How To Start A Cleaning Business In Illinois

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How To Start A Cleaning Business In Illinois – Operating a cleaning business without a license can result in a significant fine. I knew a business owner in Las Vegas who had to do 100 hours of community service a month for illegal activity. It’s 23 hours a week. It will really slow you down.

He learned his lesson and moved on; Queen Bee Cleaning Services earns over $1.5 million a year, you can read her amazing story here. We’re going to share how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

How To Start A Cleaning Business In Illinois

How To Start A Cleaning Business In Illinois

We’ll explain the licensing system for cleaning businesses in the United States and answer some frequently asked questions about cleaning business licenses. We will then provide resources for cleaning companies to obtain a license in each state and in Washington, DC.

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If you regularly clean homes, you will likely need to obtain one or more cleaning licenses. Cleaning the house once in a while doesn’t mean running your own cleaning business. However, many actions can attract unwanted government attention, including:

If you intend to engage in any of the above activities in a new cleaning business, you will need to obtain a license for your cleaning business.

There are different legal requirements for cleaning services. These vary by state, but we’ll cover the most common requirements. At this point, it makes sense to state that neither Chris nor I are lawyers, and this should not be construed as legal advice.

Now that I’ve eliminated the necessary disclaimer, you’ll want to get the following small business licenses:

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If you are starting a cleaning business, you will need to go to each state’s SOS and set up your business before applying for other business licenses. We will provide information for each state in the state specific section.

Once the business is established, you will need to obtain your EIN, any necessary bonds, and any state-required insurance. Some locations may require training, work history, or testing if your cleaning business requires a contractor’s license.

You then go to the appropriate office or website to obtain and apply for each janitorial license required in the state. You will complete certain documents, provide document confirmation and pay a fee. We will provide more details on each requirement in each state’s section.

How To Start A Cleaning Business In Illinois

Different locations typically use the North American Industry Classification System to determine which business license you need.

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The class of 2022 has 119 cleaning classes, but locations can also choose the 2017 or 2012 classes. We have a full list of classes for 2022 below.

We’ve compiled links for all 50 states plus Washington, DC. Use the table below to jump directly to your status:

Alabama does not require a state license for a cleaning business, but you will need to file with the county licensing office in each county in which you operate.

If you do business in Alabama, be sure to list your name and logo on Registering a name does not prevent other businesses from using it in Alabama. There may also be other requirements if you live in a city like Birmingham.

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Alaska requires a state license for all cleaning businesses. Additionally, you may have other county and municipal licensing requirements.

If you’re doing business in Alaska, you can apply to register the name immediately to get five years of exclusive use, but you’ll still want to consider filing a trademark application at, as the state expects that you are responsible. to protect your intellectual property.

Arizona requires a state license for all cleaning businesses. Additionally, you may have other county and municipal licensing requirements.

How To Start A Cleaning Business In Illinois

Arizona does not allow duplicate businesses to have the same name, but if you need additional protection, you can apply for a trademark.

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Small businesses owned by sole proprietors or partnerships do not need to apply for a business license through the state of Arkansas. It is always wise to check with your local county or city clerk to verify municipal or county licensing requirements.

Filing a DBA name in Arkansas does not guarantee individual rights to that name, so you can file a trademark if you want additional protection.

The State of California does not require a business license for sole proprietors and general partners. However, you may need to register a fictitious business name (FBN) or “Doing Business As” (DBA) with your county and city if the business name is different from your personal name.

General partners and sole proprietors must pay self-employment taxes (on Form 540-ES). Business income tax is paid through personal income tax returns.

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In California, there are special requirements for a housekeeper. For more information on the gardener’s license, visit the Department of Labor Relations website. California charges a $500 fee for a concierge license and a $500 renewal fee after the first year.

They have stiff fines of $100 per day for the first 100 days you start operating without a license.

Colorado does not require sole proprietors or general partners to apply for a state business license, but they must apply for a license at the city or county clerk’s office. In addition, you must register a business name or business name as (DBA) in the state and obtain a business name affidavit from the Secretary of State for ownership of property such as land or real estate .

How To Start A Cleaning Business In Illinois

General partners and sole proprietors pay corporate income tax through their individual tax returns. They are also responsible for paying self-employment income tax on Form 104-EP.

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Connecticut does not require sole proprietors or general partners to apply for a state business license, but they may need to apply for a license at the county or city clerk’s office. LLCs and corporations will need to file with the Secretary of State.

Additionally, you must register your business name or Doing Business As (DBA) name with the city clerk, but this does not protect you from others doing business under the same name. You are expected to defend your intellectual property in court.

Delaware is amazing! Here is a one stop shop for opening a cleaning business (or any other business). States that do this make life easier for business owners. Simply open an account and go through the LLC process, obtain your cleaning business license, permits, and pay your cleaning business license fees.

See the full list of optional and mandatory fee structures. Their business policies explain why more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.

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Getting a license in Florida is no less easy. Go to Sunbiz to register your business with the state. Some counties will require a cleaning license.

Permits and licenses are inexpensive in Florida. See the full list of license and permit fees.

Some counties and cities may require business licenses. Here is a list of those we were able to confirm:

How To Start A Cleaning Business In Illinois

Most businesses in Hawaii do not register their business names, but you can do so if you wish with Hawaii Business Express. All businesses must have a business license, which can be requested on the Hawaii Business Express website. Hawaii does not have city or county licensing requirements.

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The following cities and counties require legal documents to obtain a cleaning license from the local government:

You must apply for an Indiana business license at, where you can obtain an LLC or corporation. You will also need to register with the Ministry of Revenue to pay payroll taxes and corporation taxes.

You will need to research the county registrar’s office to see if your business name is being used. Then submit the notarized certificate of the intended business name to the recorder.

Another versatile state for starting a business is Kentucky. They are the best. You don’t need any special licenses or permits unless you’re clearing meth. They will contact the cities you need if you are going through the state process.

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Louisiana cleaning companies are in luck. Visit the Geauxbiz website to request everything you need in one place. The Louisiana Department of Revenue, Secretary of State, and Labor are all accessible from a single interface. Start cleaning today.

Maryland uses Business Express to start a business. You can obtain a state business license, DBA or limited liability company and tax licenses. You may also need a permit from your local jurisdiction. Here are some of the most common:

You will need to use the following websites for cleaning companies in Massachusetts. We recommend that you follow government guidelines:

How To Start A Cleaning Business In Illinois

Michigan has different requirements for different cleaners. Check out the state license search to see which ones you need to track:

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Frankly, Michigan’s state system is not very comfortable. Every government site I visited suggested contacting your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC), so save time and work from there.

If you’re in Mississippi, start by going to MS BOSS, their general store, and answer five questions for a guided process. You can also check out these resources:

Visit Nebraska’s one stop shop for all your business needs. They will guide you through the steps of registering your business, obtaining a license and

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