How To Start A Nonprofit In Hawaii

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How To Start A Nonprofit In Hawaii – Hawaii Articles for Non Profit Organization | Form DNP-1 meets the basic filing requirements for Hawaii commercial and consumer businesses. This form is designed to provide only the minimum information required by the DCCA to form a local nonprofit corporation in this state. That is, if the formation entity will be a non-profit tax-exempt organization, you must write your articles of incorporation in a manner that meets the expectations of the Internal Revenue Service. If you are not familiar with the documents required by the I.R.S. and DCCA, you should consult the Internal Revenue Service. It is also wise to consult a lawyer.

You can submit these copies online or by mail. To submit online, you must login by providing your information at: To submit by paper you must remit payment in full of a $25.00 filing fee and a filing fee of $1.00 per article for a total of $26.00. You can choose to speed up the process. To do so, you must request it and pay an additional $25.00 service fee. Additionally, you can get a certified copy for an additional $10.00. Payment of filing fees, filing fees and any other required services can be made payable to the “Department of Business and Consumer Affairs” by check or money order. These articles can be printed or filled in by hand as long as you use black ink and are legible. Copies and any supporting documents should be sent to the Department of Business and Consumer Affairs, Business Registration Unit, P.O. should be sent to Tuma Box 40, Honolulu, HI 96810.

How To Start A Nonprofit In Hawaii

How To Start A Nonprofit In Hawaii

Step 1 – Download the Hawaii articles. Create a DC-1 by selecting the link above the words “Step 1” in these instructions or by visiting the “Domestic Nonprofit Organization” webpage maintained by the Hawaii Department of Business and Consumer Affairs: http:// cca breg/registration/ dnc. Then select the link “Paper Form DNP-1 (Fillable PDF)”. You must have a PDF program to run this document on screen and then print. Alternatively you can print it out and fill it in with a typewriter or black ink pen.

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Step 2 – The first essay is under the heading “I”. Here you will see a blank line under the words “The name of the organization will be.” Enter the full name of the nonprofit organization on this line.

Step 3 – Under the heading “II”, enter the complete email address of the previous head office of the organization.

Step 4 – In the third article, under the heading “III”, you should report “a” in the first blank space on the first line of the full name of the registered agent. If a business entity, enter the full name under which the business entity acting as a registered agent was originally created. Then enter the full street address of the person or business acting as a registered agent in the space provided in line “b”. This address must be the registered agent’s residential address and must be in the State of Hawaii.

Step 5 – In Section IV, enter the full name and address of each coordinator in the spaces provided. The first blank space of each line is reserved for the full name of the composer and the second blank line of each line is reserved for the full address of the composer.

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Step 6 – Check the box in Section V if the non-profit organization being formed is a member. Otherwise, you must put a check mark in the second box in Section V. You can only select one box.

Step 7 – Read the last two paragraphs of this form, they are used as confirmation of the terms of the clauses to be entered. Upon receipt, enter the calendar day, month and year these copies were signed.

Step 8 – On the first line below the date, the author should write or print his full name and then sign his name below the printed version. There must be enough space for two conductors in each row.

How To Start A Nonprofit In Hawaii

Step 9 – Hawaii Articles for a Non-Profit Organization | The DNP-1 form may be submitted with any supporting or required documents upon full payment of the $25.00 filing fee and $1.00 filing fee. You may choose to request and include payment to receive expedited processing ($25.00) and/or a certified copy ($10.00). Checks, money orders and cashier’s checks should be made payable to the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

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Step 1 – Log into your account at and then provide your email address and password.

Step 3 – Select the “QuickFile” button on the right to fill in the contents as they appear on the screen. This will bring you to a list of available online forms.

Step 4 – If you are submitting a form for the first time on Business Express, you will be given the opportunity to read and accept the terms and conditions. When you are ready, select the button labeled “Accept”.

Step 6 – You will have two portals on your home page. One of the wizards to help you with the form and the other with the QuickFile option. Select the “QuickFile” option.

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Step 7 – From this page, look for the link labeled “DNP-1 Articles of Incorporation (Non-Profit). This will be the third link from the top on the main screen.

Step 8 – A pop-up window will appear directing you to use the wizard if you are opening with multiple agents at the same time. Select the button labeled “Continue” to use QuickFile for our purposes.

Step 9 – This is the DNP-1 Online Form screen where you enter the necessary information to register the nonprofit with the Hawaii Secretary of State, thereby creating the entity.

How To Start A Nonprofit In Hawaii

Step 10 – In the first item, Article I, enter the full name of the non-profit organization being created. It should include the appropriate corporate suffix. The most common for a regular non-profit organization are Corporation, Inc., Corporation, and Inc.

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Step 11 – The next item, Section II, requires the full address of the headquarters email address. This should be provided in the fields labeled “Street 1,” “Street 2,” “City,” “State,” “Zip Code,” and “Country.”

Step 12 – Section IIIa requires the full name of the registered agent you found for the nonprofit. Every corporation in the State of Hawaii is required to maintain a registered agent who receives court-issued documents on behalf of the corporation. It may not be a corporation, but a separate entity that maintains a physical address in the state of Hawaii. If you are unsure of your Registered Agent’s Authorized Business Name, you can search by clicking “Find Your Registered Agent’s Authorized Business Name”. Then, in “Agent Type” indicate whether the registered agent is an individual or a business. On the next line, select “State” and then select the state where the registered office (Hawaii) is located from the drop-down list.

Step 13 – Then, in Section IIIb, report the full address of the registered agent. If it is an individual at the same address as the head office, select the “Same as mailing address” button if the pre-entered mailing address is a physical location. If not.

Step 14 – In Section IV, report the full name and full address of each coordinator. These are the people who make up this non-profit organization and are authorized to submit this form with the information provided. Under the heading “Incorporator #1,” enter the full name of the member in the field labeled “Name.”

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Step 15 – Enter the full address of the next organizer you just reported. When you’re done, you can select the link (on the left) labeled “Add another composer” or, if you prefer, select “Delete this composer” (next to the title). You can add as many as you want and edit each entry. When you’re done, go to the next section.

Step 16 – Report whether the non-profit organization being created has members or not. If so, select the radio button labeled “Yes.” Otherwise, select the radio button labeled “No”.

Step 17 – One of the coordinators listed in Article III must provide a digital signature by entering his full name in the “Coordinator’s Name” section at the bottom of the form. Under that, coordinators must provide their electronic signature in the field labeled “Coordinator’s Signature”.

How To Start A Nonprofit In Hawaii

Step 18 – If you want to save this form for later review, you can do so by selecting the “Save then Finish” button. When you are ready to submit this form, select the button labeled “Review and Purchase.” You will be provided with Hawaii Cooperative (Non-Profit) Articles to review prior to submission. You must pay a $25.00 filing fee when you file.

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