as:

Also, you have to take care of your budget. Budget plays an important role in deciding where to start, which business model to go with. If your budget is not too big, only 1000 – 5000 USD, the first one Consider the small business model.

How To Start A Bottled Water Distribution Business

With this capital, you can start a bottled water business as a distribution branch for a large brand to learn more about how to manage a production line, the steps involved in moving from product to product. Outsource product distribution or work with a private label bottled water company to reduce all labor and material costs, while still being able to own your brand.

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If you have a budget of 50,000 or more, you can be confident in starting your own bottled water company.

In general, learn how to budget for everything from production, packaging and marketing to distribution and shipping. Work can begin when you establish a specific budget for each item. It is better to have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports on expenses and income. It’s time to do it

When you’re ready to start your business, complete the business license registration process right away. to the company bank account. With just a business license you can get the full support of different types of business insurance or apply for financial loans (if needed).

The registration required will depend on the type of business you are registering however, the general registration form requires the following information:

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License fees will depend on the country in which you are applying for a business license.

The final part of how to start your own bottled water business is a step-by-step promotional plan. Every stage of the company’s growth or every major event requires a detailed marketing plan.

A product promotion plan will help you market your brand effectively. First, brand promotion is important when entering the market. It will be a lever for the company’s growth. They are the best in terms of design.

How To Start A Bottled Water Distribution Business

A product with attractive, unique packaging and an emphasis on its own brand features will help attract consumer attention, facilitating multimedia communication from the product with better packaging design. Additionally, a short tagline with a strong initial impression will drive more attention and search than a safe and generic tagline.

Bpa Free Bottled Water

Currently, a company with a product with environmentally friendly packaging or a “green” campaign, helping to protect the environment, will always have an advantage over a company that ignores this factor.

Marketing methods that are extremely aggressive, ridiculous, controversial and even negative are not recommended in any situation or stage of company development. It can bankrupt you in no time because your customers hate your brand

Be kind and listen to customer feedback and input At the same time, we request that you handle complaints in the most satisfactory manner Customer trust and empathy is always a deciding factor in your company’s revenue and survival.

The above tips are for anyone wondering how to start a bottled water business. If you want to know more about the bottled water industry and the beverage industry in general, follow our blog for more useful information.

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