How To Start An Antique Business Online

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Living at home with the video conference, young people with a natural culture have become an important new market for those selling antiques and collectibles in boutiques, stores and online.

How To Start An Antique Business Online

How To Start An Antique Business Online

“Sup, queen,” Macy Eleni called her million TikTok followers in a new video. “Welcome to the ultra-fitastic, crowded real estate market of Los Angeles.”

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Since the outbreak, Eleni has been working with people as they shop through thrift stores, thrift stores and antique shops, leaving advice to those new to the economy she has been around since childhood. Update: Eleni is 28 years old and her followers are younger than millennials.

This goes against all the “kids don’t like your stuff” advice given by AARP and others in recent years. PBS’s long-running “Antiques Roadshow” has turned antiques shows into low-cost shows, especially furniture.

But COVID changed everything. Staying at home with a video conference, young people with good habits have become a new market for the value of antiques and art to improve their environment, going above and beyond buying from the de rigueur luxury clothes, irrefutable evidence shows.

“Gen Z is sick of fast fashion” in every aspect of their lives, says Eleni. “It’s not sustainable, it’s bad for people and it’s bad for the environment.”

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Eleni realized she had a lot of nerves when she moved into the house in the first week of the coronavirus lockdown, and, when the shops were closed, she visited the mall to collect things for her new place. The house is from the 1980s, and he decided to record the trip and turn it into a TikTok, where he is known as @blazedandglazed.

At the end of the year, his article has thousands of views and a comment section full of young people who have never heard of such shows, where people open their homes and think “everything must go”. Often, it’s because someone has died and their family wants to sell their property quickly, or the homeowner is moving and can’t move anything.

Eleni never spends more than $100 on anything, and her haul includes antiques, clothing, furniture and home decor. The visuals are classic trash: one leopard print and ribbed glass for what he calls “promiscuous ’80s vibes”.

How To Start An Antique Business Online

His rapid success earned him a contract with many companies that run the country’s trade. Usually, they go out all day and shoot videos to promote the product.

Antique Store Nyc

“TikTok has ruined everything,” said Eleni, who graduated from Ohio University with a degree in marketing and fashion and hopes to make her mark in television. “Posting one video can change the life of a store.”

Younger buyers who go to auctions helped keep her business going last year, said Sheryl Coughlan, who has sold antiques for 28 years, finding items on the street during that time. Now, he stocks antiques through his Burbank store, Antiques on Magnolia, which promises “Beverly Hills items at Burbank prices,” including national sales and EBay.

Since the outbreak, Coughlan estimates a 35% increase in younger customers. To gain more attention, he increased the number of social networks and promoted his articles on Facebook for many years.

“If I just depended on the store, I don’t know if I could do it,” he said after the disease forced him to close for nine months. “Food, water and electricity are important, old things are not modern.”

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Tricia Beanum leans back in a Mies van der Rohe MR armchair at Pop Up Home and looks at her latest pieces: a vintage Persian dress, mid-century ceramics, brass and a Milo Baughman glass étagère.

Coughlan thinks that the number of antique dealers has increased during the crisis because everyone lives inside all day and is looking for a warm, natural look – which he believes is why they sell wooden tables.

“You can buy a metal table at Ikea, but it will break in six months and you have to buy another one,” he said. “Metal security is great for social media, but since we spend all day at our desks at Zoom, people want a cupboard and warm wood.”

How To Start An Antique Business Online

He said that one customer had bought Victrola record players as a display – one for each corner.

Antique Gold Business Cards

“Antiques Roadshow” host Tara Finley, left, tells Sue Dale at the 2001 event that the engine is still in use. The current one is $700. The long-running PBS show has replaced old programs with new content, often at low prices on many items, especially furniture. Now, the new generation prefers traditional clothes.

It’s a lonely time, Coughlan said, and young people are looking to connect with families they don’t see in person. He said many customers come to his store and notice that a piece looks like something from their grandmother, and buy it for that reason alone.

Coughlan’s antiques usually cost anywhere from $500 to thousands. They recently sold a nice $19,000 one for $4,000. A few months ago, he sold a 9-foot French hand-painted table for $2,200 that was originally valued at $12,000.

“We don’t handle a lot of money here,” he said. “We’re trying to make ends meet, we’re trying to close the doors.”

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Most of his income comes from house sales, which he says can bring in $30,000 in three days while the retail store brings in $15,000 to $18,000 a month. He shared the profits with his owner 50/50.

A recent auction in Hancock Park brought in 2,300 buyers – a profit-seeker but a nightmare to sustain in the event of disaster. His four-person team tested temperatures and dispensed forms while spraying hundreds of bottles of Lysol.

Stefani Colvin, a 21-year-old singer and frequent real estate agent, has an idea for the growing interest in antiques.

How To Start An Antique Business Online

“Young people want to be different, especially Gen Z,” he said. “The idea of ​​having something that no one else has is exciting to us.”

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During the pandemic, Mr. Colvin made money through Depop, a marketplace used by Millennials and Gen Z. To date, he has sold 1,541 items and gained 30,000 followers thanks to his unique offerings that include Betty Boop tank tops, cute shirts and dresses. . and a fiery skull.

Although most of her purchases ended up at Depop, she kept her favorite items, including a 1960s tiger cub statue and a KISS band she found at a band manager’s house sale.

Tori Ross, 22, stands next to the clothes she collected at flea markets around LA.

Among the poor who were sold in Calabasas recently was 22-year-old Tori Ross. She arrived at 5 o’clock in the morning, but it was not enough to beat the people who slept in their cars all night to ensure the start of the line.

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Since January, Ross has held two to four auctions every weekend and has filled his West Hollywood apartment with antiques, including a Jonathan Adler glass table and a wooden clock from the 1970s.

Sales – which often range from young buyers looking for something special to professional collectors trying to buy all the best items and resell them for a profit – can be confusing. Ross said there was a fight between the two who attended.

“Some brought their boards with paper and pen and put their names on the top of the list in order to get a place as soon as possible, but the sellers caught them because there was no starting list,” he said. . .

How To Start An Antique Business Online

After being denied entry, the people using the fake lines returned a few hours later wearing yellow shirts, big glasses and strange voices. That didn’t work either.

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At that sale, Ross said, someone ahead of him in line bought a high-end outfit and spent $20,000. Meanwhile, Ross produced Louboutin’s 1992 Andy Warhol jackets. and a few porn movies on VHS.

Like Eleni, she became famous through TikTok, and her commercial video for Calabasas has almost a million views on the app.

The technology behind Thursday’s $69 million sale of digital art may be a flash in the pan, or it could be the next wave in art and media. Maybe both.

As Gen Z descends on real estate sales and antique shops, this younger, more affluent generation is entering the technology space late. With disposable income and nothing to spend, 30-somethings are driving the market in the culture of the super-rich.

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Art dealers are Daniel and Dori Rootenberg

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