How To Start A Refurbishing Business

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How To Start A Refurbishing Business – Let’s face it, every home, every building has many possible causes of water damage. Used in washing machines, appliances, toilets, pipes, etc. you have malfunctions. No wonder so many people want to know how to start a water damage restoration business. There is so much potential here. And everyone knows there are gains in lightening, right? But where to start?

Remember that starting a business is not the same as getting a job. When you start a business, the ultimate goal is profit. To make a profit, you have to ask yourself, “Is this something easy enough for me to train other people for, and is it definitely profitable?

How To Start A Refurbishing Business

How To Start A Refurbishing Business

Businesses often say when someone sees a need/demand for a product or service and says, “Hey, I’m going to start a business!” It starts because he thinks. However, seeing a need/demand is not the only reason to start a business. It must also be profitable.

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For example, is it necessary when it comes to repairing lawnmowers? Yes probably. But is it snowy? Is it repeatable? Is this something that can be easily learned by workers or does it take 5 years to master lawnmower repair? If it will take 5 years to teach someone how to repair a lawnmower, if you decide to continue this business, you will not think about profit first.

“Should I?” Be sure to think of a sensible way to get the job as part of the But how? Where to start?

For example: Let’s take Amazon. Yes, Amazon sells to every Tom, Dick and Harry, BUT also relationships are very important to them. If there is something wrong with an order, they will do anything to fix it. From where? Because they don’t want to spoil the relationship.

With that in mind, a common mistake people make is immediately “How do I get a job on the Internet and all these resources that I know nothing about?” This is the wrong place to start.

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The starting place is in the relationships you already have. Ask yourself, “How is my network? Who do I know?”

And you might think, “I don’t know any plumbers, I don’t know any agents, I don’t know any adjusters.”

But think about who you know, not who you don’t know. Take your existing relationships and look for ways to build new ones.

How To Start A Refurbishing Business

From where? Because of all the people you know, how many people can have some sort of relationship with a plumber? With an insurance agent? Someone you know probably has a connection and can give you a great introduction.

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As you work on new relationships, you will build on those relationships and more will be added over time. Never forget that most of your work will come from relationships.

Let’s say you found a friend who knows a plumber. where are you going How do you build this relationship?

Don’t fall into the trap of growing your business by talking about how great your company is while being promoted. Instead, focus on building a relationship. Try to get to know them and find a common language.

For example, ask them about their work and how they became so successful. Did it belong to a family? Or was this cache something they scraped from the ground? Either way, it’s a great story and you can learn a lot about them and find more common ground to build on over time.

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That’s why most of the time they send you work, not because you have the most powerful air fans and big dehumidifiers… they don’t care. They will send you work because they will remember the good relationship you had with them.

How do you know if starting a restaurant business follows simple and repeatable rules? Education.

How else can you make an informed decision without having in-depth knowledge of the business you are trying to start?

How To Start A Refurbishing Business

Sure, you can do some research on the internet and get second-hand information, but only the IICRC WRT and ASD grade will give you a clear and detailed look at water damage repair and everything it involves. You will learn how to remove water using different types of equipment, how to install drying equipment, how to monitor with meters, how to find moisture pockets with an infrared camera, how to calculate the correct amount of drying equipment. drying. . productive work and much more.

Tips For Starting A Water Restoration Business

Of course, you’ll have to pay for the courses, but that’s a small price to pay to make sure you get into the right and profitable industry for you.

Let’s say you took the IICRC WRT and ASD course, learned the basics of water damage repair and decided to turn it into a profitable business. The next step is to consult an accountant and business insurance agent.

Find a good accountant and let him or her advise you on how to structure your company and what tax-related things you should set up. It may cost a few hundred dollars, but it really gets you started on the right foot.

Next, consult a good insurance agent who specializes in business insurance, not a home insurance agent. They can advise you on how to manage risk and help you get started.

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I get this question quite often, “What kind of equipment should I buy when I’m new to the restaurant business?”

Before you choose your equipment, decide: Will you try to stay as debt free as possible or do you have a $200,000 SBA loan you want to spend right away?

Honestly, this is a business that most people can start with almost zero credit. You can even get started for as low as $10,000. It will be a very simple setup, but once you don’t have a lot of pressure, you’ll be able to start making profits right away.

How To Start A Refurbishing Business

This is very important because the profits made will help get the business started, but paying for equipment alone is like getting your truck stuck in the mud. You can move, but it will be very, very difficult and you will have to fight to the death to pay the price.

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So, if you’re trying to get started and want to work with what you have, I recommend purchasing enough equipment to get the job done or get a very small job done.

What if you get a big job and don’t have enough tools? There are a few things you can do in this situation: You can then purchase the equipment you need for the job, or rent the equipment you need if you have established a relationship with a rental company in your area. This will prevent job losses and avoid tens of thousands of dollars waiting in storage.

We worked with Abatix’s Neil Gallien to compile some sample device lists, and Neil provided quotes for each.*

Example list number. 1- In this list; There are 1 Hygrometer, 1 Hygrometer, 1 Infrared Camera, 2 Big Dehus, 10 Air Motors and 1 AFD.

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Example list number. 2 – In this list; There are 1 hygrometer, 1 moisture meter, 1 infrared camera, 1 XL dehumidifier, 8 air fans and 1 AFD.

If one of these listings fits perfectly with what you need to get started, or if you’d like to get a bespoke quote on a range of equipment, contact Neil and he’ll arrange everything for you!

Don’t ask other people for contracts! The best place to start is to purchase the entire Ed Cross contract package for restoration contractors. You can find them HERE

How To Start A Refurbishing Business

But if you’re not in California, Florida, or Texas, you’ll need to take them to your attorney and have them set up for your state. This is because contract law is country-specific.

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You will not need all the contracts listed in the package. It will be more than enough for you, but that’s okay! You pick the ones you really need and let your lawyer do what’s right for you.

Some people say, “Well, why buy them when I can take them to my own lawyer?

Because if you go to your lawyer and ask him to write a contract for you, he says, “Well, what do you want him to write? This is the part you don’t know!

That’s why you buy a contract package from Ed Cross. He will give your lawyers everything they need and ask them to make it work for you depending on the state you live in.

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It saves you a lot of money because it’s much cheaper to buy that package, give it to your lawyer, and tell them “Do it for me” instead of preparing the contracts from scratch. believe me, it is

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