How To Start A Sneaker Cleaning Business

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How To Start A Sneaker Cleaning Business – Former USC student Eli Hayman left school last year to run his own shoe store on Melrose Avenue, Cookies N’ Kicks. The store has attracted celebrity clients such as Lamar Adam and Offset.

Customers entering Cookies N’ Kicks, located on the famous Melrose Avenue, are greeted with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The shoe store, with its music and basketball hoops, attracted high-profile clients such as Lil Yachty, Offset, and Lamar Odom, retired LA student Eli Hayman.

How To Start A Sneaker Cleaning Business

How To Start A Sneaker Cleaning Business

“The main thing we do is if you buy kick We’ll give you cookies,” said Heyman, a former real estate developer. Last year, the 21-year-old decided to forgo USC for his business. Cozgo Shoe Cleaner Kit For Sneaker, Water Free Foam Sneaker Cleaner 5.3oz With Shoe Brush And Shoe Cloth,work On White Shoe,suede,boot,canvas,pu,fabric,etc

Hayman built his first business, Wype the Hype, a shoe shine service on Melrose Avenue while at USC. Hayman said she had trouble sleeping while balancing work and school. She arrived at the grocery store at 9pm and left at 5pm. Following the success of Wype the Hype, he dropped out of school and launched Cookies N’ Kicks in 2019.

“When this opportunity comes I contacted my best friend and business partner at the time,” Hayman says. “I told him I thought it was a shoe store.

Before starting out as an entrepreneur, Hayman was a sneaker retailer. By leveraging social media and other online marketing platforms, Hayman draws inspiration from the sneaker industry and the profit opportunities that come from selling sneakers. Heyman says Cookies N’ Kicks fits his current ambitions.

“I’m not really here for the money right now,” Heyman says. “It doesn’t really matter to me. The important thing is that we meet every day. We met the best people. and have the best chance.” Kaps 4 Sneakers Shoe Care Cleaning Kit

Haiman, an immigrant from Australia, has lived in Los Angeles for 16 years. While living in the city, he became familiar with sneaker culture and the sneaker community, such as buying and selling. shoe He said he bought what he liked the most. Instead of buying a few pairs of sneakers to keep up with the trend.

“I have an amazing Converse collection, like the Converse 80,” Hayman said. “If I like it, I’ll buy it.”

Despite the abundance of sneaker shops on Melrose Avenue, Hayman says they lack customer service. Part of the motivation for starting Cookies N’ Kicks was to create a friendly environment with a focus on making the sneaker shopping experience enjoyable for customers.

How To Start A Sneaker Cleaning Business

“Eli is the most stubborn person I’ve ever met,” says Cookies N’ Kicks co-owner Dominiq Sotelo. He will go out and get it for you.”

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The store features a basketball court, an upstairs lounge, and great attention to detail, and Cookies N’ Kicks currently has more than 37,000 Instagram followers.

“My experience at Cooks N’ Kicks has always been great,” says Hrak Aaradian, a sneaker retailer that carries 213 Solez. “I’ve bought sneakers from them in the past, and Eli is lovely.”

Hayman works with various business partners in the store, focusing on the financial aspects of things like cost and tax tracking. Because each business partner has its own role in maintaining and growing the business.

“I’m coming up with something new. that create more brands and profits,” said Heyman.

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He is currently working with developers and design retailers. To promote the brand and create cleaning products for the store and experience his first business.

Although modeling is not sustainable in her current life, Hayman wants to return in a few years and eventually earn her degree. She said the real estate classes were the most rewarding part of her time at USC.

His favorite class was Shaping Cities Through Real Estate, where he formed a close relationship with Professor Bret Nielsen.

How To Start A Sneaker Cleaning Business

But Heyman says this is only the beginning. She hopes to use Cookies N’ Kicks as a starting point for the rest of her career. Build good relationships and learn through experiences.

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How To Start A Sneaker Cleaning Business

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“I’m a big-headed tennis player,” Keegan says. “I’ve been around since I was 14 … so I probably have 200 to 300 pairs of shoes.”

“I had the idea during COVID and in the middle of my freshman year in college that I thought I could do this,” Keegan said of the origins of his business.

“I’m a shoe shiner,” Keegan said. “My job is a name…I clean people’s shoes.”

How To Start A Sneaker Cleaning Business

Yes! If your sneakers are dirty All you have to do is drop off the shoes at Keegan and they’ll come back as good as new.

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“Then Do you want your shoes to be waterproof? I can. Or do you want the soles really clean and looking like new… I can too,” Keegan said.

After many trial and error. Keegan discovers his hidden cleaning solution.

South Dakota State University junior majoring in business economics and entrepreneurial studies. It bodes well for his business.

“I used to say that you never know how something will go until you understand it,” Keegan says. “There’s never a good time to start a business. There is no better time to go out and do what you love. That’s what drove me to get out and start.” Shoe Mo – Shoe & Sneaker Care Designed in 2016 started as a home business in Malaysia. As of 2020, Shoe Mo has 13 offices in 4 countries in Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. to carry more than 2000 pairs above

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