How To Start Tarot Reading

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How To Start Tarot Reading – You might have seen someone draw tarot cards on TikTok or Instagram. Tarot, which began as a card game in Europe in the 15th century, has recently seen a cultural renaissance, as evidenced by social media.

Often, tarot is used as a form of fortune telling where practitioners draw cards to gain information about a situation. Each of the 78 cards in the deck represents a different power. By interpreting the cards read, it is possible to make a prediction or tell a story.

How To Start Tarot Reading

How To Start Tarot Reading

But the uses of tarot are much more than pop culture makes them out to be. The cards can be used as a companion for therapy, a springboard for journaling, or a source of storytelling. Basically, they can be anything you want them to be.

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While you can certainly visit a tarot practitioner for a reading, you can also learn how to read your own tarot cards. That way you can define your relationship with them and decide how they can fit into your life.

Dealing with all 78 cards can be confusing and challenging, especially at first. The deck is divided into 22 Major Arcana cards, which are particularly important, and then the 56 cards are divided into four levels, each of which has a different power. Each card has a different meaning and takes on new meaning when combined with other cards.

Listening to advice from professional readers can help guide your journey – because everyone has their own ideas. As a professional astrologer and tarot reader, I find it helpful to keep a journal of all the cards you draw on a regular basis. My grandmother, who read tarot during the Great Depression, taught me that if you see the same cards over and over again, they are trying to tell you a message. Keeping track of your tarot readings can help you see patterns and themes to pay attention to.

The Tarot depends on your understanding. As you shuffle and draw the cards, you’ll stop at the cards you “guess” are right and then give interpretations based on what you hit. Self confidence is important.

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So before you start, make sure you are relaxed and in tune with yourself. Try to meditate or take a few deep breaths before you start mixing. A gentle candle can also transport you into the right mood.

Mariah Oller, Charlotte tarot card reader and creator of the Tarot of Life deck, explains the importance of foundation. “Grounding gives you space to answer the questions you need and get clear guidance from the reading.” said Oler. “The landscape helps us find it. It allows us to define our needs and act towards our goals. “

Tarot cards are often used to provide information about a subject. When approaching the cards with a question, it is better to ask a question with a conclusion rather than a yes or no question. That way, letters can be the beginning of a story rather than a closed door.

How To Start Tarot Reading

For example, instead of asking, “Will I ever find love?” you may ask, “How can I attract a partner?” or “What obstacles stand between me and openness?”

A Tarot Spread For Mediumship ⋆ Angelorum

Mallorca tarot reader Caitlin McGarry recommends keeping your intention or question in mind when turning and choosing cards.

“Let the energy go between your fingers and the cards. “When you feel like you’re done, you can start collecting cards or cut up different piles to put them in and make one,” McCarry said.

McGarry suggests starting with one card reading before diving into the spiels. In the spread, each placement has a different meaning; letters, together, tell a story. West, Present and Future is a popular three card market.

Celtic Cross is a more complex multi-card transaction that can provide a deeper perspective on a situation.

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards

So, you’ve shuffled and drawn some cards. What lies ahead? Before picking up a tarot book or looking for an interpretation online, try to interpret the cards yourself.

“Close your eyes and think about the meaning of the card. What pictures do you see on the card? What thoughts are coming to you? Think about how the images make you feel,” says Sarah Potter, New York tarot reader and author of Cosmo Tarot.

For Potter, this exercise is a reminder that there is no “right” way to interpret the cards. “We relate and connect with tarot and cards in an individual way. There is no definition – just our relationship with it,” he said.

How To Start Tarot Reading

There are many tarot decks available for purchase. The artwork in each deck provides a different interpretation of the powers and stories associated with each tarot card.

How To Read Tarot Cards For Beginners

Many decks refer to the imagery created by Pamela Colman Smith for the Rider Smith Waite tarot deck, created in 1909 and a popular choice.

When you’re in the market for a tarot deck, Bay Area tarot reader Staci Luna says—just put it on—to pick the one you want, with the images that speak to you. “The more tarot tells the story of the world, the more images that appear on the card, the less you have to memorize,” said Luna.

For a tarot deck, says Kerry Ward, author of Good Karma Tarot. “

Rachel True – artist and author of True Heart Intuitive Tarot, Guidebook And Deck – says she always shuffles the cards before buying.

Ways To Read Tarot Cards

“I like to see how the card image speaks to me on a visceral level first, then I see what emotions are coming up and what part of the images I focus on. This is often a big key to what your subconscious is trying to tell you,” he said.

Luna dispels a persistent myth: “You can buy your own deck entirely and ignore the superstitions that you should get a deck.”

Ward says it’s always the right time to look at the cards—but it’s worth creating a ritual so you can track your progress.

How To Start Tarot Reading

“Maybe you do a reading ritual on New Years, on your birthday, at the beginning of each season, on the 1st of the month, on each new moon… whatever the day says. And, of course, when you feel like you have an unanswered question or problem, or a big decision to make, or a wound to heal,” he said.

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While it is important to come up with your own interpretations of the cards, you may find it helpful to read books on the tarot – as well as the guide that comes with most decks.

As you begin to use tarot cards, you will develop strategies that work for you. Many readers like to practice “spiritual cleansing” of the cards, redefining them and removing them from the reading powers.

San Diego astrologer and psychic Shawnte Cato says “it’s important to clear the tarot cards between readings because certain energies can also affect the cards themselves or even the energetic environment.”

Just as there is no right way to read the cards, there is no right way to read them.

The Star Tarot Card Spread

Tarot reader, astrologer, and author Theresa Reed (who also goes by “The Tarot Lady” on social media and lives in Milwaukee) recommends the following advice for reading your tarot cards.

“One of my favorite ways to break a tarot deck is what I call a ‘sandwich crystal’. I put my deck in a big flat rock. Then, I placed the moonstone wands on top of the deck. After 24 hours my deck was clean and ready to go,” said Reed.

Another trick Reed suggested was to put the cards in the deck back in their original order, from Fool to King of Pennies. Make sure all cards are right side up. Then shuffle the deck. “He steals my deck every time,” he said.

How To Start Tarot Reading

Cato uses the phases of the moon to restore power. Place the deck near the window under the new moon or fill it with dried lavender to restore energy to the cards.

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Remember that none of these actions are mandatory. As you develop your own relationship with the cards, you will know what you need.

“Another thing to think about in your daily diet is to sleep on it – literally! Sometimes I put a card under the bed where my head rests. As I was about to go to sleep, I imagined myself descending into the card image and inviting its spirits and energy into my dream world. The images and experiences that arise in my dreams often reveal new ways of understanding the card that my mind may not have seen,” said Hodges.

When you create a tarot character, look at the cards you draw and the meanings that come with them.

Remember that “the cards are not set in stone,” as New York tarot reader Mercedes Viera puts it. “Just because you get certain cards in one situation doesn’t mean they’re going to be tomorrow.

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