How To Start An Italian Ice Business

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How To Start An Italian Ice Business – July 4th was crazy for most of our sellers. We have sent the attached video with some music and many testimonials from users of 4th of July events. Here is the video:

There are still a dozen karts left for this season. Let us know if you want one or both of these. You still have July, August, September and October 2012 in the Italian snow season.

How To Start An Italian Ice Business

How To Start An Italian Ice Business

#1: We were able to set up shop in less than 15 minutes to install sinks, tables and our helmet screens. We started getting foot traffic, free samples were important to us and people came back to us once they got a taste of it. I believe we had a bit of a buzz about “Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice”. Unfortunately monsoon decided to shower on us and we had to endure 2 or 3 good showers. Despite the horrible weather that followed, we had smiling kids and we got it… We had a visit from a long time Eeegees customer who asked to try some snow because her granddaughter told her it was ours. Much better than Ice Eegees. First he tried a sample, then switched completely and ordered ice cream for himself, and his kids were right! I have to say it was the highlight of the day and beat all the rain.

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Our feeling is that if we advance in the monsoon, we cannot wait for a sunny event.

#2: Hi Dennis, We were working on an event on the 4th. It’s a good day, averaging $100 an hour. Thanks for Touchbase!

#3:  Yesterday was a great day at a downtown celebration. We were lucky to be one of the few vendors as this was the first time our city organized the fourth event in many years, but the crowd was great and the event went well. My husband tried to videotape our lines for a discount on our next order, but only got a few minutes because we all had to leave and get cash. We transferred at least 4 full ice buckets from both of our vehicles. My arms hurt from the collection but it was worth it, now even more Midlanders know about Italian Ice!! Thanks for everything! It has been a good business for us.

No, we leave for California on Friday for my daughter’s national gymnastics qualifier. When we come back, we’re allowed to sell twice a week at Little League games in Odessa that go right with the helmets, and we’ve got a couple of fairs and festivals this month. During the Fourth of July celebration, a local TV station gave us a little plug, allowing us to post a photo on Facebook of the announcers and their crew giving away free ice, and then eating the ice. They came and talked to us and asked us to tell them what event we were at, so they explained it to them. He was very clean.

John’s Water Ice

We had a great day!! My daughter gave a 15-20 minute video without long lines and interruptions. We will send it to you after transferring it from your phone to your computer.

#5: We want to sell ice. Snow boosted our sales to 4th and back to 500! Thanks! More to hear this year. Can’t wait

#6: Hi Anthony- I’m finishing up some projects at work and getting ready to start spring events. I still have 20 buckets left and some events planned for the end of the month. Had a great time last year and have been asked to come back for several events this year. I am now working with my family who own a 501C3 business ( because we are the only Native American tribe recognized by the State of Maryland recently on January 9th. , 2012 Governor Martin O’Malley. It has created a great opportunity for my family and tribe.

How To Start An Italian Ice Business

Thanks for getting in touch and I hope you and your family are well. I will contact soon to buy more ice.

Bozeman Business Boom: From Trailer To Storefront, Genuine Ice Cream Grows In Post Coivd Economy

This is one of the longest videos we’ve seen on Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice. Sometimes I edit these videos to less than five minutes, however in this case I thought it would be interesting to see the entire video from the client’s point of view. Everything, take the basket and arrange it and go to a ceremony and a real event. The first part of the video is about Italian Ice. The second part of the video is about an air show where Leanne sees Little Jimmy selling Italian ice. As an Italian ice vendor, you get a front row seat to the cooling events you attend. From helicopter rescues, to flying on airplanes, to parades, Leanne saw it all while on the job. You certainly can’t do that behind a desk! If you too are interested in selling Italian Ice, give us a call at 800 763-4348 and we’ll help you get started.

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice gives you the ability to be as creative as the Bradshaw family of California and create your own Italian ice business. Check out their Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice commercial (aka Little Peas).

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When was the last time you had fun at work? Watch as Larry and company delight their customers in Washington State while making money selling Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice.

Selling ‘happiness In A Cup’

© 2016 MAGLIONES ITALIAN ICES, LLC. All rights reserved. | 111 Madison Street, Iselin, NJ 08830 | Privacy Policy Cartel and Carla McDonald are co-owners of Show-Me Shaved Ice, a seasonal shaved ice and ice cream parlor in Hannibal, Missouri.

Apart from being a delicious destination for locals, visitors and families in summer, it offers a variety of sweets and accompaniments. This beautiful venue is a delight to host and entertain the community at the start of summer.

We’re a seasonal business, open May through September, offering over 28 varieties of shaved ice, not to mention some unique original flavors we’ve created by combining flavors and toppings. We offer frozen custard as a dessert or in cones or smoothies, mixers and planes. We call two of our products a showstopper: Frozen Ice!

How To Start An Italian Ice Business

We have a semi-permanent building for the season and a trailer that we take to fairs, festivals, corporate events and other hospitality events.

Couple To Open Shaved Ice, Craft Soda Shop In Franklin

My husband retired after 30 years and was looking for something to keep him busy. Our son was in college in another part of the state and he had an ice shaver trailer that drove close to campus. When we met him, he took us in and we all decided our town needed some shaved ice!

We are a tourist town and we have a university. We thought it would be great for visitors and students and local families. We bought a trailer and parked it in a restaurant parking lot. Then, a few years later, he added ice cream, found a more suitable location, purchased a new semi-permanent building for the main location, and began booking trailers for various events around the area.

My favorite part is offering something unique and fun to the residents and visitors of our community. Families look forward to the opening of Show-Me Shaved Ice in May, and many have made each season’s first visit an annual tradition that marks the start of summer. My husband also likes to be known around town as the “shaved ice guy.”

The biggest challenge is finding employees who have a strong work ethic and understand the challenges of small business ownership. They don’t feel the trust and responsibility we give them. A worker may not have the same passion and sense of quality as a business owner.

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One of our biggest concerns in opening a business is hiring others and doing all the work required. The Patriots made it one of the easiest things to do!! A few simple data entries to set up a new employee, then a few minutes each pay period to enter working hours, and Patriot takes care of the rest. pay

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