How To Start Tire Business

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How To Start Tire Business – Brenning’s business is the sale and installation of off-site tires. and can be delivered directly to the customer by towed equipment It can be put in balance and anything that a tire shop can do without the limitations of masonry.

Accredited by the Tire Industry Association, TIA as a Tire Service Instructor, TIA plays an important role in representing all aspects of the tire industry at both the state and federal levels. to be more professional He went to North Carolina and studied with TIA at the NASCAR Training Academy.

How To Start Tire Business

How To Start Tire Business

Before starting his own company, Brenning held executive positions in the $17 billion logistics industry that traveled the world. He said he got bored with it and started missing his family and two sons. So he stopped wearing a suit and tie because of his dirty hands and hard work.

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“It’s very hard to start your own business,” Brenning says. I don’t want to owe anyone I want to do everything myself and I have the power to do it.”

All Country Mobile Tire became LLC in November. And the process of installing the trailer has begun. In the beginning there were a number of errors that had to be fixed, such as the ignition of the electrical system inside the trailer, and many other things and complications that had to be resolved.

“Let’s face it, these machines that I have are not designed for use in trailers or vans. But if you take the time to research and do the right thing. You can put it in a vehicle,” he said.

He’s working with a company to get a Sprinter van. (think FedEx vans) which are slightly smaller and more manoeuvrable than trucks and trailers.

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Convenience is a commodity nowadays. People don’t have to leave their homes unless they really want to. Brenning wanted her business to be competitive and affordable for everyone in Ashland, Wayne and Medina counties, and ultimately the entire country.

“I was working this morning for a single mom with three kids and she said, ‘This is crazy. i am eating breakfast And you’re looking at my tires. And you’re cheaper than people who see it,’ they check,” she said recently. “This is because I’m a new business that I want to do and people are like, ‘Wow, this guy is really good price. What about me?’ wanted him to speak.”

Brenning said buying tires for families with multiple children or single parents is as cumbersome as sitting for hours or leaving the car together for half a day. He added that his work can do everything a tire manufacturer can. at a fraction of the time and cost. ready to travel directly to the customer

How To Start Tire Business

“[The other day] I was repacking in the parking lot of Jimmy John’s in Wooster. ‘Could you patch me up here?'” He said, and I said, ‘Of course, ‘How comfortable can you be?'” he said.

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“I also actually work with people who have fleets,” Branning says. What do they do when the tires are bad? The worker took the tire to the shop and sat there for half a day. I can go out and farm and take care of it.”

“I always wanted to work for myself and do what I wanted,” he says. “I don’t know why I waited until I was 39 to do this. But I’m happy to spend time with my family and I love it.”

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