How To Start Up An Airbnb

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How To Start Up An Airbnb – Guests at This Old Hudson Hotel in Hudson, New York are greeted with thoughtful touches like treats from local grocers. (Zio and Sons Creative)

Let’s be honest: just like hotels, not all Airbnbs are created equal. There are gorgeous, Instagram-friendly homes designed to make visitors feel like they’re in the lap of luxury, and more utilitarian places designed for travelers just passing by for a good night’s sleep. But whether your rental is ultra-chic, basic, or somewhere in between, Airbnb owners tell us that all hosts should have the amenities to make visits seamless.

How To Start Up An Airbnb

How To Start Up An Airbnb

These savvy owners also told us about the extras that can mean the difference between a so-so stay and one that ends up with a glowing review, and the decor rules that will ensure your property is remembered for the right reasons.

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Where to start? Put yourself in the traveler’s shoes – and start with the bathroom. It goes without saying that the territory should be sparkling clean (like everywhere else). Take extra toilet paper, wipes, a cleaning stick and a plunger. Personal care products should include shower essentials – shampoo, conditioner and soap – and everything you need to wash your hands. None of this should be exceptional; recognizable pharmacy products are quite suitable.

When it comes to towels, invest in the right sets for the maximum number of people your space can accommodate. There’s nothing wrong with white Ikea towels that can be bleached between uses, but watch for stains on the fabric to replace them.

Make sure to have plenty of linen in the bedroom – as with towels, they don’t have to be fancy, but you should buy a few sets specifically for visitors and keep track of when it’s time to remove them.

If your guests have access to the kitchen, they will need the same items as you to keep the place tidy and functional. These include: dishwashing liquid, a sponge or scrubber, cleaning supplies such as paper towels and surface spray, a dryer if there is no dishwasher, and laundry detergent if there is a washer/dryer.

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Other essentials include safety equipment: a fire alarm/carbon monoxide detector with working batteries, a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

Matt Marcus, an Airbnb host in Brooklyn, said the three messages he gets most often are: “Where’s the hair dryer, where’s the iron, and where’s the extra blankets?” Don’t forget things like a pad of paper and a pencil; Flashlight; and an instruction set that includes the WiFi password and any other useful information guests may need.

Plus, there are details you might not think about, but definitely appreciate. “When you put together your bnb, you’re really creating an atmosphere,” explains Anthony D’Argenzio, a creative consultant and stylist whose This Old Hudson rental is located in Hudson, New York. When people come to stay in his duplexes, they are looking for a place to relax, and D’Argenzio provides them with additional benefits that make their stay comfortable. All guests at This Old Hudson are greeted with a bottle of wine from a local wine shop and other goodies found in town, along with a map compiled by D’Argenzio and his wife of great places to shop, eat and drink. They also put coffee on the counter with a grinder and french press, beautiful glassware, and sometimes a chocolate or cheese tray.

How To Start Up An Airbnb

“You want people to imagine they live here,” D’Argenzio says. The sun-drenched space features vintage finds and plenty of comfortable seating for reading, lounging and relaxing.

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Sarah and Rich Combs added similar touches to their Joshua Tree, California property, including a Chemex coffee maker and record player, as well as an outdoor hot tub, that made the space feel a little like home.

Thoughtful yet practical elements such as bedside lamps and seating areas are a good idea for the space. Combs advises spending time with your device and paying attention to the details that make it not only useful, but also comfortable. They’ve invested in better personal care products for guests and Casper mattresses for every room in their Joshua Tree House. Hosts may also consider adding items you would find in a hotel, such as bathrobes.

While it is helpful to provide a list of restaurants and activity recommendations in the reservation letter or in the room itself, it can often be more practical for guests to provide physical subway maps and guides.

If you’re wondering what else to give, Jenn Lindberg, who rents in Lockhart, Texas, has some good advice: The guest knows best. “We ask each guest to come up with ideas on how we could improve their stay as well as the apartment,” says Lindbergh, who named his historic apartment Birkner.

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“We’ve added umbrellas, pizza cutters, napkins, mixing bowls and sound machines with this system – the feedback has been invaluable.”

Whether you’re renting an extra room or an entire house, decor can make a big difference, and the owners we spoke to agreed that it’s important to bring some “personality” to the space. “Between the plants, the plates and what we leave for the guests, we want there to be signs of life. Just no sign of us being alive,” says Rich Combs.

This does not mean that you delete all the family photos in the house when you rent out the whole place. But this means that personal photos should be removed from the nightstand, and intimate works of art – such as boudoir photos – should be kept out of sight.

How To Start Up An Airbnb

As for the decor itself, it is not necessary to approach the Ritz. Think simple and tasteful: a coordinated color scheme, well-appointed bedding, unlimited surfaces, covered artwork or mirrors on the wall.

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For Airbnb operators like D’Argenzio, Combs, Lindbergh and Marcus, a good design direction was to capture the spirit of the cities in which they live. Each of the spaces is reminiscent of the local heritage of the cities.

Finally, all units feature gorgeous, candid photos that not only highlight the decor, but also let visitors know what they’re signing up for when they rent a unit. It’s important to get everyone on the same page early, and it can save hosts and guests a lot of headaches. Airbnb, part of the travel industry, has great statistics. With 5.6 million global listings, over 900 million places have been booked through the app, with an average host earning $9,600 per year.

Airbnb ended one of the toughest years in its history, 2020, with an IPO worth an impressive $100 billion. The global pandemic has hit the travel industry particularly hard because of all the take-home orders around the world. A 2020 survey found that 70% of guests were afraid to stay on Airbnb, and 47% of hosts were hesitant to rent to strangers.

However, Mashvisor’s latest report shows that the industry is improving. As we continue to fight the global pandemic and lift stay-at-home orders, more and more people are hoping to take a vacation. In fact, the survey found that about 62% of people plan to travel.

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As the travel industry recovers from the pandemic, this article will cover how to start an Airbnb business and get a piece of the pie with a special focus on our Airbnb financial forecast. You can also watch our video on how to make financial projections for an Airbnb business or property.

We got these average startup costs by looking at these three sources (SixFiguresUnder, PassiveAirbnb, BiggerPockets), the following startup costs can be expected.

The cost of starting an Airbnb business will likely vary by region, but there are certain costs to consider when preparing to start your business. Below is a broader list of expense categories to consider when starting an Airbnb business.

How To Start Up An Airbnb

Now let’s say you can’t afford the initial cost of Airbnb and you don’t own a property yet and can’t afford to buy one, or are you just unlucky?

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Gastfry wrote an article with 5 ways to become an Airbnb host without owning a property. Some of my favorite ideas are:

Of course, the potential revenue from an Airbnb business depends on a number of factors. These are all important factors to think about and discuss before committing to Airbnb.

The most important part of determining how much your Airbnb can earn is setting the right price per night. This will partly depend on whether you want to earn this free monthly income or make it your full-time job, but the general idea is the same.

First, start by calculating the monthly expenses you’ll accumulate as a result of hosting your Airbnb. Some of the more common costs include:

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For example, let’s say your monthly expenses are $1,000 for rent, $200 for utilities (water, electricity, and heat), and another $75 for electricity and cable. You want to take these costs and divide them by an average of 30 days per month to get an estimate

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