How To Start An Event Photography Business

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How To Start An Event Photography Business – I’m a branding photographer living in Charleston, SC, I love eating strawberries and my obsession is teaching others how to live the life they love.

Taking pictures is always a lot of fun. I love being a fly on the wall (or attending sometimes!) and photographing all the best moments of an event. I’ve photographed everything from Charleston Fashion Week, beauty shows with Trish McEvoy and RMS Beauty, Tribe Hatch shows, and seasonal shows on Kiawah Island. The list goes on! Having photographed many events over the years, I have come to realize that event photography is essential to any successful business. Read on to find out why and how you can use event photography in your business!

How To Start An Event Photography Business

How To Start An Event Photography Business

If you have an event planned for your business, I highly recommend hiring a photographer (like I did!) Event photos are a very useful marketing tool. After the event, you can come away with more than 100 photos showcasing an amazing event you had and how much fun your guests had! Think about it: if you don’t have photos from the party, did it really happen? If you hire an event photographer, you’ll have a great collection of photos to use on social media, your website, and marketing materials. You’ve already showcased your business and brand on social media, so why not showcase your latest event? People love to see behind the scenes and event photography does just that!

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Event photography also gives visitors a reason to remember the blast they had at your business. Sharing photos after the event is like handing out business cards. Think of event photos as party favors that keep your potential customers coming back again and again!

Want some ideas on how to use your event photos? Read on to discover 5 ways to use event photography to market your business!

You may already be blogging about your business, so why not create an article summarizing your event? Your guests will love reliving it, and anyone who didn’t come will see what they missed!

Whenever I think about buying tickets to an event, I like to look at photos from previous events. It’s always good to get a feel for the venue and the general atmosphere of the event before shelling out money for tickets. If your event photos show how amazing your event is, people won’t hesitate to buy.

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Everyone loves a nice professional photo of themselves! Post a photo gallery of your event on Facebook and Instagram and tag as many of your guests as you can! You will remind your visitors of the good times and reconnect with everyone online. Bonus: Invite people to comment on their favorite part of the show!

You probably added new people to your email list after the event, so why not send them an email thanking them for signing up? Add some photos to the show and you’re golden!

I am sending my event photography clients a photo gallery to download and share. Not enough to collect! Send this gallery to your visitors and let them download and share the photos too. Ask them to tag your business in photos and you get free marketing!

How To Start An Event Photography Business

The next time you plan an event for your company, don’t forget to hire a photographer! If I can help you, go to my event page for more information and contact me! You can create your own version of this contract document using the photo/media contract package. Follow these steps to get started.

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An assignment/event photography contract is an agreement to provide photographic and printing services for assignments and/or events to your client. It covers issues such as missed key shots, issues beyond the photographer’s control such as individual action or inaction, weather conditions, equipment failure, and more.

As a new freelance designer there are many documents to provide to clients. Organization is key when projects need to be completed quickly. With the contract package I also bought the proposal package guide. With Wizard I can track every contract and proposal for every client I have. Right from the Proposal Package Wizard I can attach any contract document to my proposal with a click, thanks to that I’m back on track.

This assignment agreement or event photo is included in an editable Word format that can be customized in Word or using the included Wizard software.

Once you order and download your photo/media deal package, you’ll have all the materials you need to start your official statement.

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You can customize the contract document as much as you like. You can also use the included Wizard software to automate the merging of name/address data.

THIS AGREEMENT IS ENTERED INTO THIS DAY OF THIS MONTH, THIS YEAR BY AND BETWEEN THE BUSINESS NAME (“Photographer”) AND THE BUSINESS NAME (“Customer”). Professional photographers provide personalized photographic and printing services for a fee. The Client wants specific services from the photographer (“Services” or “Photographer Services”) as set forth in Exhibit B.

In view of the mutual commitments set forth in this Agreement, the Client and the Photographer agree as follows:

How To Start An Event Photography Business

Photographer agrees to provide the Services in accordance with the specifications set forth in the attached Exhibit B (“Specifications”).

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The Photographer will use reasonable care in developing the Proof and will endeavor to deliver to the Client all the approved specifications set out in Annex B no later than the Delivery Date. However, the customer acknowledges that the delivery terms listed in Annex B are estimates and not the requested delivery date. The photographer will retain all rights to all photographic content, custom shots, proofs or other intellectual property for the entire project and will provide the client with the output format only.

The Client shall retain all of the Client’s intellectual property rights in logos, graphics, text, images or other components owned and delivered to the Photographer for use in performing or creating the Services.

Photographer shall retain, to the extent permitted by law, all copyright and interest in any film, digital file, proof, sample, print or negative created or produced for Customer under this Agreement. The Client agrees to return to the Photographer any material that the Client may have about the Photographer, such as artwork, models, compositions, text, digital media, film, images, or other physical or digital embodiment of the Photographer’s creative work made under this agreement . Upon termination or expiration of this agreement, the Customer agrees that they are solely responsible for all further use of the content and advertisements made by the Photographer in this agreement. Additional fees may include, but are not limited to: Fees, licenses, translations, royalties, talent and related fees.

The photographer’s obligation will not apply for use abroad. Customer is granted worldwide, non-exclusive rights to use materials for promotional, advertising, internal, or other agreed uses as described in Exhibit B. DO NOT resell or distribute any photos or materials to third parties or event attendees.

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All uses of photos or materials must be copyrighted to the photographer where possible and must be “Current Year Copyright, Credit.

For any Services by the Photographer under this Agreement, the Client shall compensate the Photographer in cash, in accordance with the terms of Schedule A hereto. If the Client fails to make any of the payments referred to in Annex A within the time limit set out in Annex A, the Photographer will have the right, but not the obligation, in whole or in part, to pursue the following matters. remedies: (1) terminate the agreement, (2) retain all content, Services and content, (3) file legal action. If the Photographer has agreed to co-sponsor the event, the Client must comply with the requirements and deliverables in terms of Exhibit A attached to this document related to the Photographer’s promotional and publicity materials.

All licenses will be revoked if Customer fails to make any of the payments described in Exhibit A within the time limits described in Exhibit A.

How To Start An Event Photography Business

The Client agrees to indemnify and hold the Photographer harmless against any claim, loss, action, liability or judgment incurred by the Client arising from the use of any material prepared by the Photographer or the performance of the Services by the Photographer or management. Photographer, has changed materially from the specification. The photographer will not be responsible for “key photos”. Principal Shots means all photographs or images requested by the Client for the photographer. The photographer will not be responsible for adverse effects or similar impacts on the results arising from, but not limited to: weather conditions, time, actions of individuals present at the shooting location, or results depending on the actions or presence of individuals at any shooting location. . , transportation problems, equipment failure, access to the shooting location, or something else beyond the photographer’s control. The photographer will not be responsible for any delay or loss of shooting time due to any action or inaction or adverse effects that the Client may suffer as a result of any action or inaction by the Client.

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