How To Start A Charging Station Business

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How To Start A Charging Station Business – Grow your business with these tips for choosing the right software, hardware and business model.

The electric vehicle (EV) market has reached a milestone, with analysts estimating that the industry will reach a value of over $350 billion by 2028. Running errands, or road trips are just as fun as a powerful vehicle This The demand is driving a corresponding increase in the EV charging market, which is expected to reach $120 billion by 2028.

How To Start A Charging Station Business

How To Start A Charging Station Business

Now is the right time to get in on the bottom of this exciting new market and start an EV charging business, or add EV charging services to your existing business. By offering EV charging services, you’re tapping into a fast-growing market while helping to move toward a greener future. From choosing your business plan to choosing the right software and hardware, this article will outline what you need to succeed in your first 100 days or so.

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Before reselling EV charging solutions or purchasing the hardware and software needed to start an EV charging network, you need to tailor a business plan that will generate sustainable profits.

It’s important to make quick decisions about how your business will generate revenue Are you going to own and operate EV charging stations and charge each driver per kilowatt, just like gas stations charge per gallon? Or are you offering concierge services to local businesses hoping to run their own chargers? There is no right answer here, but your choice will be determined by where you can install the charging station and who you plan to connect to?

Once you have decided what your business should be, you need to start targeting your vertical market. Starting small will allow your business to focus on the best ways to reduce operating costs and increase profits. Check out the following links to open the first EV charging stations:

Whichever option you pursue, your EV charging business will provide valuable lessons during those first 100 days. You’ll collect data such as how much electricity drivers need, when you’re likely to use your network, costs associated with peak charging instead of off-peak hours, and your overall operating costs. This is why it is important to stick to one industry first – you can learn and grow in your chosen business model. As you gain more experience, you can expand into other types of businesses or areas

Floor Stand Charging Station Kiosk Tower

Once you’ve chosen the right business model and decided how to implement it, you can start looking for EV software and hardware to fit your needs.

Once you know where to install your charging station, it’s time to choose a charging station management system (CSMS) to recommend, resell or use to your customers. You may also hear CSMS referred to as “CMS” (Charge Management Software), “Back Office” or “Back Office”, or “OCPP Platform”.

The software you choose will determine what charging hardware you can support, as some platforms offer limited compatibility with only certain manufacturers. It will also determine how drivers interact with your network and whether you can restrict charging to registered users or open channels to the public.

How To Start A Charging Station Business

For maximum flexibility, look for a hardware-agnostic solution – meaning owners can configure it to work with any hardware solution and use it as a white product under their own brand. Being able to work with different types of uploading tools may not be exciting in the first 100 days, but once you establish a solid foundation for your business, it makes it easy to expand into new ones. places. Any software solution you choose ensures that network access and payment information are secure and PCI compliant.

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Although it is good to close the software solution first, it may not be possible for the current situation. It has given us special knowledge and valuable partnerships with many OEMs, and we can provide introductions to startups.

Whether you want to learn more about how our end-to-end EV infrastructure solutions can quickly set up your network, or you just need to get a foot in the door with a manufacturer, get in touch and we’ll guide you you. You are on the right track

You’ve found your role, and you’ve chosen the software to manage your network. All that’s left is choosing the right tool for your first deployment.

If you’re using CSMS-agnostic hardware to manage your EV infrastructure, you can choose from a variety of manufacturers and hardware types that deal with the Open Charging Protocol (OCPP ). At this point, it comes down to choosing the right tool for your business model and budget

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Remember that there are three different charging levels that determine the charging speed and voltage of the station. All electric vehicles can use Level 1 and 2 chargers, but some vehicles may not be compatible with Level 3 chargers.

Major vendors of OCPP equipment in North America are ABB, Delta Electronics, Eaton, Evibox, Siemens, Tritium, and Zerova.

As your business branches into new industries, you may want to consider adding more products or industries to your network. However, starting with one manufacturer will help you ensure the best value for your equipment parts and take into account your maintenance and business needs in the market.

How To Start A Charging Station Business

When you start building an EV charging empire, you need a partner to help you grow and stick with you for the long term. Here’s why you need it: industry-leading software that manages fleets, network charging and charging points for Hilton, Mobile, Ford and more. Charging should be easy, so we’ve designed a complete EV charging network to make multi-location management, data management and pricing easy and painless.

Shell’s New Ev Smart Charging Service

Contact us today to find out how you can start your EV charging business, get the equipment you need, and keep it running smoothly for those first 100 days and beyond. In 2017, Bloomberg published a report that electric vehicles will account for 54% of all new car sales by 2040. It seems that this number is on track, as electric cars are gaining more and more acceptance on American roads. . Not only does this mean cleaner air and less dependence on foreign fuels, but people – employees, customers, consumers, etc. – will have more convenience when charging electric vehicles.

As more people charge their electric vehicles at home overnight, the increase in the number of cars and owners shows that more people can look at the options that are more convenient and can decide on the lack of options. By offering electric vehicle charging stations at your business, you can become the number one choice for these customers, which is especially important if you run a business like a restaurant or hotel.

This decision can also bring financial benefits, as you may be eligible for deductions and tax breaks. There are many tools and best practices available as a business owner when designing and installing EV charging stations, many of which depend on the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Workplace Charging Challenge. From 2013 to 2017, DOE partnered with organizations that decided to provide EV charging stations for their employees. There are many reasons why you should consider this investment, and here are the top five

Wages, health insurance, and packed lunches are irrelevant when people decide to work in a group. Flexible hours and remote work are already rising to the top of employee preferences, and soon enough electric vehicle charging stations will be a big incentive. While working from home has become the norm in recent years, not all jobs can be done remotely and we’ve slowly moved into a new daily routine, with more offices and businesses opening up. their doors.

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Providing your employees with a way to charge their electric vehicles is a great way to motivate future employees, but also satisfy current employees. You’re actually making their lives easier and creating a better work environment, which may bring them back to the office

This kind of investment is not only positive for your employees, but also for your clients or customers. As mentioned above, if you run a restaurant, cafe or hotel, you can increase your customer base. by providing electric vehicle charging stations at your storage facility. But it doesn’t end there. EV owners are environmentally conscious, which means they are generally interested in all kinds of environmentally friendly products. So if your business sells green products, like solar panels for example,

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