How To Start Lipgloss Business

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Abrar Al-Hiti is an animator and video producer with interests in internet trends, entertainment, pop culture and digital accessibility. Before joining the video team, he was a screenwriter in a cultural group. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism. Although she moved back to Illinois, she now likes San Francisco – steep hills and all.

How To Start Lipgloss Business

How To Start Lipgloss Business

Expertise Abrar has dedicated his career to breaking the latest trends on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, and has reported on diversity and inclusion initiatives in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Credits

Tiktok Is Full Of Homemade Lip Glosses. But Should You Buy Them?

Homemade lip gloss videos on TikTok have garnered hundreds of millions of views. But how safe are these products? Sarah Tew

Watching the hashtag #lipglossbusiness on TikTok is a journey of the senses. The tubes are sprayed with shiny pink sequins with butterfly sparkles. Different oils, pigments and flavorings are mixed together to create the “perfect shade of red”. The money bubble bursts when it is filled with customer orders. Many of the videos offer an ASMR experience, embracing the amazingly immersive sights and sounds of the process.

The lip glosses are eye-catching, handmade, and inexpensive — some sell for $2.99 ​​a tube — making them a hit with makeup fans on TikTok. Comment sections are flooded with people from all over the world hoping to get their hands on the products.

But these videos, which have garnered more than 700 million views on the short video app, may understandably give some people pause. How hygienic is the creation and packaging of these glosses? What ingredients are in these products and how safe are they for the skin and body?

How To Start A Lipgloss Business: A Quick Guide To Being A Lipgloss Boss

Many of the best TikTok videos emphasize hygiene, showing creators washing their hands before starting the process, wiping down surfaces with Clorox wipes, cleaning lip gloss filling machines, and soaking empty tubes in detergent. Some provide general information about the ingredients in the lip gloss, such as lip gloss base, coconut oil, and in some cases, preservatives.

Other sellers are not as transparent and may not list all the ingredients they use. A common complaint in TikTok comments is that some business owners don’t use gloves when mixing ingredients and packing glitter, or when working on surfaces that can’t be wiped and disinfected, like carpets. Unsanitary and hazardous substances can cause adverse reactions in users.

Cosmetics not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. In fact, the laws governing the safety of personal care products in the United States have not changed since 1938. is considered harmful.

How To Start Lipgloss Business

It’s not just small sellers that face security issues with their products. Large cosmetic companies are also accused of selling harmful products. In 2018, thousands of people complained of hair loss, scalp irritation, and other hair problems after using DevaCurl products. In 2016, the FDA opened an investigation into another hair care line, Wen by Chaz Dean, after it was the subject of similar complaints. The company eventually settled the class-action lawsuit for $26 million. And EOS, the company behind the iconic round lip balms, also settled a class-action lawsuit after a “significant number of consumers” experienced reactions including rashes, blisters and dryness.

It’s My Birthday! Lipgloss Wholesale 30 Pre Filled 15ml Tubes

Beauty videos on TikTok are attractive. But you have to be careful what you buy. Screenshot of Abrar Al-Hiti/

So, even if you know the ingredients of the product and it’s made in a lab, it’s still possible to have a negative reaction. This risk may be higher with a handmade product due to more uncontrollable variables and possibly fewer safety precautions.

Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. “There’s a lot less background checks and a lot less federal oversight.”

A few people in Congress hope to change that. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, introduced a bipartisan bill in 2019 called the Personal Care Product Safety Act, which would require companies to guarantee the safety of their products before they go on the market. market. If passed, it would also give the FDA “authority to regulate personal care products” and establish a process to do so, including reviewing the safety of ingredients used in cosmetics.

Wholesale Lipgloss Start Your Lipgloss Business

In the meantime, it’s vital that consumers do their own research on products and ingredients that may be harmful to them. This is especially true when buying online from small companies, as not all sellers list their ingredients and manufacturing methods.

“In general, personal care products are really safe,” Xu said. “But there are things where you probably won’t get the level of quality control you get from a big brand. For many of these products … you don’t know where they come from, [so] there is a risk that they contain adulterated ingredients.”

Consumers need to remember that just because a product is handmade doesn’t automatically make it better or safer, said Dr Tamara James-Todd. Chan School of Public Health.

How To Start Lipgloss Business

“A lot of times people think that homemade products are more natural,” James-Todd said, “but you could just be adding something just as harmful to your more ‘natural’ product.”

How To Start A Lipgloss Business

Anyone creating their own cosmetics for sale or personal use should be familiar with every ingredient they add. This includes preservatives that are usually added to extend the life of lip gloss. The most common preservatives are parabens, a group of chemicals found in many other cosmetics and personal care products, including shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and sunscreens. Some studies show that parabens can cause harm, such as disrupting hormones, adversely affecting fertility and reproductive organs, and possibly increasing the risk of cancer.

Another serious concern doctors have about certain cosmetic products is the use of certain essential oils, which are not always safe. Dermatologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. Rajani Katta says there is a high risk of causing an allergic reaction if essential oils are applied directly to the skin. James-Todd notes that people should be especially aware of oils like lavender and tea tree oil, which can alter the normal functioning of the endocrine system.

“I can see it’s definitely a fad,” James-Todd said of essential oils. “Most people don’t know what it is. They like the smell and think it’s safe… If you’re going to make your own products, it’s really important to learn about the ingredients in those products and what potentially harmful derivatives some of them are.”

Gina Alva started making her own cosmetics last year after seeing DIY lip gloss videos on TikTok. Within four days of posting her video, she reached 10,000 subscribers. Alva, who makes vegan lip glosses, currently has over 400,000 followers on her Glossy Gems TikTok account.

How To Launch A Lip Gloss Business, Chicago, 15 April 2021

She says she’s learned a lot about making cosmetics safely over the past year, both for herself and her business. Unfortunately, she notes, not all designers take the time to learn what ingredients to use and how to hygienically create lip glosses.

Alva has seen all kinds of unsafe practices, from people not using gloves to washing lip gloss tubes filled with water that can seep into the product and cause bacteria. He also noticed that people were using pigments in their lip glosses that weren’t really meant for lips, like the neon ones meant for soap. Cosmetic pigments must be FDA-certified for the range, she notes, and designers can check the website of lip gloss supplier TKB Trading, which explains which pigments can be used for lips or eyes.

Be sure to check out the ingredients and manufacturing processes for the handmade lip glosses you’ll find online. Getty Images

How To Start Lipgloss Business

Fortunately, he notes, TikTok is a way for business owners to get a behind-the-scenes look at their practices and reassure customers that they’re taking the proper security measures. If you want to buy lip gloss or other cosmetics on TikTok, Alva advises customers to contact the sellers to ask how long they’ve been in business and how many customers they have. It’s also worth reviewing their manufacturing process and the ingredients they use, and learning more about their general precautions. If they are unwilling to share any of these details, it is best not to buy from them for your own safety.

“There’s a niche that wants to support small businesses, and that’s great,” Alva said, “but there needs to be more transparency in where they’re doing their business.”

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