How To Start A Company In Switzerland

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How To Start A Company In Switzerland – Starting a business in Switzerland is not a difficult process, as long as the investors have the necessary capital to register the company. If the investor is a foreigner, there are no restrictions on opening a business here according to their citizenship, but a residence permit is required; Our Swiss lawyers can help you register a business in Switzerland.

It should also be noted that the registration process is not limited to the presence of the founder of the company in the country. Most of the company registration can be completed by our Swiss legal team if the investors have provided a letter of authorization.

How To Start A Company In Switzerland

How To Start A Company In Switzerland

The process of setting up a company in Switzerland consists of six steps, which can be completed in a few days if all the documents are submitted correctly and the required capital is deposited into a bank account before registration. Our team of Swiss lawyers can provide legal advice on all steps involved in setting up a company in Switzerland, as well as help you open a bank account in Switzerland. If you are interested in starting a business in another country, for example in Ireland, we can help you contact our partners.

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The Swiss Bar Association offers a wide range of legal services and legal representation. We are committed to assisting clients in the areas of public law, labor/employment law and immigration law. If you need help, don’t hesitate to email us and send us your details.

Foreign entrepreneurs can create one of the legal entities regulated by the legislation of the country. Entrepreneurs who want to start a company in Switzerland as a non-citizen should be aware that the most common forms of business registered in the country are limited liability companies and limited liability companies.

As indicated in the above list, foreign investors can register different types of partnerships in this country, provided they follow the specific procedures. Our Swiss legal team can advise on all matters related to company registration, depending on the type of company. Foreign investors wishing to set up a company as a partnership in Switzerland should be aware that the most important rules for this type of company can be observed in the Swiss Code of Obligations, which covers two types of partnerships, limited liability companies and general partnerships.

One of the main features of a Swiss company is that the business structure does not reflect the level of companies, which means that it must be registered by individuals at the moment. In order to run a Swiss business through a partnership, the founders must be registered in the commercial register regardless of the type.

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Full partnership is the most common form of registration during small business development; The company name of the full partnership must indicate the last name of one of the partners, as well as the type of entrepreneurship created.

One advantage for investors when starting a business as a general partnership in Switzerland is that they do not need to register a small amount of capital, but investors need to know that the company will pay its debts. In addition, over time, investors can increase their business activity and even increase the number of partners if they want to engage in new activities.

Since the partnership was created to promote entrepreneurial activity, it is subject to VAT registration in Switzerland; however, the tax system used in this case is calculated at the individual level, which means that the partners are taxed, not the structure itself. If the company’s annual turnover is above CHF 500,000, registration with the tax authorities is required and our Swiss legal team can provide information on how to proceed in this case. They can actually help non-residents set up companies in Switzerland and provide other business-related services.

How To Start A Company In Switzerland

A Swiss company or limited liability company is the most common way of doing business in Switzerland. It shows different legitimacy, it should have a board of directors. The board of directors may be represented by persons with foreign citizenship or domicile, provided that one of the directors is a Swiss citizen.

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This business model is for large companies, so the capital requirement is high, 100,000 CHF. At least 50% of the capital must be deposited after the establishment of the partnership, and the rest must be kept after the establishment. fixed, over time. To start a company as a joint venture in Switzerland, you should be prepared to wait about 2-4 weeks. Currently, the type of documents required may be determined by the Swiss legal entity.

Before starting a business in Switzerland, you should know the basic information about recruiting in the country. Registration in Switzerland is usually done by finding an employment agency or posting an ad in a national newspaper and/or on the Internet. With a high standard of living, Switzerland seems like a good place for job seekers. Therefore, the unemployment rate in Switzerland is generally lower than in neighboring countries.

Although this country is not a member of the European Union (EU), it has good relations with the European Union and provides national laws that are compatible with the laws of the European countries; therefore, it is very easy for Swiss companies to find suitable candidates for positions in all European countries.

While EU citizens can work freely in Switzerland, non-EU citizens must apply for a residence and work permit. There are many recruitment agencies operating both internationally and domestically in Switzerland, and our team of Swiss lawyers can provide in-depth advice on the applicable employment regulations and help you set up your company in Switzerland as quickly as possible.

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Switzerland is known for its service system, which is mainly based on the banking sector. Many investors open a Swiss bank account because the country offers a high level of security and convenience. The insurance sector also plays an important role in the Swiss economy.

In addition to banking and insurance, Switzerland has a highly developed tourism industry, where many foreigners choose to spend their holidays. Electronics, IT manufacturing, high-tech materials and biotechnology are key industrial forces. Apart from this, the pharmaceutical, real estate and healthcare sectors are also worth investing in.

Switzerland has a very high standard of living and a developing economy with a high GDP and low unemployment, making the country very attractive for business. In addition, Switzerland has a very developed business activity, Switzerland’s partners are countries such as Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom (UK) and France, and our lawyers can provide detailed information and help you. The process of setting up a business in Switzerland.

How To Start A Company In Switzerland

Swiss corporations receive certain income (interest, capital gains and liquidated gains) exempt from corporate income tax if certain conditions are met, such as profits from the sale of shares that are more than 12 months old and amount to at least 10% of the company. shares and voting rights.

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In addition, dividends must be received by a subsidiary if at least 10% of its share capital is owned by the Swiss parent company or if the market value of the shares is not less than 1 million.

Switzerland’s largest network of double tax treaties with many countries has signed treaties that assure foreign investors that their profits will not be taxed in their country of origin; Most importantly, entrepreneurs in Switzerland can benefit from reduced or exempted income tax, capital gains and taxes.

The Swiss company registration process takes 10 days to complete, as each step of the process must be completed separately. First, depending on the type of company chosen, the initial capital must be deposited into a bank account. The second option is to prepare the articles of association with a Swiss law firm, which can take up to three days. The average time to obtain a registration certificate from a state institution is 3 days. It takes another day to pay the stamp duty and two more days to register for VAT and social security for the normal functioning of the Swiss company.

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