How To Start A Mobile Tire Service Business

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How To Start A Mobile Tire Service Business – Komal Choong and his brother from Northland started Zohr Mobile Tire Service late last year. Choong drives to the customer’s home or workplace to replace, replace and/or balance the tires. It also changed the way consumers shop in Johnson County. Rich Hellman special for The Star

What if the shop came to you instead of going to the shop to buy tires and waiting for them to put them on your car?

How To Start A Mobile Tire Service Business

How To Start A Mobile Tire Service Business

That’s the idea behind Zohr Mobile Tire Service, the only business in Kansas City that offers complete tire service, repair and installation – like no other.

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Two 20-year-old brothers from Northland, Komal and Anoop Choong, started Zohr Mobile Tire Service late last year.

The pitch is simple: A Zohr technician will come to your home or office and install, maintain or repair your vehicles while you’re away for work or pleasure.

It’s a concept used in other auto repair shops like windshields. The taxi service has been around for years in other cities, but is relatively new to the Kansas City area. Shore Tire has been offering, among other things, mobile tire repair services since at least 2012.

Komal Choong said he found an opportunity to run his business out of his home and garage using a specially designed Mercedes van. The van is equipped with a positioning and weighing device, a hose for compressed air, a compartment for transporting tires and other accessories.

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The name Zohr has no meaning in English. Komal Choong says it’s one of the few .com URLs available right now and thinks it brings “power, power, power.”

Most tire stores are dealers, but Zohr customers buy tires online, either through Zohr or an online store like

He said Zohr has established relationships with several manufacturers, and most of the most popular cabinets are listed on its website,

How To Start A Mobile Tire Service Business

Zohr is an authorized tire rack installer popular with local bikers and high end car enthusiasts. Choong said he plans to “build a strong relationship with the enthusiast market” through appearances at local auto shows, races and other events, among other things.

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Choong is a car enthusiast himself. He worked on race cars while attending Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He was accepted to Space X in California and spent two years there before returning to his hometown.

“I have an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for cars,” he explains. “I found a group like what we’re doing and I was intrigued… I like it because there’s no waiting in the shop and you can see somewhere how everything works if you want.

As for price, Zohr charges $80 for drilling and balancing four shots, according to its website. Spins only, $50 for four rounds. According to the company, there is no extra charge because it is simple unless it is an emergency and two tires are fitted. A fuel surcharge may apply for off-campus trips, the website said.

“Typically, our service fees are higher than your average tire shop,” Choong said, “but our tire prices are usually, if not lower than, most stores.”

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“They can pay for the service online, call us, give us their keys and they’ll be done in about an hour,” Choong said. “This will give you back time.

“They were able to recommend a great tire, come to my house in 24 hours and take off and off my old tires and fit and balance the new tires on my driveway in less than two hours,” he said.

“It’s very convenient because I don’t have to leave the house to do all the work,” Frownfelter said. “They were also very helpful in recommending styles that suited my needs and were very cost effective.”

How To Start A Mobile Tire Service Business

Choong said the lack of stores helps Zohri keep its service costs competitive with other service providers. Although Zohr offers rotation, weighing and repair services when integrating new tires, it is not designed as an emergency solution in the event of a breakdown.

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Future business plans could include more than just providing car care, Choong said. “We can provide a one-stop service of changing tires, balancing wheels, changing oil,” he said. “We can centralize everything related to car maintenance.”

Fulfilling the business ambitions of the man poised to become China’s top economic official will test his tenure to see if he can fend off President Xi Jinping’s efforts to intervene. trailer, can go directly to the customer. It knows how to load, balance and everything else that a garage can handle without the limitations of a brick structure.

He is certified by TIA, the Tire Industry Association, as a professional tire trainer. TIA plays an important role in representing all aspects of the automotive industry at the state and federal level. He went to North Carolina and took classes at the NASCAR Training Center with the TIA to become more professional.

Prior to starting his own business, Brenning held management positions in the $17 billion transportation logistics industry worldwide. He said he was tired and started leaving his family and two young sons. So he gave up his suit and chain for dirty hands and hard work.

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“Starting your own business is very difficult,” Brenning said. “I had an opportunity. I took my retirement money and put it into this business. I didn’t want to borrow anyone to do it, I wanted to do everything myself and I could work.”

All Country Mobile Tire became an LLC in November and trailer installation began. Initially, there are many problems to solve, such as the ignition of the electrical system in the train and other things and problems to overcome.

“Let’s face it: the machines I have there don’t fit in a trailer or a car; but if you take the time and research and do the right things, you can put it in cars,” he said.

How To Start A Mobile Tire Service Business

He’s working with a company to create a sprinter (think FedEx delivery) that’s smaller and more mobile than a car or truck.

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Comfort and convenience are precious things these days. People don’t have to leave the house if they don’t want to. Brenning wants his business to be affordable and accessible to everyone in Ashland, Wayne and Medina counties, and eventually across the country.

“This morning I was working for a single mother with three kids and she said to me, ‘This is so crazy, I’m making breakfast and you’re going to take care of my tires and you’re better than people who know how to get them. .he’,” he said now. like this, because I’m a new business and I want people to say “wow, this guy’s prices are so good and he’s following me?”

For families with older children or single parents, finding tires is a hassle, sitting and waiting for hours or leaving the car for half a day, Brenning said, adding that his business can do everything an auto repair shop can do. at a fraction of the time and cost and goes directly to the customer.

“[One day] I was doing auto work at Jimmy John’s in Wooster. There was a guy meeting a friend for dinner and he said, ‘You can do it. Here’s a shot?'” and I said, “Yeah.” How much better can you be?” According to Brenning.

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“I actually work with a few people who have fleets as well,” Brenning said. “If you pay people to cut down trees or do other work on the side of the road when the tires are bad, what are they going to do? The worker took the bike to the shop and they stayed there for half a day. I can come and take care of it.”

“I want to work on myself and do my own thing,” he said. “I don’t know why I waited until I was 39, but I’m happy to spend time with my family and I love it.” Michelin’s August decision to operate a fully integrated tire industry raised eyebrows around the world. The United States is doing it, says GoTire founder Heather Murphy.

Last week, Murphy said the company’s announcement that it plans to offer a solid GoTire sales and service experience is what customers expect if their businesses work together.

How To Start A Mobile Tire Service Business

GoTire manufactures and sells fully equipped tires. The company started its activity in

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